To some, scanners are vintage tech; to others, they"re the foundation of a passion-worthy hobby. Nowadays, Japanese powerhouse Uniden"s radio tools feature bells and also whistles choose iOS and Android compatibility and Wi-Fi accessibility – however the company"s enlarge models still have actually plenty that life left in them, with more than 2 dozen Bearcat (or "BC" series) handheld scanners in the tradition lineup. Programming nuances may vary across the wide-reaching Bearcat line, however let"s start with a dive right into the basics.

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Take the hands-on Route

Don"t sweat the foreboding "All LockOut" display screen upon powering up her BC series scanner – that"s just business as usual for a Bearcat the hasn"t been programmed yet.

Start by pushing the "Hold" switch on her scanner, then go into the number of the channel you wish to set (i.e., the number that you desire to program the frequency to). Push "Hold" again, climate "Function" adhered to by "E" (sometimes "Pgm/E," depending on the model). Currently punch in the frequency the your an option – such as "157.669" – and press "E" as soon as last time. Voila, you"ve just programmed a frequency.

To program the following channel – let"s to speak channel two if you began with channel one – simply turn the radio"s dial one click clockwise, beat in the frequency number and also press "E." store on transforming that dial one click at a time come program networks to your heart"s content.

Program ~ above PC

If you"d fairly not walk manual, Uniden likewise offers the alternative of point, click and kind programming on her Windows pc for part Bearcat models. Visit Uniden"s Scanner software application (see Resources) site and also follow the "BCDx36HP Scanners" connect to find the Bearcat version of your choice. When you"ve found your device, click the attach to that scanner software to download a .ZIP file. Open the downloaded file, click the home windows installer package and also click on "Run" and also then "Next" to install the software. When the software"s installed, affix your scanner come your computer via a USB cable and also open the software to regimen your scanner with a straightforward, point-and-click visual interface.

Get a tiny Help from Uniden...

Uniden"s wide-ranging line of Bearcat scanners re-publishing a relatively common interface, however each version may have its very own variations. Because that a deep dive top top what provides your scanner (and the procedure of programming it) unique, head over to to access Uniden"s main TWiki page. Click the "Uniden Manuals and also Information" link, climate follow the link to the Scanner Manuals Homepage, and also you"ll be cure to a cornucopia of main user manuals across tons that BC tools – might be just the frequency you should troubleshoot any nagging programming woes.

...Or Outsource the Job

If hands-on programming, computer programming and also manuals tho don"t execute the trick, you"ve acquired an option that"s practically guaranteed to work: Hand turn off the job to who else.

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That"s appropriate – virtual companies choose Scanner Master and also Hobby Radio stop let you mail in her Bearcat, in addition to some information around your location, and also they"ll carry out the programming for you. In ~ 2017 prices, mail-in programming services usually run about $50 come $80, including shipping fees. Often, the price tag includes extr services prefer firmware updates and also optimization, too.