Harry Potter: 20 strange Details around Hagrid’s Anatomy Hagrid is a really unique character, even amidst all the magical creatures and people in harry Potter. Let"s learn a bit much more about him.

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No matter what type of crazy publications you read, you"ll never uncover a personality quite choose Rubeus Hagrid. This half-giant wizard is just one of the best enhancements the world of harry Potter, and also he"s much more than just a big, lovable oaf. His personality is how amazing deep, and there"s all kinds of intricacy when you take a closer look in ~ this guy. Hagrid is the character who actually introduce Harry and also the leader to the magical world. This gatekeeper leads us deep right into this completely unique universe devised by JK Rowling, and as such he is just one of the most important personalities in the whole series.

Even though Hagrid is among the first characters we meet, there are a couple of things that simply don"t quite include up. By simply looking in ~ this strange being, we can see all kinds of strange features. Physically, Hagrid is a fully unique character within the miracle world, and also there"s nobody else quite favor him. Half-giants aren"t exactly common in the wizarding world, and he has actually quite a few interesting abilities together a result of his mixed heritage.

There room those that argue that a half-giant shouldn"t also be possible in the Wizarding World. Part say that few of Hagrid"s capability don"t make any kind of sense, either. Hagrid has also done things in the previous that don"t yes, really seem rooted in logic. Of course, we need to remember the this is the miracle world, and also in this wonderful realm of existence, anything is possible. Still, even the magical world has limitations, and so go Rubeus Hagrid.

Here are 20 strange Details about Hagrid’s Anatomy.

Hagrid might have been a an extremely special wizard through all type of amazing abilities, however there"s a catastrophic truth about this character that was simply recently revealed. Together quoted by a Time article, JK Rowling herself revealed that: “Hagrid couldn’t develop a Patronus. It’s a very difficult spell.”

This to be heartbreaking because that a lot of fans come hear, as everyone to be curious come hear what Hagrid"s Patronus would certainly be.

For a man with such a sad life, this practically seemed unnecessarily cruel from the author. Yet this reality does expose an interesting fact around Hagrid"s anatomy. Also though he shows up to be a quite strong, hulking character, his physical stamin is not matched by his wonder potency. It appears that he just isn"t capable of performing this spell.

19 since Of His Hybrid Nature, Hagrid Is in reality An Illegal magical Creature

Considering what we know around magical law, Hagrid is actually thought about an illegal abomination. It"s open minded a wonder the didn"t gain hunted down by aurors and eliminated. We know that breeding different kinds of wonder creatures is serious frowned top top in the miracle world, and also this to be revealed as a result of Hagrid"s own activities.

Remember when Hagrid successful developed "Blast-ended Skrewts?" This small detail was reduced from the movies, but it to be a big part of the books. Hagrid actually bred a unique hybrid types of miracle animal, and these were thought about illegal by the to adjust Of Magic. According to this very definition, Hagrid himself is an illegal magical creature because of his half-giant heritage.

In the Harry Potter series, age is a little bit of one elusive feature. We are taking care of wizards and witches after ~ all, and also it renders sense that these people have determined methods to stand up to the organic aging process. For instance, Dumbledore is well over 100 years old by the time the story ends. What most people don"t understand is the Hagrid is fairly an old bloke himself.

In the films, Hagrid shows up to be a male in his late 40s. However by the moment the story ends, Hagrid is estimated to it is in well into his 70s.

What kind of magical skin cream is this male using? The truth is the it probably has actually something to do with his huge blood - or just the fact that he"s part of the wonder world. It seems that most wizards have actually the capacity to defy age-- at least when it comes to the film adaptations.

17 organic Magical Resistance due to His huge Genes

There"s no doubt around it, Hagrid is a tank. While he may seem warm and also friendly, you do not want to do this man angry. You will regret it. Top top the very same note, it"s going to be an extremely hard to take this male down - also if you gain the drop on him.

Hagrid seems prefer a cartridge sponge when it concerns spells, and also things just tend come bounce turn off him harmlessly. We"ve watched him shrug off every kinds the punishment over the years, and also true fans know why he"s capable of this superior level that endurance. Because of his large genetics, he has actually a natural resistance to magical spells. In short, he"d be a good party member for any kind of magical squad.

We understand you don"t want to imagine it, however seriously, just try and figure out just how a human managed to create offspring with a giant. It"s just not possible. No matter what sort of crazy theories fans come increase with, it"s not even remotely logical. Yes, us know, this took location in a magical world where "anything"s possible." even the magical world must have some limitations.

Where there"s a will, there"s a way.

That"s the just conclusion we deserve to come to. In terms of Hagrid"s anatomy, it"s clear the he have to be among the most unique creations of the miracle world. There can"t possibly be another person choose him, can there? five wait, there"s Madame Maxime!

