Trimble said members of the House government Committee he found,when researching a child"s inquiry, it"s not "The grand CanyonState," also though that"s what"s on license plates. Nor is that someof the other names used for Arizona.

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"Until 1959 we were the baby State," Trimble said, having been48th in join to the union in 1912.

Arizona likewise has been dubbed the Valentine State, Trimble said,because it join the union top top Feb. 14.

"We were the Copper State, or have been called," Trimblecontinued, as well as the Sunset State and also the Apache State, "and,believe it or not, the Sand Hills state," perhaps a recommendation fromYuma County.

At Trimble"s suggestion, Rep. Sam Crump, R-Anthem, chairman ofthe House government Committee, offered a measure up to plug thathole, putting "The grand Canyon State" right into statute.

If the invoice becomes law, the nickname would sign up with the ridgenoserattlesnake, the state"s official reptile; the cactus wren, statebird; turquoise, state gemstone; and also the bola tie, main stateneckwear.

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