The civilization Almanac and Book of facts 1999. New Jersey: Primedia, 1998: 572.

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"Garden snail, 0.03mph"0.013m/s
Branson, Branley Allan. World & I. 11, 5 (May1996): 166."A big banana slug has actually been observed to sheathe 6.5 inch in 120 minutes. At that rate, a tortoise would seem fleet-footed."0.000023m/s
The Guinness publication of human being Records 1998. Stanford, CT: Guinness, 1997: 144."A garden snail named Archie, own by Carl Branhorn that Pott Row, England, spanned a 13 inch course in 2 minutes at the 1995 human being Snail gyeongju Championships, organized in Longhan, England."0.0028m/s

Snails and also slugs space gastropods, which consist of the largest course of mollusks with an ext than 60,000 species. Most of these types can be determined by your shells. Some dwell in ocean, others in the freshwater of rivers, ponds, and lakes. Soil snails abound in dry jungles and in damp pleasant regions. Every one of them need calcium lead carbonate for structure their shells, and so are not typical in sandy soil. Slug differ indigenous snails in that they typically have only a little internal shell.

Snails relocate by sliding on their solitary foot. Dedicated glands in the foot secrete mucus, which lubricates the route over i beg your pardon the snail crawls. Snails can only crawl. Even those the live in water can"t swim. As they crawl they secrete a slime to aid themselves move across surfaces. Snails and also slugs travel at speeds that differ from slow-moving (0.013m/s) to really slow (0.0028m/s).

The snail"s head bears the mouth opening and one or 2 pairs that tentacles. The eyes are located at the basic of the tentacles. Most snails live off plants and also dead organic matter, back a few are carnivorous. Their radula is a tongue-like projection of your mouth i beg your pardon is inside wall with little sharp teeth. Some snails acquire food by using their radula come drill holes in the shells of other mollusks.

Freshwater snails and also land snails have actually been eaten by people due to the fact that prehistoric times. This particular day they are still concerned as a delicacy in many countries. The industry supply comes largely from snails the are elevated in captivity on special ranches in southerly France, Italy, and also Spain. About 10,000 snails deserve to be kept in a 9 square meter area, whereby they are fed meal, vegetables, and bran.

Angie Yee -- 1999

Doherty, James G. Herbal History. In march 1974. As cited in speed of Animals. InfoPlease Kid"s Almanac."Gardensnail0.03mph"0.013m/s
Ready, steady, escargot. BBC News, UK. 10December1999."The Guinness Gastropod Championship, held in the O"Conor Don pub in main London, also featured an effort to rest the human being 13inch sprint document -- currently held through Archie at 2 minutes 20seconds."0.0024m/s
"But it turned out to it is in a disappointed day because that Mr. Riseborough, who fastest snail came in at six minutes 26seconds."0.00086m/s
Snail"s Pace, last Word, brand-new Scientist, October2001."Snails have been measure up at speeds of 0.048kilometres every hour."0.013m/s
"The more quickly speed achieved by a snail in the Guinness Gastropod Championship, held over a 13-inch (330-millimetre) course in the O"Conor Don pub in main London, is only 0.0085kilometres every hour. This document is hosted by a mollusc called Archie, which took 2 minutes and 20 secs to covering the course."0.0024m/s
"During a collection of experiments including the maritime gastropod Gibbula umbilicalis, ns measured a typical speed the 0.0065kilometres every hour once it was in the existence of a predatory starfish, Asterias rubens."0.0018m/s
As It occurred 1975: Snail Racer . Interview with Chris Hudson the Brighton, England by Barbara Frum. Canadian transfer Corporation. 1975.

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"Well, the faster snail that I"ve ever had spanned a 2 foot course, which is a conventional course because that a snail gyeongju … in some three minutes flat. Now any kind of mathematicians listening to the routine will realize directly away that works out in ~ 132 hrs to travel a full mile."0.0034m/s
Sidney the snail races to victory in civilization championships, Heidi Blake, The Telegraph, 19July2010."The gastropod winner the final at the town fete in Congham, Norfolk on Saturday in a time of 3 minutes and also 41 seconds. His owner, 62-year-old Claire Lawrence from Litcham, Norfolk, was presented through a silver tankard filled with lettuce…. The snails are placed in the center of an inner circle, indigenous which they have to travel 13-inches to an external circle which creates the finishing line."0.0015

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