An knowledge of Antigone"s family tree is an important to decoding the definition of the miscellaneous characters" ultimate fates. Let"s research the significant characters in the household tree surrounding to this page.

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Oedipus is a descendent the the Labdacus family, which is plagued v a terrible curse. Oedipus kills his father Laius inadvertently, not realizing that he is, and then proceeds come marry his mother, Jocasta, likewise not realizing she true identity. (For more on exactly how this involved pass, view the an overview of the an initial section of Antigone). Together a an outcome of Oedipus" marital relationship to Jocasta, he sires 4 children, who room at when his siblings and his children: Eteocles, Polyneices, Ismene, and also Antigone.

Oedipus, shamed by his marriage and murder, surrenders the kingdom to his brothers Creon (since Creon is Jocasta"s brother, that is additionally Oedipus" brother). Creon takes over the kingdom because it is feared that Eteocles and Polyneices are additionally cursed by the Labdacus plague and will proceed bringing misery come Thebes. Eventually, however, Polyneices renders a claim on the Theban crown, resulting in him to be banished. In ~ this point, Polyneices raises one army, return to claim Thebes, and ends up dice at the hands of Eteocles, who dies in the fray together well. Creon continues to be in manage of Thebes.

Of this line, only Ismene and also Antigone continue to be living in ~ the start of the play. Antigone is supposed to marry her cousin Haemon, however by the end of the play, in a revelation that demonstrates just exactly how widespread the Labdacus curse is - Haemon dies, Eurydice dies, and also Antigone dies, leaving only Ismene and also Creon as the de facto progeny of Labdacus.

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The chorus is crucial element of drama. In Antigone, it serves multiple purposes, such as providing background information around events that occurred before the begin of the play. I beg your pardon lines in this excerpt native Antigone offer the objective of describ

There is not much violence in Antigone; uneven The Odyssey, wars are not waged and also battles room not fought; however, whereby violence reveals chin one can detect a psychic link in between tragedy and violence. Each occurrence of violence in the play...

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There is no inquiry that pride, in the context of Antigone (and most of Sophocles" works), is a properties despised by the gods and also punished without mercy. In Antigone, Sophocles describes the form of pride that allows men to produce laws that...

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