Scientists uncover keys of starfish’s bizarre feeding mechanismDate:August 1, 2013Source:Queen Mary, university of LondonSummary:Scientists have established a molecule that permits starfish to bring out among the many remarkable forms of feeding in the natural world. A starfish feeds by an initial extending its stomach out of that is mouth and also over the digestible parts of the prey, such together mussels and clams. The prey tissue is partially digested externally before the soup-like "chowder" produced is drawn ago into that is 10 digestive glands.Share:

Scientists have figured out a molecule that allows starfish to bring out one of the most remarkable develops of feeding in the herbal world.

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A starfish feeds by an initial extending that stomach the end of the mouth and also over the digestible parts of the prey, such as mussels and also clams. The food tissue is partly digested externally prior to the soup-like "chowder" developed is drawn earlier into that 10 cradle glands.

The researchers at Queen Mary, college of London and the college of Warwick have discovered a neuropeptide -- a molecule i beg your pardon carries signals between neurons -- referred to as NGFFYamide, i beg your pardon triggers the stomach come contract and also retract ago into the starfish.

The findings could have economic and environmental ramifications by giving a potential device for regulating starfish predation.

Maurice Elphick, Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience in ~ Queen Mary"s school of Biological and also Chemical sciences who led the research, said: "These findings open up the possibility of developing chemical-based strategies to control the feeding the starfish.

"Starfish predation has an economic affect as they feeding on vital shellfish, such as mussels and also clams. Periodic boosts in starfish populaces can additionally cause major destruction come Pacific reef tracts, such as the an excellent Barrier Reef, as certain varieties feed on reef-building corals."

The study, released today in The newspaper of speculative Biology, was brought out using computer evaluation of DNA succession data, chemical evaluation of starfish nerves and pharmacological tests.

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Professor Elphick added: "Interestingly, we have likewise found the the neuropeptide behind the stomach retraction is evolutionarily pertained to a neuropeptide that regulates anxiety and arousal in humans."

The brand-new findings build on previous work-related from the team at Queen mar in i beg your pardon they identified neuropeptides referred to as SALMFamides that cause the relaxation and eversion the the starfish stomach.