If you want to refer a desire for someone’s well-being in Italian, you have the right to use the phrase Ti auguro ogni bene which way I wish you well or I wish you the best.

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The first-person existing conjugation the augurare (to wish). It way I wish. As is regularly the instance in Italian, the topic pronoun io (I) can be omitted.

Ciao, ti auguro ogni bene per la tua nuova avventura! – Bye, ns wish you well on your new adventure!

If you want to point out someone else besides ti in her greeting, it becomes vital to slightly change the sentence structure. Take into consideration the following examples:

Auguro ogni bene a te e famiglia.

I great you and also your family well.

Auguro ogni bene a te e Laura.

I wish you and also Laura well.

As you have the right to see, ti (an unstressed object pronoun) has end up being a te (a stressed object pronoun) and also it comes after auguro ogni bene.

By the way, over there is additionally a literal meaning translation because that I great you the best: ti auguro il meglio.

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