The Gulf Stream is a strong ocean present that brings warm water from the Gulf the Mexico right into the Atlantic Ocean. The extends every the method up the eastern shore of the united States and also Canada.

The Gulf Stream is a strong ocean present that brings warm water indigenous the Gulf that Mexico into the Atlantic Ocean. The extends every the method up the eastern shore of the unified States and also Canada.

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The Gulf currently is one ocean current that carries heat water up the eastern coastline of the joined states and also Canada and also on to west Europe.

How does the Gulf Stream influence weather and also climate?

This strong current of warm water impacts the climate the the east shore of Florida, keeping temperatures over there warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer 보다 the various other southeastern states. Since the Gulf Stream also extends toward Europe, it warms west European nations as well.

In fact, England is around the same distance from the equator together cold areas of Canada, however England enjoys a lot warmer climate. If it weren’t for the warmth water of the Gulf Stream, England would have actually a much colder climate.

What causes the Gulf Stream?

The Gulf currently is led to by a huge system of one currents and powerful winds, referred to as an oceanic gyre. Over there are five oceanic gyres top top Earth. The Gulf stream is component of the phibìc Atlantic Subtropical Gyre.


This civilization map reflects the 5 oceanic gyres and also how they impact ocean circulation. Credit: NOAA

The s is continually in motion, moving water from ar to place via currents. The Gulf present brings warmth water from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to the Norwegian Sea. As the warm water comes in, colder, denser water sinks and also begins relocating south—eventually flowing follow me the bottom the the s all the way to Antarctica.


This computer animation shows the Gulf present sending warm water come the north Atlantic Ocean, forcing cooler water to sink and travel southward. Credit: NASA/Goddard room Flight center Scientific image Studio

How long have actually we known around the Gulf Stream?

We’ve known about the Gulf stream for an ext than 500 years! In 1513, Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon listed that there was a solid current in this location. A few years later, Ponce de Leon’s delivery pilot realized that the Gulf present could assist speed increase the sailing trip from Mexico to Spain.

In the so late 18th century, Benjamin Franklin came to be the first to chart the end the course of the Gulf present on a map.


A graph of the Gulf Stream created by Benjamin Franklin and James Poupard in 1786. Source: Library that Congress

How carry out we research the Gulf present today?

Today, scientists have the right to study the Gulf Stream native above, making use of satellites. For example, GOES-R collection satellites—short because that Geostationary Operational environmental Satellite-R—collect information around sea surface temperature in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Satellite pictures of sea surface ar temperature can present the route of the warmth Gulf Stream present with great precision. Learning the sea surface temperature can offer scientists information around what is continue in and also around the ocean. Alters in this temperature can influence the actions of fish, reason the bleaching of corals, and impact weather along the coast.


A satellite check out of the Gulf Stream native space. This picture from NOAA’s GOES-East satellite mirrors sea surface temperature in the waters surrounding the joined States. The warmth water that the Gulf present is presented off the coastline of Florida in orange and red. Credit: CIMSS blog