The brand-new trend of make lip-sync videos on assorted platforms has taken the human being by storm, especially teenagers. With numerous apps available for making music videos, every other person is placing their creative thinking to test and also making trendy videos with mind-blowing effects. Countless have managed to success the mind of the viewers and also gained an superior fan following with your self-directed music videos.

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Below, space two famous video editors, v a step-by-step overview on just how to use their features to develop watch-worthy videos.

Overview of video Star


If you’re trying to find an app that enables you to produce fun music videos utilizing a variety of editing tools, then video Star is what you need. The users have the right to use the music the their selection and develop an amazing video of lock lip-syncing come it while reflecting off your dance moves.

Furthermore, they have the right to use special effects to include a wow variable to your videos and also save castle to their camera roll or re-superstructure on various other social media platforms.

Before you want to learn exactly how to include text on video clip Star, i would recommend a much better alternative than video Star like to edit videos top top a computer because mobile tools and also applications are not that advanced. Friend must edit your videos utilizing a desktop application if you desire to make your videos much more appealing. Girlfriend can add text to video or remove text from video clip with few clicks in top top PC below now :

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How to add Text on video clip Star

Following space the steps associated in adding text to video Star:

Step 1

Add your video clip or picture to video clip Star. Move the slider to the point where you want to include text.


Step 2

Click top top “New” after i m sorry a menu will appear. Click “Re-Effect”.


Step 3

Next, click “T” and select the option that claims “Draw” from the sliding options at the bottom.


Step 4

Tap top top the display screen to type your text.


Step 5

Click top top the italic “T” to open the settings to readjust the font, size, color, and shadow that the text.



Step 6

Once you done, the transforms will automatically be processed. And that’s how to include text on video Star because that free! of course, you can additionally use video Star's change effects come enrich your videos display.

Everyone wants to usage a video clip editor that has actually a selection of attributes in the free version. That is no the instance with video Star. Although the is a decent video editor, it has actually limited totally free features. This method that you need to purchase advanced features and also even songs. The app lacks numerous other features, i beg your pardon are discussed below:

Undo option is Missing

One of the main problems faced by the customers is the lack of the undo button. This causes you to begin over from scratch if you miss out on an effect or add the dorn transition.

Difficult to Understand

The usage of the application is a bit difficult to understand and also it calls for a the majority of time and also practice to understand just how to do the forced edit.

Interface is not User-Friendly

The as whole interface is very confusing and also it seems favor all the buttons and choices are crammed in a tiny space.

Limited free Options

The complimentary options in video Star are an extremely limited. Many of the impacts require you to obtain a to add membership.

Limited tune Choices

Video Star has limited song choices and the ones they have actually are not very popular or known. As the whole allude of the app is to lip-sync to your favorite song, no finding it tends to acquire disappointing.

If you’re no up because that paying hefty quantities of money to access the features and also music, you require a video clip editor that offers a huge variety of features, effects, and many more options free of cost.

That’s right! you can get most of the simple editing functions required to create a fabulous video clip if friend opt for an alternative video editor. Us recommend trying the end

Best alternative to video clip Star -


If you’re searching for a simple and easy video editor, compatible with Windows and Mac, is the finest choice. That offers countless filters, titles, animations, transitions, and also music to choose from. In short, if you looking to produce awesome music videos, with stellar effects and also filters, is what girlfriend need.

Some of the highlighted features of are:

Fast video Mode

Fast video Mode allows you to create breath-taking videos and slideshows with just one click. It is right! girlfriend don't require to acquire into any facility technicalities. Her awesome video clip is simply a click away.


Filters and animations room what make a video clip stand out. Plain boring videos without any type of effects failure to entice an audience. With, friend can pick from a variety of effects to make interesting videos.


Viewers are an ext interested in change videos than common videos. Therefore, by including various transitions to her videos, friend can create something out of this civilization to wow her audience.

Edit Texts and Titles

To make your videos much more engaging, friend can add text effects to it. enables you to add, edit and also delete text with simply a couple of clicks.


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How to add Text utilizing

Before going through the text steps, girlfriend can additionally check video guide for how to include stunning texts to your video clip here.


Follow the straightforward steps listed below to add text to your media documents using

Step 1

Open the video clip or photograph with and click on “T” ~ above the toolbar at the height to include text.

Step 2

The text style page will certainly open. Right here you can select the kind of message you desire to include including, titles, subtitles, and also end credits.

Step 3

Click ~ above “+” to add the preferred style come the timeline. Alternatively, friend can also right-click ~ above the style and click ~ above “Apply” to include it.


Step 4

To readjust the font, color, and size the the text, right-click on the text format on the timeline and also select “Edit”.

Step 5

The text modifying panel will certainly open. Below you deserve to make the necessary changes to her text.


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Hot faqs About video clip Star

1 exactly how do you placed text top top the top and bottom of a video on video Star?

To include text come your video clip on video Star, you need to:

Launch the Application and also you should have your video clip pre saved on i m sorry you desire to add text.

Tap “+” in the corner and select edit video clip button.

Select the video you want message to and also press “make video”.

Press “new” and also select “multi-layer clip”.

Select “1” and select her video.

Then select “2” and then text, type what you desire to add.

You have the right to resize the text added and can additionally move it to the height or bottom that the video.


2 how do you add transitions on video Star?

There are many transitions on video clip Star that have the right to be added and countless methods too but we will be considering the one making usage of Re-effect clip:

Add your photo or video clip you require to add transitions and also choose the time duration making use of slider where you want to add transition.

Select the “Re-effect option”.

Click top top the search choice and form the transition you want to include e.g. “wiggle” or you can also select native the options given in the bar.

You can select the intensity of your shift by the slider.

Click ~ above Re-effect and your transition is added.

The technique depends ~ above the type of transitions you want to add in your video clip on video clip Star.

3 just how do girlfriend make totally free edits on video clip Star for beginners?

To make totally free edits on video Star, follow these steps:

Import the video or photo you desire to modify to the timeline.

Click on “New > Multi-layer”, click on “1” and then select the clip girlfriend imported.

Then click “Edit keyframes”. This will open up the editing panel.

Move the slider on the timeline, to the suggest where you desire to add edit or transition.

Next, relocate the second slider at the bottom to include the zoom-in effect.

You can add other cost-free effects also like, zoom-out and focus making use of this method.

Save the when you’re done editing.

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Final Thought

Learning to usage a video clip editor take up a most time and also energy, therefore, opt because that an app that is simple to use and understand and doesn’t complicated the basic editing procedure for you, like With so plenty of amazing features available for free, it is among the best video editors easily accessible for Windows and Mac. So, get the trial variation today and start developing attractive videos.