You simply want come relax, have actually a good time and also chat through Spanish-speaking friends—but you acquire hopelessly tongue-tied.

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That’s the xenoglossophobia acting up.

Did that sound also worse than you imagined? Well, don’t worry—that’s no the name of a horrific, body-ravaging disease.

Let me explain. You’ve taken classes and you’ve exercised at home, but how carry out you fare once it comes to speaking v natives?

You may find that once you’re face-to-face through a aboriginal Spanish speaker, you’re for this reason nervous the you can’t even utter a “¿Cómo estás?” permit alone actually carry a conversation.

That, mine friend, is xenoglossophobia.

Most language learners will certainly at some suggest experience it—a feeling of unease, anxiety, concern or apprehension once using a international language. You might feel afraid of making a mistake, stress over not being able come speak quickly enough or concern that friend won’t know the responses.

If this is you, don’t fret. Friend aren’t alone.

When this fear bubbles up, you might feel tempted to bite your tongue and wait to speak next time when you’ve had more time to practice. But, if you’re serious around learning Spanish, then you don’t want to miss any kind of opportunity come speak.

Below are 16 advice to help beat your fear and an increase your confidence in her Spanish-speaking abilities.

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How to grasp Spanish Pronunciation

If you want to end up being a Spanish-speaking master, you’re walk to have actually to an initial master pronunciation.

Perhaps the factor you’re so fear to speak is the you have a strong accent. Or, because you aren’t certain you’re saying specific words correctly.

The great news is, mastering Spanish pronunciation isn’t difficult.

While over there are plenty of dialects and also accents transparent Spain, Latin America and also other Spanish-speaking locations, there room a few basic rules that all nations follow.

Spanish is a phonetic language, which renders speaking a snap.

Phonetic languages enable learners to find out each letter’s individual sound. When you know the certain sounds, it’s easy to sound out any word.

Do girlfriend remember learning exactly how to read when you were a child? chances are you sounded words out, letter by letter. Spanish language learners deserve to do that an extremely same point with absolute success.

When you practicing speaking Spanish, watch out for the one-of-a-kind pronunciation clues that space used, an especially tildes and also accent marks.

A tilde is that funny squiggle you view in a couple of words that have an N in them. The tilde end the N turns an simple N right into a different-sounding letter.

That’s right, the tilde offers an simple N a pronunciation superpower so it’ll sound different from any type of ordinary N.

Also, Spanish uses accent marks.

They might look menacing, yet they’re really helpful!

The thing to remember v Spanish accent marks is the they present us whereby to placed the anxiety in a word once we speak. Wherever the interval mark appears is the suggest of stress.

So place the stress and anxiety on the syllable that includes an accent mark and also you’ll be good to go!

How come Speak Spanish with Confidence: 21 ways to Beat her Fear and Just start Speaking

1. Take Spanish Classes

Taking Spanish courses in human being is one of the quickest methods to learn and practice brand-new vocabulary. To boost your confidence and also increase her learning, stop from speaking any type of language other than Spanish during class, also if you feeling tempted to ask a concern in your native tongue.


You might also consider taking one-on-one class if you’d choose a small extra attention during class. You have the right to search for Spanish classes and also conversation groups in your neighborhood area v or consider taking a skype lesson if there aren’t any type of classes being available near you.

To uncover an virtual Spanish tutor, Verbling is a an excellent place to begin the search. You have the right to filter by all the vital things, prefer availability, price and also region.

2. Clock Movies and Telenovelas

Watching movies and also telenovelas in Spanish is a great way to familiarize yourself through conversational dialogue. Even if you’re a beginner, you need to still be able to pick up a wealth of information from visual cues and body language.

You might also shot watching with subtitles to help improve your understanding. The more you watch, the more you’ll become familiar v the accent and also tone that voice typically used in Spanish. The an ext Spanish girlfriend hear, the more confident you’ll be once it comes time for you to speak.

* is one good place to watch authentic videos through subtitles. takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and also inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

other sites usage scripted content. uses a natural approach that helps girlfriend ease into the Spanish language and culture over time. You’ll find out Spanish together it’s actually spoken by real people. has actually a wide variety of videos topics, together you deserve to see here:

* brings aboriginal videos within reach through interactive transcripts. You can tap on any type of word to look it increase instantly. Every meaning has instances that have been written to help you understand exactly how the indigenous is used.

Plus, if you see an exciting word you don’t know, friend can include it to a vocab list.


testimonial a finish interactive transcript under the Dialogue tab, and also find words and phrases listed under Vocab.


learn all the vocabulary in any video clip with’s robust learning engine. Swipe left or right to see much more examples of the word you’re on.


The best component is that keeps monitor of the vocabulary the you’re learning, and also gives friend extra exercise with difficult words. It"ll also remind you as soon as it’s time to evaluation what did you do it learned. Every learner has a important personalized experience, even if they’re studying with the same video.

begin using ~ above the website v your computer system or tablet or, far better yet, download the iOS or Android app.

3. Hear to Music and also Sing in Spanish

Have you ever noticed that it’s much much easier for your mind to psychic something when put come a song? To help increase your vocabulary and also to better familiarize yourself through the language, begin listening come music in Spanish as lot as possible.


