Georgian is talked only in Georgia, so as soon as planning a trip, it is a an excellent idea to recognize some that the necessary phrases. The way, you can communicate with locals who can not speak English, or you deserve to simply impress them through your knowledge.

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This is the greeting come use v anyone when you go into a shop, restaurant, cafe or meet a neighborhood friend. The customary and also polite to say “hello” in Georgia.

When someone provides or provides you something—or maybe gives you directions—be polite and say “thank you”.

If you want to pass someone in the street while they are standing and also chatting (which happens a lot), simply say “ukatsravad”, and let them understand to relocate aside. You can also use this indigenous in restaurants and also cafés, for instance, as soon as you need the waiter. It’s additionally appropriate if friend accidentally bump right into someone.


“Please” is another essential word to use when ordering a meal, questioning for direction or while your shopping in ~ a neighborhood bazaar.

Public commodes are tough to discover in Georgia. Save some time, and ask because that directions. Periodically bathroom doors are not well determined in restaurants, bars and cafés, therefore it’s always is a an excellent idea come know exactly how to ask.

When you space lost and want to ask because that directions, yes a chance passers-by won’t know English. Thus, it’s a good idea to recognize what “turn right” and “turn left” sound prefer in Georgian.


When making use of public transport, such together a minibus, you have to know just how to questioning the driver to stop at your desired destination. The minibus device is not choose a bus system, and also they don’t have actually designated stops. Passengers deserve to ask the motorists to stop wherever they want, with the exemption of central avenues, whereby they deserve to only avoid at bus stops. When you room nearing your destination, phone call the driver come stop.

Driving in Georgia is usually crazy. Everyone desires to get somewhere fast. If you uncover yourself in a taxi with such driver, it’s essential to know how to speak “slow down”.

Whether you space planning to have actually dinner or would like to ask for a party of water in a bar, it’s great to recognize the neighborhood word because that it.

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Beer is really cheap in Georgia, and it is among the most consumed alcoholic beverages throughout the warm summer days.