Find Out exactly how to buy, wash, keep, and freeze bluberries. Also, learn how to tell if your berries are bad and various other useful tips.

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If you’ve ever wondered just how long blueberries last, I’ve acquired you extended.

Here at our house, we eat blueberries year-round. We eat them in smoothies and also juices, we use them for pan sauces, syrups, and desserts. Yes, we make many blueberry desserts. In fact, the combination of lemon and blueberry is my hubby’s favorite. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the shelf life of blueberries and also just how to buy, wash, store, and also freeze them. We’ll also talk about how to tell if blueberries have gone poor. And we’ll answer a couple of associated questions as well. You understand, the frequently asked ones! So let’s acquire started!


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What Is The Shelf-Life of Blueberries?

Blueberries are extremely perishable and can technically be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Freshly picked and also store-bought fresh blueberries last almost everywhere from 1 to 14 daysrelying on exactly how fresh they were as soon as you brought them home and also just how you keep them at house.Here’s what you should recognize.

How Long Do Blueberries Last Out Of The Fridge?

If your berries are freshly picked, the shelf life of blueberries stored at room temperature might be approximately 2 or 3 days. But if you live in a warm, humid climate, you’ll be lucky if your blueberries last much longer than 1 or 2 days stored at room temperature.

Even though you deserve to technically keep blueberries at room temperature for a few days, it is ideal to store them in the fridge. Here’s why.

How Do You Keep Blueberries Fresh In The Refrigerator?

Blueberries appropriately stored in the fridge can regularly last 7 to 14 days.

Their shelf-life counts on exactly how fresh they were as soon as you carried them house and whether or not you refrigerated them effectively.

The ideal method to store blueberries is in the fridge in the breathable container they came in, lined via a folded paper towel.

Before we comment on the steps necessary to prepare your blueberries for storage, let’s talk about eating out-of-day berries and also berries that have gone bad.

Is It Ok To Eat Out Of Date Blueberries?

I have been grocery shopping for over 37 years and also I don’t ever before remember seeing blueberries with a sell-by, best-by, or use-by date. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but here in my neck of the woods, I’ve never before checked out them.

Just remember…when consuming berries, it is safer and even more cost-efficient to discard any and also all berries that have gone negative.

A trip to the doctor prices a whole lot more than a new clamshell of blueberries!

Next, let’s tackle a commonly asked question…

What Is The White Stuff On Blueberries?


If you’ve ever before purchased blueberries that look prefer they have actually a greyish, white coating on them, don’t issue. It’s actually an excellent sign! Why you could ask?

Well, this herbal coating on blueberries is called“bloom”and for you brainy kinds, researchers refer to it asepicuticular wax.

The epicuticular wax or bimpend serves to protect the blueberries from bacteria and also is a authorize of freshness.

Now that we know the bloom is great, let’s talk about just how you can tell if your blueberries have gone poor.


How Can You Tell If Blueberries Have Gone Bad?

As we questioned, the bimpend is good and also is a sign of freshness yet that does NOT expect your container has no poor blueberries.

The first point you must execute once you acquire your berries residence is to very closely inspect your blueberries and rerelocate the following:

Stems and various other debrisShriveled or cracked berriesBerries with visible indicators of mold or fuzz, particularly roughly the stem areaSoft, mushy, or blemished berriesUnderripe and immature fruitOff-colored berries

Please remember that if you find a blueberry is leaking its juices from a crack or blemish, it is likely overripe and on the verge of going poor.I would certainly discard these even if they still look plump because bacteria might enter the berry with the cracks.

Also, be certain to handle your blueberries gently so you don’t damages them!

Once you’ve removed all the stems, debris, and poor blueberries, you’re all set to save them in the fridge.

Before we look at how to keep blueberries in the fridge, let’s talk around eating poor berries.


What Happens If You Eat Bad Blueberries?

When blueberries go negative, they don’t taste good. They shed nutrients. And they obtain moldy.

For a lot of world, nothing bad will certainly take place if they eat a bad blueberry.

But some civilization have actually mold allergies and also others are even more sensitive to miscellaneous bacterias, pesticides, and also toxins.

You must always err on the side of caution and also never before eat any type of blueberry that appears to have gone negative. As I said prior to, throwing ameans a clamshell of blueberries is a lot more cost-effective than a expedition to the emergency room or doctor!

If you suspect your blueberries have actually gone poor, don’t eat them. Throw them out.

How Do You Keep Blueberries From Getting Moldy?

Just to reiteprice, to assist extfinish the shelf life of blueberries, you must effectively keep the berries.

They need to be stored in the fridge in a breathable container. You need to save your blueberries on top of a folded paper towel in their original clamshell or an additional open up container. This will permit air circulation and also deter mold from creating.

Do You Need To Wash Blueberries?


Yes, you need to constantly wash your blueberries however only when they are ready to be consumed or if you are preparing them for storage with avinegar-based solution.

Eating unwashed blueberries can expose you to dirt and also toxins that may have actually remained in the soil wbelow they were grvery own and various other bacteria from the packaging and also shipping process.

With that said, I never wash my blueberries till they are prepared to be consumed.

This is because the actual washing procedure can reason damage to the delicate blueberries.Once damaged, your blueberries will deteriorate more quickly.

Also, the exposure to excess moisture led to by the rinsing process also contributes to much faster spoilage.

I will, yet, ever before so very closely remove any type of stems, debris, discolored, cracked, or moldy berries as quickly as I bring them residence.

With that shelp, tbelow might be times when you desire to wash your berries best amethod. And that’s ok. Here’s what you should understand.

How Do You Wash Berries Before Eating?

Vinegar has been reported to assist proccasion mold development.

