Professor Xavier is one of, if not the most necessary mutant figure in the X-Men. The team is named after Charles himself, and also he pertains to lead assorted mutants in the battle versus the brotherhood and the morally-driven fight because that equality and also peace in between mutants and humans. He is the X-Men. 

In the Fox Franchise, Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy portrayed the character — one in youth and also one is his later years. Yet, the Fox franchise took part liberties as soon as it came to the resource material — free that are not canonical, yet worked with the existing see (to some extent). 

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Scottish gibbs James McAvoy as Charles Xavier, working out his psychological powers in a scene from the movie ‘X-Men: an initial Class’, 2011 | Murray Close/Getty Images

In the comics, Professor Xavier is paralyzed as soon as Magneto deflects a bullet that is shot in ~ him in First Class; the cartridge goes straight right into Professor Xavier’s back, leave the personality in a wheelchair for the remainder the his life. However, this is not what occurred in the comics. And, based upon rumors surrounding the character, fans might receive a more source-accurate illustration under the Disney umbrella. 

How go Professor Xavier come to be paralyzed in the Marvel comics? 

In the comic books, it is not Xavier’s foil, Magneto, who puts that in a wheelchair. Rather, a member that an alien race, who goes by the name Lucifer, is responsible. In the comics. Lucifer fall a huge rock on Xavier’s foot to prevent Xavier native halting his mission. 

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In the comics, Xavier is periodically in a wheelchair, and also he is periodically able to walk with mechanical help. Yet, the movies had tendency to fully lean in one direction over the various other — picking polarities over middle-ground situations. Yet, considering Xavier is attached by an extraterrestrial race, and he is rumored to it is in joining the MCU together a member that a team designed to fight together threats, the MCU might follow this story a little much more closely.

Connecting Marvel comics to ‘Doctor weird in the Multiverse of Madness’

According to current insider reports, doctor Strange will look to type The Illuminati in his second solo outing; key team members will encompass Professor Xavier and also Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic). 

The team will reportedly be tasked with combating extra-terrestrial hazards that will make their means to earth (and other galaxies) as a result of portal Scarlet Witch rips large open, messing with the balance that time and space. V aliens top top the horizon and also The Illuminati coming into formation, fans will likely receive a young Charles Xavier, that is still able come walk. 

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Comabt with an invading alien gyeongju may result in the autumn of occasions that paralyzes Xavier in the comics. Whether this will occur in an alternating timeline continues to be unknown, together anything can take place under the title “multiverse of madness.” The alien race might not be the same specific one in the comics. Yet, it’s likely that the MCU will more closely mimic the source material’s narrative, given the manner in which they arrangement to introduce the personality to the landscape.