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No details thing or way can be welcomed as universally applicable once we space talking around India. Be it food, outfits, traditions, language, the diversity of India is obvious everywhere.When it pertains to ways to greet in India, Namaste is easily interpreted by most of the world in the country.

Are you aware that besides this most popular one over there are many other methods that are supplied to greet in India?



Another common method of respectful salutation offered by indians in Pranam, an interpretation ‘bowing forward’. It is widely provided in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Sat Sri Akaal

Sat Sri Akaal is provided by the Sikh community and also mostly through the world living in Punjab. In this greeting, Sat means ‘truth’, Sri is one honorific implying respect, ‘Akaal’ method timeless or eternal= God. Hence, Sat Sri Akal may be translated as ‘God is the Truth’. The finish phrase is ‘Jo bole therefore nihal, sat Sri Akal’, which can be about translated to ‘Blessed is the one who claims God is Truth.’ This finish phrase is mostly used in sikh temples (Gurudwaras) and also sikh spiritual processions.

Girl in Namaste Pose
Rajathani woman in traditional attire


Julley (Ju-Lay) is a generally used greeting in the area of Ladakh and some components of Himachal Pradesh. The is equivalent to Namaste or Hello.


Vanakkam is provided in Tamilnadu or by the Tamil civilization to sell greetings. In order come respond to Vanakkam, you repeat words to the human being who greeted you.

Assalam Alaikum/Salaam

These room the common forms the greetings provided by member that the Muslim community. ‘Assalam Alaikum’ way ‘Peace be upon you’. In solution to this greeting, the other human says ‘Wa- Alaikum Salaam’ translation practically to ‘And upon friend peace’.


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Adaab is one more word that is used mostly by the Urdu speaking Muslim community in order to greet someone. It involves a gesture of raising your right hand, v the palm upward and also bringing the tips of the fingers close to the forehead, practically touching it. That is commonly responded with the very same word.

Greetings based upon religion/faith

In the north and main parts of India, there are plenty of forms that greetings which space based ~ above the religious beliefs or faith of the local people. Names of the assorted gods and deities are supplied to greet each other. The is most likely another method to store themselves linked with the almighty.

Ram lamb or Jai lamb ji ki

Ram Ram or Jai ram ji ki is a very commonly provided greeting in the north states prefer Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar.

Radhe Radhe

Radhe Radhe is an ext popular in Mathura, Vrindavan and their bordering regions.


Jai Bhole / Har- har Mahadev

Believers of mr Mahadev or Shiva can be heard chanting ‘Har-har Mahadev’ or ‘Jai Bhole.’ This is exactly how they greet fellow people and it can be heard frequently in the areas like Varanasi, and also Haridwar.

It is often said that if one dies in Varanasi (Kashi) one will certainly not it is in reborn and also will hence be liberated native the bike of life and also death. This is the factor why thousands walk to die in Varanasi, or need that their last rites be performed there.

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Greeting with poignant elders’ feet

Many ind touch the feet of their elders if greeting them. This is one age-old traditional method of seeking blessings and also paying respect to the elders in the family and also to those human being who space in part honorable place like that of a Guru or a teacher. In response, the elder human being blesses the younger persons and/or places a hand on your head.

Charan Sparsh/Dhok Deun/ page Lagun/ Charan Sparsh/ Pairin pona

These space some phrases i m sorry are spoken while poignant the feet that elders. Charan Sparsh means ‘to touch someone’s feet’, Dhok deun way ‘bowing down’, Page lagun and also Pairin pona way ‘touching her feet’.

Dhok Deun and Page lagun is something that ns learnt after getting married into a Hindu household of Rajasthan. That is a common way to greet the elders in the areas of Rajasthan and also Uttar Pradesh. Pairin Pona is widely offered in Punjab and also in the Punjabi community.

Charan Vandana

This phrase is typically used in the state of Himachal Pradesh to greet elders and also show them respect. Charan method ‘feet’ and also vandana way ‘prayer’.

Greetings in Spiritual teams or Organisations

People having confidence in assorted religious/spiritual gurus or connected with assorted organisations use different ways to greet each other in their particular communities.

A frosting in Namaste Pose

Jai Gurudev

This type of greeting is used by the followers of Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder that the arts of Living.

Om Shanti

Om Shanti is the phrase supplied in the Brahma Kumaris organisation to greet each other. The is an invocation of peace.

Radha Soami

People connected with Radha Soami Satsang Beas(Punjab) usage Radha Soami once they greet other believers.

Saying goodbye in India

Just like there room a lot of of methods to greet people when you meet them in India, there are countless ways to say goodbye. Many of the words and phrases that are offered to greet someone when you meet, can additionally be supplied when saying goodbye favor Namaste and its variants.

Alvida, Allah hafiz or Khuda hafiz are frequently used among Muslims and Urdu speak people. Alvida means Goodbye. Allah hafiz or Khuda hafiz means ‘God protects you’ or ‘God be with you’.

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Fir milenge is a hindi expression that is regularly used while parting ways. It equates to ‘see friend again’.

One thing that friend should learn while visiting a international place is the means to greet local people. So, here is every you need to know about how come greet in India. And if it seems prefer a lot, don’t worry around learning every one of them. Friend can constantly start through Namaste!