If you favor to wash your berries prior to eating or storage, mix together a vinegar-water solution consisting of 1 cup vinegar to 4 cups of water. If you have actually a smaller amount of berries, it’s ok to usage a smaller amount. Just be certain to usage a 1:4 ratio.

For example, if you use ⅓ cup of vinegar, use (4) ⅓ cups or 1 ⅓ cup of water.Or, for a larger amount, usage 2 cups of vinegar to 8 cups of water.

You have the right to usage distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. I like to use distilled white vinegar because I use apple cider vinegar in more recipes than distilled vinegar.

Items You Need:


Steps To Take

Step One:Carefully rerelocate any stems, debris, and also damaged berries as defined above.

Tip Two:In your bowl or pot, integrate vinegar and water in a 1:4 proportion as formerly debated.

Tip Three:Caretotally place your berries right into the strainer. Then dip your strainer and blueberries into the vinegar-water mixture.

Step Four:Very gently, move the berries about in the strainer for a minute or so.

Step Five:Lift the strainer out of the pot and also rinse the berries via cold water. Once aget, gently relocate the berries roughly to encertain all the vinegar-water solution is removed.

Tip Six:Carecompletely transfer the berries from the strainer onto a paper towel-lined baking sheet. Make sure the berries are in a solitary layer.

Step Seven:Thoroughly dry off your berries. They are now ready for storage making use of one of the approaches discussed following.

How To Store Blueberries In The Refrigerator


Method One

Step One:Spreview your blueberries out onto a baking sheet. Then closely rerelocate all stems, debris, moldy, crushed, cracked, soft, mushy, leaking berries.

Tip Two (optional):Wash your berries in a vinegar-water bath and dry thoabout.

Step Three:Placed staying berries earlier into their clamshell lined via a folded paper towel.

Step Four:Place berries in the fridge.

If you like not to save your berries in their original packaging, here’s the strategy you must follow.

Method Two

Tip One:Gently spreview your berries out onto a baking sheet. Then, very closely remove all stems, debris, moldy, crumelted, cracked, soft, mushy, leaking berries.

Step Two (optional):Wash your berries in a vinegar-water bath and also dry thoabout.

Step Three:Place a dual layer of paper towels right into the bottom of a storage container. Then include your berries.

Step Four:Place the berries unextended in the fridge.

The crucial points here are that you must wash and also dry your berries then keep them in a breathable container on peak of a folded paper towel.

The breathable container allows air circulation while the paper towel absorbs moisture.

Should I Store Blueberries In The Crisper Drawer?

Tright here are 2 camps of assumed on this one. Some urge on storing berries ONLY in the crisper drawer.

Others say you need to just keep them in the cearliest part of the fridge and NOT in the crisper drawer.

Here’s my take on it. In my fridge, I have stored berries in both the crisper drawer and also the fridge.

Guess what? I can’t watch a major difference in deterioration rates.

With that shelp, I constantly try to store my berries in the crisper drawer unless it is currently complete, then I will certainly store them in the fridge.

If you’re not certain which would certainly occupational finest for you, experiment via your fridge. Prepare some berries from the very same container then keep fifty percent in the coldest part of the fridge and also half in the crisper drawer. See what happens.Then, let me know! I’d love to pass along the outcomes to others!

What Can I Do With Old Blueberries?

Old blueberries are simply that. Old. They are not blueberries that have gone bad via mold.

If you have blueberries that are old but are still edible, you must usage them asap or freeze them.

You can use old berries to make a pie, jam, ice cream, or chutney.


Should You Wash Frozen Blueberries Before Eating?

That relies. Commercially frozen blueberries are prewaburned. There is no must wash aacquire.

However before, if your berries were handpicked by yourself or someone else and you are uncertain if they were formerly wamelted, constantly err on the side of caution and also wash them.


How To Freeze Blueberries

If you love neighborhood, fresh berries then you need to stock your freezer berries during berry season! Freezing blueberries is straightforward and also if done appropriately, you will have actually blueberries year-round.

Freezing Method #1 (Best and also results in more versatility)

Tip #1: Caretotally rerelocate all stems and debris in addition to any type of bruised, cracked, or moldy blueberries.

Tip #2: Wash the berries and also dry thoapproximately.

Step #3: Transfer the dried berries to a rimmed baking sheet. Layer them in a solitary layer.

Step #4: Put them in your freezer and also flash freeze for an hour or so.

Step #5: Move the flash-frozen berries to a freezer-safe plastic bag or container.

Step #6: Squeeze as much air as possible out of the bag and also seal.

Step #7: Label the bag with the date frozen.

Freezing Method #2 (Quickest and also outcomes in less versatility)

Step #1: Carefully rerelocate all stems and also debris in addition to any type of bruised, cracked, or moldy blueberries.

Tip #2: Wash the berries and also dry thoapproximately.

Tip #3: Place the berries in a freezer-safe plastic bag or container.

Tip #4: Rerelocate as much air as feasible and seal.

Tip #5: Label the bag or container via the day frozen.

While Method #2 is much faster, I prefer flash-freezing my berries using Methos #1. Flash-freezing your berries ensures the berries won’t stick to each various other once frozen so you have the right to conveniently rerelocate the exact amount you desire, without having actually to thaw them first.

If you have the moment, I highly recommend you flash freeze your berries.

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How Long Do Blueberries Last In The Freezer?

When stored correctly, frozen blueberries will certainly last as much as 12 months but for the best quality usage within 8 to 10 months!

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Final Thoughts

When handling blueberries remember 3 points to extend their shelf-life: (1) Almeans manage with treatment as they are delicate, (2) Almethods remove stems, debris, overripe, and also damaged berries before storing, and also (3) Storing them in the fridge in a breathable container with paper towels will extfinish their shelf-life.