How far Can i Park indigenous a Fire Hydrant in Alabama?

Whether you room a brand-new or jug driver, you may have actually a few questions neighboring parking in the Birmingham area. Locals and also visitors alike might be unfamiliar with some parking specifics like how far you can park native a fire hydrant and how much you have to be from a avoid sign. This guide from Serra Toyota is going come dive into some the the legislations surrounding parking transparent Alabama and also the Birmingham area. 

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Can i Park near Train monitor in Birmingham? 

There room a most specifics once it involves parking laws in Alabama. Below we have actually laid out several of the more specific legislations we’ve uncovered that pertain to parking transparent the state. Some laws have exceptions, together as once it is necessary to avoid dispute with various other traffic or in compliance with a regulation officer.

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Here are few of the regulations surrounding parking in Alabama:


No human shall stop, stand or park a vehicle on a sidewalk or crosswalk or in ~ an intersection. No human shall stop, stand or park a automobile on the roadway next of a auto that is parked or quit along the curb or leaf of the street. No person shall stop, was standing or park a car on any type of railroad monitor or near any kind of location through official signs prohibiting stopping or parking.  No human shall stand or park a car within 15 feet that a fire hydrant or within 20 feet the a fire station driveway entrance. No human shall was standing or park a auto within 20 feet that a crosswalk in ~ an intersection.  

This is not a definitive list of all parking-related legislations in the Birmingham area or state of Alabama.  For an ext information about local parking laws, contact a member of her area’s law enforcement.

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Parking can be tricky and understanding laws surrounding parking can help you continue to be out that trouble when it involves finding a spot to park her vehicle. Are you in the industry for a brand-new set that wheels? Head end to our virtual inventory to view our lineup of in-stock new 2019 and also 2020 Toyota vehicles in ~ Serra Toyota in Birmingham, AL.  

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