Listen with the text in front of girlfriend so you deserve to sing along. Shot memorizing the lyrics and also practice speak them and singing them. Act this won’t only prove to be an enjoyable practice, yet it’ll also assist boost her confidence and also make friend feel more comfortable speaking in Spanish.

You deserve to watch music videos in Spanish top top or create your very own Spanish music station on Pandora or Spotify.

4. Start Thinking in Spanish

There’s no doubt about it, once you can properly think in Spanish, you’ll uncover that your confidence in her speaking ability will drastically increase. It’s simple to feeling nervous when you discover yourself stumbling because that words and also thinking too long around what come say next.

In the at an early stage stages of discovering a language, you need to translate what you want to speak in your head before you speak, which can make it complicated to lug a conversation at a continuous pace. Fortunately, this process gets simpler the much more you’re exposed come the language. Eventually, you’ll uncover yourself able come think in Spanish without having to interpret first.

To relocate this process along, try making comments to yourself in Spanish transparent the day, also if it’s basic commentary (i.e. La playa es bonita, Hace fresco or Tengo hambre).

You might also consider maintaining a everyday journal in Spanish. By creating down your daily thoughts in Spanish, you’ll start to train your brain to think in Spanish as well as your indigenous language.

5. Read out Loud

Another effective method to rise your Spanish speaking confidence is to start analysis to yourself out loud in Spanish. Shot waiting until after you’ve finished a paragraph before you watch up any kind of words.


In law so, you’ll permit the indigenous to flow out of her mouth more naturally, i m sorry will help you prepare for the authentic flow of a real conversation. Try reading books, magazines or papers in Spanish. Friend can likewise find many Spanish websites and also blogs online as well.

If you’re as much as the challenge, try reading the human being news in Spanish from El Tiempo.

6. Record Yourself speak Spanish

Try recording yourself having a conversation or analysis in Spanish. By recording yourself and also playing the back, you’ll have actually a possibility to hear what friend sound favor and notice if there’s any kind of room because that improvement. Consider recording yourself on a regular basis therefore you can track your progress.

7. Gain a Language Buddy

Having a language partner to practice with will certainly encourage and inspire girlfriend to start speaking more. You deserve to practice with one more language student so girlfriend feel more comfortable making mistakes or try practicing with a indigenous speaker who can help correct you. Don’t it is in shy when speaking with native speakers.


Most people will be glad you have taken an interest in your language, so they’ll likely be patient and won’t mental slowing under the speed a little bit for you. If girlfriend don’t know someone to practice with, shot finding a partner using italki.

And we currently did comment on hiring a private tutor earlier, so the that’s miscellaneous you’re interested in, you deserve to look for a exclusive Spanish guardian on this platform as well.

8. Educate you yourself on usual Mistakes

Most anxieties and also insecurities are due to a absence of understanding and also awareness of the Spanish language. If you familiarize yourself v the usual mistakes Spanish language learner make, you’ll feel much more knowledgeable and thus much more comfortable as soon as speaking.

For starters, brush up on the differences in between por and para and ser and estar, and don’t forget to examine the subjunctive.

9. Learn brand-new Vocabulary Every solitary Day

It’s difficult to feel confident speak in Spanish if friend don’t have a solid vocabulary. Help increase your confidence by making that a suggest to learn brand-new Spanish words every solitary day.


You can learn new words just by reading a book or magazine and looking up the unfamiliar words friend come across. You might likewise consider making use of flashcards to aid you remember new words and phrases.

10. Adopt a Beginner’s Mindset

When discovering anything new, it’s ideal to adopt a beginner’s mindset. Preserve a confident attitude and eagerness to learn no issue how challenging the procedure becomes because that you.

Make friends through failure and accept that mistakes are component of the process. If you’ve never ever made a mistake, climate you’ve never tried noþeles new.

11. Have Ready-made unit volume to use in Conversation

Try the phrasebook approach and have ready-made phrases accessible in her mind because that you to usage at the drop of the hat. Consider studying common and useful Spanish phrases the you may find advantageous in daily conversation and also activities.

You can also, quite literally, take the phrasebook approach and also buy you yourself a Spanish phrasebook. You already know about Lonely Planet—they do a killer Spanish phrasebook, and also you might even opt for one with an extra attribute like audio files or app access.

12. Listen very closely (Especially to aboriginal Speakers)

If you desire to increase your speaking confidence, begin listening attentively, an especially to native speakers. By hear carefully, you’ll learn how to usage words correctly, become familiar v slang terms and also get a feeling for what a organic Spanish accent sound like. A general dominion of ignorance is: The an ext you listen, the better you’ll speak!

13. Use Alcohol (in Moderation) to Calm your Nerves

You could find yourself to be a bit more courageous after a glass of wine or a pint that beer. An alcohol addict drink or two (in moderation) might be just the an increase you require to aid you feel confident sufficient to speak despite any fear or embarrassment. Go out v a couple of Spanish-speaking friends and loosen up!

Having a quite glass the wine through a Spanish-speaking friend is a good way come relax and also practice her language an abilities at the very same time.

