Kate Gosselin has actually a brand new show, Kate to add Date, therefore the fact star is earning a reality TV-sized pay examine again.

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Despite her numerous years on TV, the fact star has a surprisingly regular net worth, and saved most in a college fund.The mother of eight has actually received paychecks for speaking engagements, fact TV appearances, and also book deals.

Everybody knows just how many youngsters Kate Gosselin has actually (uh, the was built right into the location of her previous TLC truth shows, Jon & Kate to add 8 and also Kate add to 8).

That way she\"s gained eight various mouths to feed and also likely eight various college tuitions come think around (her twins room college bound ideal now, ICYMI)—so yeah, the takes a pretty coin to progressive eight children.

TBH, exactly what Kate Gosselin\"s net worth is currently remains a bit of a question mark, however there a lot of hints over the years that have the right to help add up her earnings.

Let\"s start from the beginning: with her hit-TV show Jon & Kate add to 8. She and her family earned approximately $22,500 per episode for Jon & Kate plus 8, according to The International company Times. Kate showed up on a whopping 106 episodes throughout the TLC show\"s two-year run, so that adds come up almost $2.4 in total.

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That\"s a the majority of dough—until you think about that Kate likewise went with a controversial divorce through now-ex-husband Jon Gosselin in 2009, and money was certainly a factor. Note Momjian, Kate\"s lawyer, said Us Weekly around at the very least one financial incident. In October 2009, Jon reportedly eliminated $180,000 from a joint account and also only changed $28,500 that the funds. (FYI: Jon and also his lawyer debated these claims, every Us Weekly.)

In in between reality TV gigs, CelebrityNetWorth reported she and the household earned $25,000 come $40,000 because that speaking engagements and also church tours. ~ her separation with Jon, Kate likewise starred in Kate add to 8 and reportedly deserve $250,000 per episode according to CelebrityNetWorth.

Kate likewise published at the very least two books: I just Want You to Know: letters to My children on Love, Faith, and also Family and also Eight small Faces—both of i beg your pardon debuted in ~ number 5 on the New York Times finest sellers list, so those absolutely padded her bank account as well as fans\" libraries.

Kate danced her way to at the very least $125,000 by completing on season 10 of Dancing v the Stars. Life&Style reported the each star earned the amount through signing up and also earned bonuses that $10,000 or more per illustration by continuing to be in the competition. Kate came in in ~ eighth place.

She likewise appeared ~ above the struggle NBC series, Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump. Vault stars top top the present have revealed their earnings and The day-to-day Mail report pay check of £12,000 (approximately $15,000 now).

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So, exactly how much is the reality star in reality worth? critical year, CelebrityNetWorth report Kate\"s network worth totaled $200,000, i m sorry tbh seems a little bit low. However, the full doesn\"t yet include earnings indigenous Kate to add Date.

Kate additionally told Bethenny Frankel in an interview on she YouTube channel wherein all her money went—and the doesn\"t take it a rocket scientist to figure it out. Kate said she put most of the earnings into a college money for the kids. She also mentioned the their residence is important. Kate and some of the kids still live in your 6,000-square-foot home in Pennsylvania.

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Kate to add Date is airing now on TLC, with 5 episodes in the an initial season. If she previous TLC pay check are any kind of indication, she\"s in because that a payday that $22,500 to $250,000 per illustration (as much as one more $1,000,000 overall, coming her way). For this reason honestly, even if she doesn\"t discover her \"date,\" she\"ll most likely be okay on she own.

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