As a mindful parent, you want to know exactly how long this product will last. Friend may have actually been asking yourself:

how long walk Pedialyte last after opening?Does Pedialyte have actually a long shelf life?What sort of Pedialyte is finest for my childAre there any kind of other provides for Pedialyte?

We understand that a party of Pedialyte is you and also your baby’s ideal friend, however of course, we simply want come make certain that it’s safe to consume, too.

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You might have a question or two about Pedialyte, and we’re below to prize them because that you!

Table that Contents
Table the Contents

Does Pedialyte Go poor After Opening?


Like consumable fluid products, a bottle of Pedialyte goes negative fast as soon as you open them.

Unlike maintaining the unopened packaging in ~ room temperature, opened it has a various EFFECT.

The answer You’ve been Looking For

It takes roughly 48 hours because that the product to expire indigenous the moment you open the packaging. For this reason yes, it’s ideal to take note of the day and the details hour you opened up it!

Take note: It’s best to store the Pedialyte refrigerated! After 48 hours, it must be discarded, follow to the description.

To know It Better, Think of the This Way:

As soon as you open the packaging, microorganisms get in the package and also start to contaminate the Pedialyte, through the bacteria invading it via waiting or straight contact!

Well, that isn’t as well good, and also wouldn’t desire to give that come our baby right?

Alternatively, having actually unsanitary hands have the right to cause poor effects come the opened up product, too! This is called touch contamination. YIKES!

As science and biology basically go, touch air pollution is a natural means for bacteria and microorganisms to replicate. Although, you deserve to slow down the procedure by a little IF you REFRIGERATE IT.

Remember: You deserve to save money and make certain you still shot to consume that by the 48th-hour mark, though!

Get creative! The drink has a most wonderful benefits that you have the right to use for you yourself within 48 hours, choose a post-workout drink or a hangover cure, too! (We’ll get into the later).

What is Pedialyte for?


So let’s say her child has actually been vomiting, having a negative case that diarrhea, or both in ~ the very same time.

We don’t want that for our little children. This have the right to be yes, really stressful, as this can cause a most stress and also severe dehydration!

We know that sometimes, drinking water isn’t enough to healing it. Treating significant dehydration way letting the infant hydrate and keeping your electrolytes up.

Now, this is wherein the parents’ best friend come in: Pedialyte! Pedialyte has become a family brand to usage for relieving a son who has been dehydrated.

Think that it as an energy DRINK because that babies, but with far better sugar and sodium content! It functions to change fluids that your child lost, and has the minerals and sodium that the body needs to charge them up, making that an efficient oral rehydration solution!

We can put the this way: When people lack electrolytes in their body, rehydrating have the right to be difficult!

With the ideal and optimized balance the sugar and sodium, the drink help replenish every little thing that your youngsters have lost in dehydration, keeping them in a healthy and also tip-top shape.

The finest part? It has ZINC to support the immune system, too! her baby deserve to bid dehydration goodbye and prevent dehydration from happening again together well!

Also, keep in mind that it functions the same means for adults, too! therefore if you’re trying to find a better energy drink replacement, climate this is her solution!

What’s in Pedialyte?


Are friend a mindful parent and you’re curious what’s in it? check this out!

Pedialyte classic Ingredients:

WaterDextroseLess 보다 2% of: Potassium Citrate, Salt, sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, and also Zinc Gluconate.

Nutritional Information:

Calories: 35Total fat: 0gSodium: 370mgTotal Carbohydrates: 9gTotal Sugars: 9g, added Sugars: 9gProtein: 0g

The Shelf Life the Pedialyte

If you plan to share up top top Pedialyte for emergency use, well then us got good news!

Pedialyte lasts 2 years, indigenous the day of manufacturing, as long as it’s unopened. You deserve to keep castle stocked up at house at room temperature.

Don’t forget to save the packaging out of sunlight, though.

To check and make sure around the expiration dates, friend can discover it at one of two people the bottom or the peak of the packaging, stamped on the party or packets.

Letting Your son Experience Pedialyte for the first Time


So you’ve finally determined to offer your boy Pedialyte, yet you don’t know how much to provide them. Don’t worry, it’s relatively easy! but BE WARNED that doesn’t occupational like energy drinks or water, though!