15 There to be A Rumor of Him having An Evil Twin

This has to be among the strangest rumors around Hagrid. Approximately the time that The Sorcerer"s Stone, there to be whispered rumors the Hagrid actually had actually an evil twin. Children will be kids, however some fans think that these rumors were in reality true. Supposedly, this evil twin was named "Dirgah," and also he was lurking in the forbidden corridors.

Obviously, this to be revealed to be false-- or to be it? to be there actually some reality to this after ~ all? Is there yes, really an evil variation of Hagrid running about somewhere in the wonder world? What we do understand is that Hagrid"s family background is a tiny muddled at the best of times, for this reason anything is possible.

actual Potterheads will recognize that return Hagrid is pretty robust, he likewise has some exciting weaknesses. If you just knew the basics about Hagrid, you"d probably never guess that among these weaknesses involves animals. After all, this is supposed to it is in the male who have the right to handle pretty lot any animal you throw at him, also if that animal is very dangerous, poisonous, massive, or any mix of the above.

Even with his well known animal-taming abilities, Hagrid is still very much prone to the common house cat.

That"s right, Hagrid has actually a solid allergy to our feline friends, specifically Filch"s cat. It really doesn"t do a totality lot of sense, provided the fact that this is a male who elevated dragons, tamed giants, and also trained three-headed dogs.

13 the Parties way Too Much

Isn"t that strange that Hagrid appears to be tipsy therefore frequently? It happens at the very least once a movie. That seems favor this guy has a little bit that a drink problem, and also that"s putting it lightly. How lot would Hagrid need to actually consume in order to feel also a small buzz? Remember, this is a dude that stands over 11 feet tall, and also he"s defined as gift the width of three men.

He would certainly literally require barrels the drink in order to gain tipsy. This wouldn"t just be ruinously expensive, for this reason it would certainly be a logistical nightmare. Where is that storing all of this? exactly how does he carry it come his hut? We"re talking at least an entire barrel just for one drinking session.

If you were super knowledgeable about the books, girlfriend would"ve more than likely noticed a big, Hagrid-shaped mistake once the movies come out. He simply wasn"t tall enough!

In the movies, he appears to be much more around the worlds of 8 feet tall. Logistically, it"s straightforward to understand why castle shortened the half-giant. Deserve to you imagine how daunting the camera angle would have actually been? they were already pulling every cheat in the publication to make Hagrid look higher in the movies. Adding three much more feet to his height would have made every one of his scenes a complete nightmare.

11 He has Super Strength

fans will recognize that Hagrid isn"t just qualified of enduring major punishment - he can also dish the out. As soon as you think about the things that Hagrid has actually done in the past, it"s clear the this male must be seriously ripped. That chucked a guy throughout the entire an excellent hall prefer he to be a rag doll. He tamed giants. V one hand, he bent a double-barreled shotgun like it to be a item of spaghetti. The list goes on and also on.

This super strength is, that course, due to his fifty percent giant heritage. It"s unknown even if it is or not this level the strength has actually a magical top quality to it, or whether it"s just a an outcome of his outstanding size. The amount of muscle essential to also move one 11 foot high body would certainly be insane. His strength could simply be down to the fact that he"s just a really, really huge guy.

speaking of his huge size, it should come as no surprise that Hagrid does no belong on a broomstick. If he could regulate to gain airborne on that flimsy piece of wood, have the right to you imagine the possibilities? Hagrid most likely would have actually been the finest Quidditch keeper the civilization had ever seen. He would just need to sit over there in front of the hoops and laugh.

Hagrid opts rather for something i beg your pardon is probably even cooler than a broomstick - a paris motorbike.

A many fans questioning why he didn"t just get a broomstick custom created his larger body, yet can us seriously doubt his decision here? Say all you like around Hagrid, but there"s no denying the the male travels in style.

9 Shouldn"t Hagrid be Much more Giant-like?

We"re not experts on how genetics work, yet we"re pretty certain a fifty percent giant should be method taller than Hagrid. Giants range anywhere indigenous 20 to 25 feet tall, however let"s assume that Hagrid"s mommy was median - speak 23 feet tall. Hagrid"s father, on the other hand, was explained as a "tiny feller" by Hagrid himself, therefore let"s assume that he was about 5 feet tall. If we take the average in between those two heights, we"re left v a number closer to 15 feet tall.

Match that up with Hagrid"s elevation of just 8 feet in the movies, and also we"ve gained some serious inequalities here. Even in the novels, he"s still 3 feet short of our estimated figure. Possibly the male genes were dominan, yet wouldn"t it make much more sense if the huge genes to be dominant? In any kind of case, Hagrid appears a small short because that a guy who has fifty percent the DNA of a fully-fledged giant - specifically in the movies.

We"ve already established that Hagrid wasn"t strong enough to create a Patronus, yet when girlfriend put whatever in perspective, Hagrid is in reality a pretty outstanding wizard. After all, he"s had some significant disadvantages throughout his life.