And if you don’t drink, no worries!

There are tons an ext ways to calm her nerves before diving right into a Spanish conversation—like meditating, loosening up by jamming out to some Spanish music or merely hanging out v a nearby Spanish-speaking friend in a relaxed, non-public setting.

14. Immerse yourself in Spanish

Sometimes the best way to boost your to trust is to placed yourself in a situation where you have no other choice but to put yourself the end there and go for it. If friend immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking country, you’ll discover that you have no choice but to speak Spanish in specific situations.


While you might feel fear silly the first couple of times girlfriend ask for directions, after ~ a if it’ll become 2nd nature to you. You’ll feel her confidence begin to soar.

If friend aren’t maybe to move or take trip to a Spanish-speaking country, try joining a Spanish-speaking community in your neighborhood area or uncover a comparable online network such as My Language Exchange.

15. Practice, Practice, Practice

Be persistent. Practice might not do perfect, however it definitely makes progress. There’s no doubt the the more experienced you room at something, the an ext confident you’ll feel doing it. Make it a habit to practice Spanish every solitary day and, within a few short weeks or months, you’ll it is in a poised and also confident speaker.

16. Just Say something Already!

The sooner you confront your fear and start talking, the sooner you’ll improve. It’s the simple.

17. Come to be a Stealthy speak By learning to Shadow

Learn how to speak Spanish by becoming a knowledgeable shadowing learner. You might feel like a spy in a Spanish drama collection (I know I did when I an initial tried this!) however it’s a good method because that powering up speak skills—and it’s a most fun, too!

Shadowing—also dubbed “parroting”—is a language learning technique that motivates speaking best from the beginning stages the learning. The cheat is to repeat what you hear instantly after friend hear it. Don’t be concerned with getting everything “right”—just repeat and also watch your an abilities grow! is one ideal source for shadowing materials. The authentic video clip clips, movie trailers, news and inspirational talks administer engaging, interesting and short to explode of Spanish learning. All of which do for good shadowing materials!

18. Join a Spanish-Speaking social Club

There space as many species of clubs together there space personalities. Some of us choose sports clubs. Others, gaming clubs or special-interest clubs. Painting, drama, dancing—all of those tasks have clubs associated with them.

It provides sense to join a club, have actually some fun, kind new friendships and become a confident Spanish conversationalist. The key here is to situate a club the speaks mostly in Spanish. It’s no terribly tough to carry out if you inspect out university or library club listings.

But if that’s no possible, why not take into consideration forming your very own club?


Paint, sing, take part in a Spanish play—the services are endless when friend get in addition to other Spanish language speakers and learners.

Estreno contemporary Spanish dram offers plenty of plays to get you started! and if you’re thinking around dancing, why no peruse the 50 warm Spanish Party songs to gain moving!

19. Your Phone Is her BFF—Use It every the Time

Let’s be genuine here: us don’t leave home without ours BFFs.

No, I’m not talking around your childhood friend—I’m express that bit of technology that’s either in your purse, backpack or hand 24/7. If you’re favor me, your phone is adjacent even when you’re at home.

With together a near buddy continually at your side, it would be silly not to usage this to her advantage. Load it through Spanish language apps and you’ll have the ability to fill every preventive minute v learning.

Think around translation and travel apps that would be super beneficial. Then, if you decision to take it a trip you’ll have actually language an abilities as well together the advantage of knowing which sights to inspect out!

If you should know exactly how to speak Spanish fluently, just provide yourself avenues to speak. Usage that phone, acquire speaking and also learning time in and also see what a difference it makes.

20. Don’t try to it is in Fancy

I know, us all desire to impress others—and ourselves!—with some slick language skills.


But if you want to become fluent and speak v confidence, stick with basic conversational an abilities (or whichever an abilities are ideal for her level).

It’s vital to get those foundational an abilities down prior to you move on, such as acquiring your verb conjugations on point. Conjuguemos is a super resource for shortcut practice!

Next, make certain you’re mindful of the simple grammar rules once you speak. And lastly, construct a super core vocabulary the you can attract from throughout your chit chats v Spanish friends.

Sometimes it’s easy to shed sight that the basics once we’re learning exactly how to speak Spanish. However it’s those straightforward skills that enable us to become fluent!

21. Have a Love Affair v Spanish Culture

Speaking Spanish v ease is for this reason much much more enjoyable if you’re enthusiastic around all things Spanish. That method you need to learn around the society as well together the language—which is a fabulously amazing adventure!

Spanish cultures are steeped in amazing historical facts, have made incredible imaginative contributions come the worldwide collective and also showcase few of the most beautiful places on earth.

Fostering a closeness v the culture makes knowledge the language easier, and also since we want to learn around what us love, I imply falling in love v Spanish culture.

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You’ll discover so much and your language skills will show that Spanish isn’t simply a language you speak, but a love affair did you do it cultivated!

What are you waiting for? start speaking!

Brittany Tackett, MA is a freelance writer, tutor, transformational life coach, human being traveler and Spanish language enthusiast. She took her first Spanish course at the period of 14 and also has to be fascinated with the language and culture ever since. Learn more about Brittany and also her services on she website.