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Annemarie Johansen\"s enlarge sister, called Kirsten Elizabeth and called Lise by she family, passed away mysteriously one merganser night after having actually been to win by a vehicle.

In chapter 5 that Lois Lowry\"s Number the Stars, tiny Ellen Rosen, the young Jewish friend of Annemarie, has concerned spend the...

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Annemarie Johansen\"s enlarge sister, named Kirsten Elizabeth and called Lise by she family, died mysteriously one merganser night after having actually been struck by a vehicle.

In chapter 5 that Lois Lowry\"s Number the Stars, little Ellen Rosen, the young Jewish girlfriend of Annemarie, has pertained to spend the night v the Johansens while the Nazis search for she parents, who have fled your home and hidden. Annemarie\"s father tells the 2 girls to put on your nightgowns and get right into the bed where they might talk and giggle together sisters would. When in she bedroom, then, Ellen asks Annemarie,

\"How did her sister die, Annemarie?\"\"She and Peter were out somewhere together, and also then there to be a telephone call that there had actually been an accident....Mama and Papa rushed come the hospital....When my parents came home in the middle of the night....they told me Lise had actually died.\"

She to be struck by a car, and also Annemarie tells Ellen that she trust the cause of the accident to be partly as result of the rain and slippery conditions. Not long after this conversation, brutal German policemans arrive at the Johansen home, demanding to recognize where the Rosens are. Calmly, Mrs. Johansen responds that they are more than likely sleeping in their beds because it is four o\"clock in the morning. The harsh officer educates Mr. And Mrs. Johansen the the Rosens are gone, saying that the Johansens may be hiding them. Climate this officer demands that the children come the end of the bedroom. Quickly, Annemarie tells Ellen to remove her Star of David locket from her neck; as soon as Ellen can not undo it, Annemarie hurriedly rips it off Ellen\"s neck and clenches it in her own hand.

After the girl come the end of the bedroom, an officer suspects the Ellen does no belong come the Johansens due to the fact that the various other girls space blond. Quickly, Mr. Johansen goes come the picture album and also tears baby photos from it. He mirrors the officer Lise\"s baby photo in which the girl has dark curls, simply as Ellen does.

This poignant scene offers the lose of your beloved daughter Lise some meaning for the Johansens, who remove suspicion indigenous Ellen through the rapid thinking the the father.

Further in the narrative, Annemarie\"s Uncle Henrik is critical in smuggling the Rosens come Sweden. Unfortunately, Peter, who is in the Danish Resistance, is captured and executed in the square in ~ Ryvagen in Copenhagen. Once the Johansens visit the ar near this square whereby the Resistance fighters have been buried with just numbers above their graves, Mr. Johansen reveals that Lise, Peter\"s fiancée, likewise was a member the the Resistance. Annemarie\"s father tells her,

\"She was with Peter in a cellar where they held secret meetings. Once the Nazis learned that this place, they hosted a raid. The members the the Resistance ran in every direction in their initiatives to escape.\"

Some were shot--Mr. Johansen reminds his daughter the Peter\"s arm was wrapped at the funeral and he preserved on his coat and also hat in order come hide his distinctive red hair. During the flight of the Resistance members, Lise rushed right into the street in order come escape; however, soldiers spotted her, and also with their army vehicle, they ran her down.

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After discovering of the tragic fatality of she beloved sister, Annemarie returns home, opens the blue trunk and pulls the yellowing dress from the chest. Within the crease of the dress she finds Ellen\"s yellow locket. She asks her father if he deserve to fix the lock so that she can wear it till Ellen can return.