Gibbs took an additional boat the end of his basement throughout NCIS Season 18. Pic credit: CBS

On the NCIS Season 18 finale, Gibbs ultimately took his brand-new watercraft out because that a spin.

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The boat trip was a rather short one, together NCIS ended the season by blowing increase Gibbs’ boat.

It was also interesting to learn later that members the the NCIS cast didn’t have actually that ending in their scripts.

But earlier to the concern at hand. Exactly how the heck did Gibbs obtain that watercraft out of his basement?

Over the years, Gibbs has completed a couple of different boats that have had actually to come out of there, yet the writers have maintained the mystery about how he gets fully-built watercrafts out that his house.

It has actually long to be assumed that once the collection is coming to an end that the mystery will it is in revealed, but fans can’t assist but theorize just how it has been happening.

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The eternal question lives on. However how? #NCIS pic.twitter.com/83nHjb3WSj

— NCIS (
NCIS_CBS) might 26, 2021

How go Gibbs get the boat out of his basement ~ above NCIS?

Early in the season finale, Gibbs was putting the finishing touch on his boat, yet then a step was presented where he to be gassing up and the watercraft was already hooked up to his truck.

There may have been a hints to just how Gibbs acquired his boat out that the basement a small earlier in the episode. Once McGee concerned visit, it appeared that Gibbs had moved a many tools and also boxes from the basement as much as the key house.

Did Gibbs need to move every one of that ingredient in order to open up a wall surface in the basement? In a ahead episode, we experienced that Gibbs had a secret room behind his maximum ground closet, so having actually a an enig wall or door would not be how amazing at all.

And possibly it’s no really a an enig door in ~ all? possibly it is expected to open and also if we gain a look at that certain side the his residence from the outside, possibly it is very clear the he has actually a door there.

Another theory could be the his house has a tunnel behind a wall surface that would enable him to relocate a boat through it. Perhaps the tunnel extends come a burned or a neighboring house that he additionally owns.

And if Gibbs has tunnels, maybe they space actually under the basement level. So, possibly the boat can go with the basement floor and into a tunnel wherein it deserve to then it is in taken the end at a different location.

Is the explanation even simpler than that? probably the ceiling that the basement deserve to be opened and the watercraft simply gets lifted out of there.

The truth is that there space a lot of theories and also very couple of answers around how Gibbs is doing all of this. Sure, Gibbs’ house isn’t also real. It’s a soundstage and the reason we don’t see among the wall surfaces is the that’s wherein the cameras space located. Still, we all want to know the explanation of exactly how he it s okay those watercrafts out, even if we don’t obtain to watch it actually take place.

How execute you think Gibbs got dominance 91 out of his basement? At least pondering that concern makes us think less about NCIS leaving Tuesday nights in the fall.

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That's deep. #NCIS pic.twitter.com/tfps5nt25C

— NCIS (
NCIS_CBS) might 26, 2021

NCIS returns through Season 19 in the autumn of 2021 ~ above CBS.