Combining Nevada"s gorgeous deserts and California"s best parks and also forests into an epic adventure, the road trip from ras Vegas to Yosemite nationwide Park is one you"ll remember forever.

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The 370-mile road expedition from las Vegas come Yosemite national Park will take 6 hrs 20 minutes of driving. The route passes through fatality Valley, Inyo national Forest, and also Mammoth Lakes, or via Bakersfield and also past Sequoia and also Sierra nationwide Forests.

You might miss some amazing areas if girlfriend so lot as blink ~ above the way, so review on to acquire an idea that what you"re in for.

How far is Yosemite nationwide Park from las Vegas and also how long will the road pilgrimage take?

The road pilgrimage from las Vegas come Yosemite nationwide Park have the right to be excellent in around 6 hrs 20 minutes and also covers about 370 miles. The scenic itinerary will have you driving along death Valley, climate the impossibly scenic Sierra Nevada variety and its ingredient parks.

Although girlfriend could absolutely do this drive in a day, gas and also food breaks included, you"ll certainly want come stretch it the end as much as possible in the attention of seeing every little thing there is to watch on the way.

Yosemite falls are a part of the park the looks exceptional no matter the season.
Avoiding crowds is likewise quite simple - visiting in might or September should guarantee you a quieter and cheaper stay. September is probably the more secure of the 2 options, as you could get the occasional inaccessible road even in late spring.

The diversity of wintertime tasks makes December, January, and also February an excellent months to visit the park. It"s also convenient that you"ll it is in passing v Bakersfield and also Fresno, offering you part stopovers if the weather catches you off-guard.

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