The walking Dead: Why Sasha Was eliminated Off In Season 7 Sasha Williams was eliminated off in The walking Dead season 7 finale, however the decision didn"t stem indigenous Sonequa Martin-Green"s cultivation career.

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Sasha Williams was killed off in The go Dead season 7 finale, however the decision didn"t stem from Sonequa Martin-Green"s growing career. Martin-Green depicted the female number for 5 seasons that the AMC apocalyptic drama after ~ joining the collection in its 3rd installment. When Sasha was introduced alongside a couple of other characters in season 3, Martin-Green received the most prominent character arc. Unequal the bulk of characters featured in the show, Sasha wasn"t inspired by a figure featured in Robert Kirkman"s comic book collection in which serves together the basis of the TV program.

Sasha official made she Walking Dead debut in the season 3 episode titled "Made to Suffer." along with her brothers Tyreese, and also a few members the their initial group, Sasha snuck right into the prison which housed Rick"s group. Carl discovered the newcomers, forcing castle to stay locked up in the common area before deciding if they will certainly be permitted to stay. Sasha and her team were later welcomed by Woodbury, but after the governor revealed his sadistic tendencies, they returned to the prison to join Rick. In time, Sasha and Tyreese emerged as an essential figures amongst the survivors. After Tyreese perished, Sasha stayed as a solid leader within the group, transforming to numbers like Bob and also Abraham for support that eventually turned romantic.

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When Abraham dropped victim come Negan at the begin of The go Dead season 7, Sasha spiraled a bit. Regardless of spending some time in ~ Hilltop, Sasha ultimately teamed up v Rosita to death Negan once and for all. Once their original arrangement failed, Sasha took matters right into her very own hands by infiltrating the Saviors" compound alone. She to be captured and also held hostage at the Sanctuary, where Negan available her a deal to join his side. Through the help of Eugene, Sasha obtained a poison capsule pill that she used to death herself. Since she to be being used as a bargaining chip, Sasha hoped the she would transform right into a walker to death Negan before he can hurt any an ext of she friends. While Sasha"s arrangement didn"t completely work in the season 7 finale, her death noted a distraction that enabled Rick"s team to fight back against the Saviors. In ~ the time, viewers thought Sasha"s death was early to Martin-Green"s casting on Star Trek: Discovery, but that was never the case.

Sonequa Martin-Green and also Jeffery Dean Morgan together Sasha and Negan in The go Dead
when it to be true the Martin-Green was cast as Michael Burnham Jr. In Star Trek: Discovery, the gig came about well after The walking Dead to plan to death off Sasha. Based upon the time of the events, part avid fans figured Martin-Green asked for to departure from the AMC series for a duty on the forthcoming Star Trek series. Martin-Green, however, to be well mindful of Sasha"s fate throughout the production of season 7. The decision to have Sasha dice was purely based upon the character"s arc. While the authors didn"t desire to to speak goodbye come Sasha, they necessary to make the tough an imaginative decision to death her off together a means to respect a far-reaching message.

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Before Abraham was killed by Negan, he reiterated come Sasha how necessary it was to fight for the future. Complying with his death, Sasha lost sight of that id for a time. As soon as the opportunity developed to death Negan, Sasha decided to do the ultimate sacrifice, transforming herself right into a weapon to take the end the figure threatening fellow survivors. Even though she passed away in the process, Sasha wasn"t presented together a victim once her journey on The walking Dead came to an end. By killing she off, it no only provided Martin-Green a heroic sendoff, however it also connected the motivations behind she character"s actions to Abraham"s legacy.