As always, i am excited come be earlier for another Saturday Science. We love experiments for kids! science is such a clip in our house and also guides the rest of our lessons for the week. This week, I assumed it would be funny to share some old scientific research fun we had before we ever started homeschooling. This experiment is one us did as soon as Legoman to be in second grade because that his scientific research fair project.

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Since this science experiment was for scientific research fair, we required to monitor the scientific method. If you are a constant here, friend know exactly how much us love science and also how we try to teach the exactly procedures and also techniques connected in scientific research explorations. This science experiment would be good for any kind of age, with some modifications and adult help for the younger ages.

Question/ Hypothesis

Question: just how do assorted liquids tap water, river water, salt water, carbonated water, and also soda result plant growth?

Hypothesis: Legoman predicted the the plant that was provided the river water would thrive the most.

Materials and Procedure


What us needed:

6 plants (all the very same variety, approximately the very same size)(We chose to use created plants to watch the effects of the liquids on the tree growth)

6 different LiquidsWe used tap water, flow water, salt water, carbonated water, and soda yet you might use any type of liquids your son wants come investigate

PlantersRulerMeasuring Cup (to ensure you are using the same amounts of liquid with each plant)Journal and also pencil (for record data)


Step One

We planted every plant in separation, personal, instance pots and used our comfortable label maker to label each pot with the fluid we would be offering it end the following two weeks. We additionally labeled each fluid container so the they would enhance the plants.

Something important about a scientific research experiment is come teach children about constants (unchanging elements) and also the variables (what you space manipulating).

For this project, our contants room the kind of tree used, the container, and also the quantity of liquid for each plant.

Step Two

We measure up the very same amount of liquid and “watered” every plant. Us notated the quantity we offered (this will vary depending on the dimension of your pot) We supplied 1/4 cup at the beginning. Girlfriend will watch in observations, that we later had actually to change this.


It is vital to note: We likewise measured every plant at the start of the job to obtain the beginning size for each plant. We wanted to know just how much the plants flourished over time and having a baseline measurement was an extremely important.

Step Three

Each day we measured every plant, “watered” it through the appropriate liquids, and gathered the data in our scientific research notebooks. We repetitive this because that 2 weeks.



Every job Legoman would grab his tray that plants, his ruler and also his liquids. He to be excited to wake up every day and also “get to work”. It to be immediately noticeable that the plant with the salt water was beginning to wilt. Because that day one, many of the plants had not get an impressive any, however the salt tree had began to shrivel.

If we were report this as a scientific research fair (and if friend repeat this) we would report what happened every day, through the measurements and the changes. However, I have to leave something for you to discover out! Don’t you want to watch what happens?


One essential observation us made was that the pots we supplied did not permit for the liquid to drain. This supposed we required to readjust the quantities and frequency us were providing out tree “water”. 



We couldn’t believe what occurred to the plants! Seriously, friend will desire to shot this one and this is the perfect season! I want to have actually a printable accessible for you but couldn’t find it. I’d love to know if you are interested or have actually a need for a printable science journal and also science project packet.

Legoman really had fun placing all his data into the computer and making graphs because that his scientific research board.


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