In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, only three people (one from every school) can be selected because that the tri-wizard tournament.

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All champions have the right to only more than the period of 17 to join.

So Harry, being only 14 and also in his fourth year acquired chosen to participate... And it simply so happens to be that he is the fourth contestant, which is against the rules.

How did Harry obtain chosen and why?



The Goblet have the right to only spit the fourth candidate if it is bewitched. The takes a strong charm to carry out this.

MAD-EYE: The hell that is. The goblet of fire is one exceptionally an effective magical object, just an exceptionally an effective conjurer might have hoodwinked it. Magic way beyond the talent of a 4th year.

It was later revealed the Barty Crouch Jr., who was disguised as Mad-Eye, did it and he knew the way to carry out so.

Later, close to the finish of the movie,

Harry Potter: It to be you native the beginning. You placed my surname in the Goblet the Fire.

From the novel in the 17th chapter,

“Because lock hoodwinked a very powerful magical object!” said Moody. “It would have actually needed one exceptionally solid Confundus Charm come bamboozle that goblet right into forgetting that just three schools compete in the tournament… ns guessing they submitted Potter’s surname under a fourth school, come make certain he was the just one in his category…”

So, it"s clean he already knew exactly how to bewitch the Goblet. And also he put Harry"s surname in under a fourth school.

In 35th chapter, Moody says,

Who placed your name in the Goblet that Fire, under the name of a various school? ns did. who frightened off every human being I believed might shot to hurt girlfriend or prevent you native winning the tournament? ns did. Who nudged Hagrid right into showing friend the dragons? i did. Who helped you check out the only means you can beat the dragon? ns did.”

The period criterion was collection at 17, so Dumbledore set the charm around the goblet since, together it seems, the goblet doesn"t care about the age. Harry wasn"t seventeen, yet Mad-Eye was older 보다 17, so he easily crossed the boundary.

From 12th chapter,

“Eager though ns know all of you will certainly be to carry the Triwizard Cup to Hogwarts,” that said, “the heads of the participating schools, along with the set of Magic, have agreed come impose period restriction on contenders this year. Only students who space of period — the is to say, seventeen years or older — will be allowed to put forward their names because that consideration. This” — Dumbledore raised his voice slightly, because that several people had make noises of upset at this words, and the Weasley pair were all of sudden looking furious — “is a measure us feel is necessary, offered that the tournament tasks will quiet be daunting and dangerous, whatever precautions us take, and it is extremely unlikely the students be short sixth and also seventh year will be able to cope with them. I will certainly personally be ensuring that no under-age student hoodwinks our impartial judge into making them hogwarts champion.

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” His light blue eyes twinkled as they lickered end Fred’s and also George’s mutinous faces. “I because of this beg you no to waste her time submitting yourself if you room under seventeen.

So, in conclusion, Barty Crouch Jr. Bewitched the goblet for this reason it can forget that there are just three institutions participating. Later, he put Harry"s name in it and also since he to be the just candidate from that false school, the goblet spat his surname out.