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The reason we go v the trouble of utilizing a warm glue gun is the it is solid and stop together far better than other adhesives. It likewise dries quickly. If this makes it extremely effective, that effectiveness can be incredibly frustrating when you need to remove warm melt glue from knitted fabric.

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Fortunately, we also know that warm melt glue has actually weaknesses. The bond produced with your particular fabric may differ from another, i m sorry is why there room multiple tactics to try so girlfriend can figure out what will certainly work ideal for remove the adhesive gun glue from your fabric.

One thing to remember transparent the process is to be patient. You need to be mindful not come rip your fabric while you space working away at the problem. Among these services will work, it’s simply a issue of trying them till you find the appropriate combination.

Strategy #1: The Freezer Method

You will Need:

A spoon or a dull knife;Freezer.

When the hot, adhesive gun adhesive is flexible. When it’s cold, it becomes brittle. To eliminate the hot glue gun glue from the towel you will require to location your towel in the freezer and also leave it in there because that long enough that the adhesive becomes exceptionally cold.

When that time to remove your cloth from the freezer be ready with her spoon or dull knife in hand. You want to work-related the glue immediately so the is still freezing cold. Scrape at the cloth quickly, but not too rough so friend don’t cause a tear. If this strategy works, the glue have to pop turn off the surface.

Strategy #2: The iron Method

You will certainly Need:

Iron;A scrap piece of cotton cloth.

Since cold didn’t work, that time to shot heat. Remember that the polymer adhesive will certainly become more flexible with heat applied to it, but we don’t desire the difficulty to spread.

Place a item of scrap cotton fabric on an ironing board. Place your towel on peak of the noodle scrap glue side down. Push a hot iron to the ago of your towel for about twenty seconds. Do not use the steam setup on the iron.

Lift up her iron and also gently pull away the cloth from the scrap.

There will most likely still be some glue on her fabric, yet hopefully some on the cotton together well.

Now relocate your fabric so the warm glue spot is in a brand-new area on the cotton and press the iron on the back side of your cloth for another twenty seconds.

Repeat this process until your cloth peels away clean.

Strategy #3: The Acetone Method

You will Need:

Acetone (This have the right to be one acetone-based pond polish remover);Cotton balls or a scrap item of cloth.

This method is a last resort since there is a opportunity acetone could react poorly to your fabric. It’s essential that you find a less noticeable area of your fabric and also test the acetone ~ above a small piece to see if the colors adjust of the fabric reacts strangely. Wait for the acetone to dry to be sure of the reaction.

If your towel handles the acetone well, you will use it to breakdown the glue.

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Apply acetone to her cotton ball or scrap piece of fabric. Use the wet cotton to dab at the warm gun glue. Once moist, beat the glue with a cloth. Alternate between using acetone and also patting v a cloth until the adhesive loosens from the fabric.