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Broccoli, like many fresh vegetables, sells without a product or one expiration date. Due to the fact that the typical broccoli head is too big for one meal, friend will often have part leftovers. Therefore, you have the right to ask yourself does broccoli go bad and how lengthy does broccoli last? Let’s see.

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Does Broccoli go Bad?

Broccoli is a form of cruciferous vegetable, together with cabbage, kale, and cauliflower. The is affluent in minerals, vitamin K, and also antioxidants and has countless health benefits, consisting of cancer prevention. Still, like various other fresh vegetables, it can spoil.

In general, you deserve to eat withered broccoli, however it won’t taste the same, and also it will shed its nutritional properties over time. The is why the is an essential to to buy the freshest commodities possible. If friend know just how to store it adequately, you can substantially expand its shelf life.

How lengthy Does Broccoli Last?

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Once friend buy new broccoli, you have the right to keep it in your pantry or kitchen room if you arrangement to use it soon. However, the will probably turn yellow after only two to 3 days.

If you desire to usage raw broccoli for smoothies, salads, or dips, perhaps it is an ext practical come buy the veggie the work before and leave that in the pantry in the meantime. Otherwise, that is lot wiser to location it in the fridge, thus avoiding its deterioration.

How long Does Broccoli critical (Chart)

Broccoli type

Fresh2 to 3 days7 come 10 days

Up to one year

Fresh cut

Unsafe3 come 5 daysUp come one year
CookedUnsafe2 come 3 days

Up come one year

A entirety broccoli head can stay in the fridge from 7 to 10 days, relying on its condition before purchase. Cutting the florets will certainly shorten this duration to around three to 5 days.

If you decision to chef broccoli and also not usage it every immediately, the is for sure to keep it in a fridge for 2 come 3 days. Never ever leave it at room temperature for more than an hour or two due to the fact that pathogenic bacteria can develop in it.

5 advice to tell if Broccoli has Gone Bad

If you save broccoli for also long, that will lose its quality and nutritional properties. Plus, it can harm your wellness once it deteriorates. Over there are 5 signs the it is time to litter it away:

Color – new broccoli has actually a dark green color, which transforms yellow end time. You can cut some yellowish florets in the beginning, but discard the whole head as soon as it completely turns yellow. Probably it won’t make you sick, however it won’t taste great either.Smell – Broccoli includes a high level that sulfur. Once it beginning rotting, you will feel a strong, unpleasant odor of rotten eggs also though that is in a close up door container in the refrigerator. That is a sure authorize it is not safe to consume.Texture – the is typical for broccoli to become flabby after ~ a while, yet you deserve to revive it by keeping it in water. However, the is no a irreversible solution. When noticing the florets come to be pale or slime, you must discard them because veggies have already started come rot.Mold – If you keep it for as well long, both raw and cooked broccoli can develop mold. White mold object or black and also brown spots on florets median that the vegetables room spoiled. Litter them away rather than to risk your wellness by partially removing mold.Stem – As long as the broccoli is fresh, its stalk is firm and green. If it changes color and becomes soft and also gooey, it is time to buy fresh vegetables instead of spoiled ones.

How to store Broccoli because that Longer

As ns have currently mentioned, new broccoli doesn’t last long. If girlfriend don’t use it within a main after purchase, you can either frozen it or litter it away. Fortunately, numerous tips and also tricks can help you maintain veggie freshness and quality longer than usual.


If you save your broccoli top top a shelf, shot not to expose it come too much moisture because it can spoil quickly. Thus, protect against washing broccoli once you purchase it, but rinse the under a currently of cold water just before cooking.

After a job or 2 in the pantry, broccoli can end up being limply. In that case, shorten the stalk and put it in a jar v water. The way, the vegetables rehydrate, and also you can save it for another day.

Remember that yellow broccoli is no spoiled, yet it has actually a bitterness taste. If only the florets’ tips have actually started to turn yellow, cut off the part, and use the rest prior to the totality head alters the color.

Finally, save broccoli far from fruits, specifically apples, pears, and bananas. Because these fruit varieties contain ethylene, that will rate up the broccoli spoilage process.


If girlfriend buy broccoli in a plastic bag and leave that in the fridge, friend will notice drops of moisture that collect due to condensation. You require to allow the air flow to the vegetable to stop it indigenous going bad.

The old cheat is to usage a knife and also poke a couple of holes in the bag close to the florets. The way, you will prolong its expression for about two to 3 days.

Plus, you can wrap your veggie in a damp file towel and put the in a vegetable section. A so-called broccoli bouquet deserve to stand in the refrigerator for a while once you save it in a jug of water with submerged stalks.

Place the cook broccoli in an airtight bowl prior to putting that in the fridge. Another technique is come cover the bowl with aluminum or self-adhesive foil.


Use a cookie sheet to avoid the broccoli florets indigenous crushing every other. Pre-freeze arranged blanched florets for a few hours, take them out, and also transfer them to zip lock bags, airtight containers, or plastic bags before placing them in the freezer again.

If you frozen broccoli to prepare baby food, you require ultra-small portions. Usage an ice cube tray, infant food trays, or cookie molds to freeze a few florets in every cube.

Plus, friend can chef broccoli and also make a puree. Dilute it prior to freezing through breast milk or formula come the desired density and freeze in small jars. Friend can additionally use plain water if you choose that way.

Never thaw broccoli puree in the microwave come prevent shedding its quality. Instead, leaving it in ~ room temperature overnight.

The threat of consuming an Expired Broccoli

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Even though broccoli doesn’t have actually an expiration date, you can get sick if friend eat it after the goes bad. Spoiled broccoli has actually an unpleasant taste, so friend won’t desire to eat an ext than a bite.

Consuming a big portion may cause food poisoning through symptoms that include mild cramps, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. In some cases, broccoli can gain contaminated with pathogenic bacteria the can reason serious illness.

Unspoiled broccoli may also carry details risks. The high fiber worth can cause bowel irritation, if thiocyanate it contains makes a problem with the thyroid. As a result, you have the right to have an worry with hypothyroidism and weight gain.

Lastly, broccoli has a high vitamin K value. If you take any blood-thinning medications, you must limit the portion and avoid everyday consumption.

Can You frozen Broccoli?

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Broccoli is one indispensable component of many frozen veggies’ mixes. Therefore, you can freeze it, which is a great way to keep leftovers for up to a year. You deserve to freeze both raw and also cooked broccoli.

Keep in mind the raw broccoli can end up being gooey and readjust smell and also taste as soon as you thaw it. Therefore, the is much better to conveniently blanch the a few minutes prior to freezing.


Cut the florets and also stalks and put castle in a pot of cook water because that a couple of minutes. Then, move them to one more vessel with cold water. Speed up cooling by adding some ice cubes in water.

Once it cools off, spread the broccoli the end on a paper towel to dry well and use the airtight container or a zip lock bag to fill it. Make sure you expel all the excess air and write down the date before putting a parcel in the freezer.


Prepare broccoli the same means you cook any kind of other dish. Division the meal right into smaller portions, ar them in containers, and put them in a freezer.

Once you decide to use it, take a container the end the night before and also leave that in a fridge. Girlfriend can additionally use a microwave to thaw broccoli.

However, over there is no have to defrost it if you prepare the soup or a stew. Just throw the frozen broccoli in a pot and cook the for about ten minutes.

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Many think that broccoli is a superfood since it is extremely rich in nutrients. Unfortunately, that is sensitive to humidity, so it spoils quickly. You should store the in the frozen refrigerator or to frozen leftovers to save your veggies fresh and healthy for eating.