He"s doing magic with an umbrella. Remember once Ron tried to execute magic with a damaged wand? Yeah, that didn"t walk so well. Hagrid is act pretty well by all accounts, as he"s able to carry out things like transfigure fire and other advanced spells utilizing a broken wand. It would be safe to say the Hagrid is inherently a very strong wizard, also with all his disadvantages.

7 just how Was he Able come Tame Gawp?

this "training sessions" must have been quite intense, to placed it mildly. Not only did Hagrid manage to hold his own versus Gawp, yet he in which method transported him come the Forbidden Forest and also then taught him how to behave prefer a polite human. Well, not quite-- but he go remarkably well, considering.

His stamin must have actually come in handy in this situation, yet does it even make sense that he was able to tame his half-brother? after ~ all, Gawp was a full giant, so it would be safe to assume the he would"ve had twice the strength as Hagrid. How on earth did Hagrid control to pull this off?

while a solitary troll nearly caused the whole school to be evacuated in The Philosopher"s Stone, Hagrid was perfectly good wrestling them because that fun as a boy. We find out this in the Chamber of Secrets, once Tom Riddle says: "...big, blundering Hagrid, in problem every various other week, trying come raise werewolf cubs under his bed, sneaking turn off to the Forbidden Forrest come wrestle trolls..."

Did Hagrid really wrestle these hulking beasts because that fun when he was simply in his at an early stage teens?

Judging through what we"ve checked out so far, it"s safe to assume the Hagrid yes, really was law things like this. When these stories, it nearly makes us wish that Hagrid will get his very own movie one day.

5 It take it Professor Quirrell Several hrs Just To Disarm him

We already mentioned the fact that Hagrid seems to obtain tipsy rather too easily, however this is fixed consistent. In The Philosopher"s Stone, it take it Professor Quirrell several lengthy hours prior to he"s finally able to get Hagrid right into an inebriated state. This permits Quirrell come extract the information he so desperately wanted. Us all know that Hagrid isn"t especially great at keeping his mouth shut, but the surprising point is how much drink the must have consumed.

We"re guessing the these two wizards more than likely sat under over the course of at least 4 hours, and Hagrid was permitted to drink himself silly. Can you imagine just how much money this expense for Quirrell, constantly buying all those drinks? at a certain point, Quirrell must have actually wondered even if it is Hagrid was even capable of getting tipsy.

Why is the so tough for Hagrid to obtain tips? more than likely for the same reason he"s therefore comfortable managing some of the most dangerous, many poisonous creatures on the challenge of the planet - he has actually a natural resistance to toxins. Again, this is probably due to his fifty percent giant heritage, and explains why Hagrid can do few of the things he does.

It"s never explicitly proclaimed that Hagrid has a resistance come poisons, but it"s a safe assumption to make.

The just thing that doesn"t make feeling is the truth that that forgets that no everyone shares his distinctive gifts. This way that several of his Care of magical Creatures classes room a tad dangerous, come say the least.

3 He deserve to Resist Torment Much Longer Than any type of Normal Man

Hagrid is no stranger to the death Eaters. His early on interactions v Tom Riddle are several of the most interesting flashbacks in both the books and also the movies, and he was also one the the an initial members that the stimulate of The Phoenix. This man is a jar veteran that the Wizarding Wars, and also he"s been in quite a few scraps over the years. The death Eaters recognize him well, and also they"ve been trying to take it him down for years.

Luckily for Hagrid, his inherent magical resistance comes in very handy versus Death Eaters. Curses simply seem come bounce turn off him, and he resisted torment for much longer than any other guy when he was caught by the fatality Eaters during the battle of Hogwarts.

We have to conclude the Hagrid is most likely infertile. Sorry, madame Maxime, yet we don"t think youngsters are going to happen any kind of time soon.

Examples would certainly be the offspring the zebras and horses, or donkeys and also horses, which practically always produce infertile offspring. Unfortunately, Hagrid drops in this category, and also so does madame Maxime, for that matter. The family line ends v Hagrid-- yet this is the magical people we"re talking about, after ~ all. Anything can happen. Maybe we"ll get a story through a "Hagrid Junior" under the line. Lot stranger things have happened in this universe.

1 Hagrid Was Based ~ above A genuine Biker Dude

Hagrid is without a doubt one of the most unique and interesting characters in the Harry Potter series, and also he"s unlike everyone we"ve ever before met in a publication or film. He bring so much to the overall story, and also his personality is for this reason deep and interesting.

It could seem like this man couldn"t possibly exist in our very own world, however that"s simply not the case. Together revealed in one of our ahead articles, JK Rowling admitted that Hagrid to be heavily based upon a real-life "biker dude" she as soon as met. According to her, this male was just huge and
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Sounds as with Rubeus Hagrid.


Do you have any kind of other trivia to share about Hagrid"s anatomy in Harry Potter? allow us understand in the comments!