At 37 year old, Aaron Rodgers could still be the ideal quarterback in the NFL. Particularly when girlfriend talk about him native an accuracy standpoint.

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He’s proving it by making real throws. Ya know, unlike every little thing it was Tom Brady decided to offer us a few weeks ago. I’m only half kidding.

Anyway, over there aren’t countless folks about the league who can enhance Rodgers’ accuracy. Case-in-point, this absolutely ridiculous litter Rodgers’ made at Packers’ camp.

Rodgers was at the very least 40 yards down the ar from the endzone as soon as he was snapped the ball. There was a net set up in the absolute back corner that the endzone top top the left side.

Rodgers it s okay the ball, drops earlier and floats an absolute beauty that a ball that records nothing yet net. The was choose a Steph Curry jump shot.

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AaronRodgers12’s still got it.

— Aaron Nagler (
AaronNagler) august 5, 2021

This angle is even better. Just amazing.