Not just do lot of monitors make you look at awesome, rich, and tech-savvy, however they can also help you become more productive--if girlfriend know how to usage them. Here"s how to do multiple monitors really work for you.

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Set increase Multiple Monitors

The procedure for setup up many monitors deserve to be as simple as plugging in one extra monitor, or it have the right to be slightly more facility if girlfriend don"t have the proper graphics card.

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1. Make sure that her graphics card supports many monitors. You can tell even if it is it does by checking the input port on the back: If it has actually multiple input port (DVI, VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort), it must support many monitors. If your graphics map does not support multiple monitors, you"ll desire to acquisition one the does (consult our top-rated graphics cards graph for an ext information).

2. Installation a brand-new graphics map is pretty simple. First, uninstall the drivers for your old graphic card: walk to Control Panel, Programs, Programs and also Features, discover your graphic card, select it, and also click Uninstall. Next, rotate off her PC and unplug the components. Open the chassis. Remove your old graphics card (in part machines, this map is hosted in place with a screw), and replace it with your new graphics card. Warning: prior to you touch noþeles inside your computer, ground yourself by touching a item of grounded steel (such together the computer"s case), or by put on an antistatic wristband.

3. Plug your 2 (or more) monitors into your brand-new graphics card. If the monitors aren"t compatible with the graphics map (perhaps since you have actually HDMI monitors yet your graphics card supports just DVI input), you"ll need to purchase input converters. Ideally, her monitors will certainly be similar in size, resolution, and type, however if you need to compromise, make comparable size and similar resolution your priorities, and also don"t issue too lot about similar type.

4. Rotate on your computer. If you"ve mounted a new graphics card, her PC must recognize this fact and also search for the appropriate drivers (alternatively, you have the right to install the motorists via the card"s included CD or DVD). Otherwise, you"ll watch both monitors working.

5. Initially, both monitors will display the same thing. To correct this situation, right-click on her screen and also go to Personalize, Appearance and also Personalization, screen Settings. You"ll check out a diagram showing your monitors, each of which will certainly be identified by a number (if you can"t figure out which one is which, click Identify Monitors, and a number will certainly briefly appear, superimposed, on every monitor). Traction the monitors in the diagram right into positions that enhance the physics layout of her setup, and choose i m sorry monitor will serve together your key monitor. When you"ve preferred your main monitor, click Extend the desktop computer onto this monitor top top your other monitor(s).

Wallpaper your Monitors

Now the you have actually multiple monitors, you"ll most likely want to make them watch pretty. Unfortunately, windows offers limited support because that "prettifying" your desktop--for example, home windows won"t let you stretch your taskbar or her wallpaper throughout two or three monitors.

Luckily, some third-party applications will let you perform this. I usage DisplayFusion, but UltraMon ($40) is renowned as well.

DisplayFusion has a paid version and also a complimentary version. The paid version ($25) will acquire you taskbar expansion and wallpaper image rotation. For the much less ambitious purpose of wallpapering her multiple monitors, however, DisplayFusion"s complimentary version have to suffice.

To download DisplayFusion, merely download it and run the executable file. You"ll go with some basic setup--be certain to save Start DisplayFusion at home windows startup checked so that the regime will run each time you turn on your computer.

Once installed, DisplayFusion will certainly exist together a small icon in your taskbar. Double-click the symbol to open DisplayFusion and choose her poison--you can stretch one image throughout all monitors or usage a different image because that each monitor.

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Need assist finding photo to span across your monitors? examine out InterfaceLift, double Monitor Backgrounds, dual Widescreen Wallpapers, and Wallpaper Abyss for free, high-resolution, multiple-monitor wallpaper.