Are girlfriend finding record weights to be confusing? Why is 80 lb. "text" record lighter and also thinner than 65 lb. "cover" cardstock? paper math is confusing, so we will certainly skip the math and summarize together follows:

Paper weight is measured in LBS (pounds) and GSM (grams every square meter)LBS alone do not adequately convey the weight of paperThe TYPE of document is a an essential element when using LBSGSM is a far better measurement the a paper"s weightPaper comes in many species or categories, below are a few:

Bond, Book, Text, Index, Bristol, and also Cover

Each classification has a different "standard sheet" size known as FOLIO or "parent sheet"Paper weight, likewise known together BASIS WEIGHT is measured in pounds per 500 sheets within it"s categoryIf 500 sheets that a conventional sheet in a group weights 100 lbs., climate the file weight / basis load of that form of document will be 100 lb.Each group of file has a distinctive “basis weight”


As a dominance of thumb, the more heavier a document is, the thicker it isHeavier file grades are also referred to as "cardstock"The measure up of a paper"s thickness is likewise known together it"s "Caliper"Caliper is expressed together a suggest size in thousandths of an inchOne point equals 1/1000 of one inchHere is a chart to further illustrate:

PAPER WEIGHT instances (refer to chart Above)

Light weight Paper:

Like pages the a book or continual copy paperCan it is in folded without scoringVery flexible and easy come manipulatePrint in most house printers*


Medium load Paper:

Like a conventional greeting cardShould it is in scored before foldingPrint in most home printers*Ability to print is dependant on press specificationsIf the file is too heavy for a printer, it will not feeding or it will certainly jamPrinter feed and jam issues due come thick document is not a defect of the paper


Heavy load Paper:

Like a heavy greeting cardMust be scored before foldingMay not print in some house printers – check first! *If the record is too heavy for a printer, it will not feed or it will certainly jamPrinter feed and also jam concerns due come thick paper is not a defect the the paper


Extra-Heavy load Paper:

Extra hefty weights are comparable to gift crate weight or chipboardThese can only be printed by advertisement packaging printers

 *See to press Guide

 Hope this helps! Still have questions, contact us and also we"ll it is in glad to answer any added questions you may have.