For youngsters aged 1 year or older: friend can begin with little sips every 15 minutes, v the offer size increasingly getting an ext until tolerated.

You can continue giving the drink come the child as long as that or she has actually diarrhea. Because that the right amount that hydration, you can give 4-8 servings (32-64 oz) per day!

For infants, you re welcome ask her doctor an initial to it is in sure prior to giving lock the drink.

Note: together the age-old speak goes, it is still finest to consult with a physician if symptom of dehydration persist past 24 hours, or if the kid needs an ext than 2 liters of Pedialyte in a day.

Product Variations: choosing the ideal One

To do things more exciting, particularly for your kids, Pedialyte comes in different forms to get!

These products are do to make consuming the drink simpler for the kids, for this reason if they’re having a difficult time spend the continual Pedialyte, you deserve to make things less complicated for castle with other variations.

Remember: Happy babies make for happier parents!

It’s crucial to take keep in mind these space different assets with a tiny variation ~ above ingredients; the expiration date, and also product longevity after ~ opening may vary.

Here space some choices you can consider buying and also keeping inside your baby clinical kit:

1. Pedialyte standard Liters



This is the original formulation to assist your baby once they lack the important nutrients from being dehydrated!

They only last because that 48 hours after opening, though! removing the cap of the packaging enables the entry of natural bacteria. Make sure you maximize this prior to it goes come waste!

But if you just keep this unopened, it has a life of two years ~ above the shelf! the is right to have this if you need an emergency stock for her baby, together these last a long time!

KEEP IN MIND: Pedialyte isn’t an different to water, together this is only for special instances of your baby being dehydrated, and also etc.

2. Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder

It’s the very same Pedialyte that we know and love but in a convenient single-serve option!

If a 1L bottle isn’t an alternative for you, girlfriend should absolutely consider the Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder.

The best part? It comes in Pedialyte powder PACKS.

Just imagine, it’s immediate rehydration in Pedialyte powder packets that you can bring anywhere! As lengthy as you have a bottle of water, simply pour that in and also you’re an excellent to go.

It’s as basic as that!

To make things more amazing, this stuff will last because that years ~ above the shelf, so stocking increase on this wouldn’t be a problem.

3. Pedialyte Juice Boxes

Trying to uncover a means to rehydrate your kids the easy way?

Of course, occasionally it deserve to be tough to do them drink their vitamins, but what if us told you there’s a way to obtain electrolytes earlier into their mechanism in a way that they have the right to enjoy, too?

Introducing the Pedialyte Juice Boxes!

Because we know for sure that kids love juice as lot as lock love cookies, offering them this hydration drink is bound to charge up their bodies v the amount of vitamins and minerals castle need.

You can quickly stash this juice crate in her diaper bag so the they’ll come in handy, in instance of emergencies.

Just press a straw in and also you’re an excellent to go! and don’t worry, we recognize you want several of these, too! Don’t be shy to recognize it.

4. Pedialyte Freezer Pops

Who says acquiring the ingredient we need like minerals, sodium, and electrolytes can’t it is in fun?

Pedialyte Freezer mister is (literally) a cool way to rehydrate every the water the a person lost, in one exciting way that the youngsters will absolutely love.

Through this frozen pops, human being get come replenish and feel a lot much better after being dehydrated!

And to make this SWEET act better, it come in various flavors to pick from:

GrapeBlue RaspberryCherryOrange

We promise, your youngsters will be loving their Pedialyte endure rehydration more!

When to use Pedialyte

If your youngsters are having actually a devastating experience v dehydration choose a bad case of diarrhea and also vomiting, don’t worry!

You have the right to count ~ above Pedialyte together your first choice for them to recuperate all the fluid they shed in their body.

Use the Pedialyte in tiny amounts at the start. A good rule is to usage 100ml – 150ml every kilogram of bodyweight the your boy has.

When not to usage Pedialyte

If your children have an allergic reaction to any kind of of the ingredient of Pedialyte, it would certainly be finest to stop Pedialyte and also ask your medical professional for one alternative!

Alternatively, if your child’s diarrhea doesn’t avoid within 24 hours, don’t forget to call your doctor for experienced advice!

It would also be best to continue to be away indigenous this systems if your children have intestinal or various other digestive problems.

Pedialyte FAQS

#1 have the right to I use This together an alternative to a sports Drink?

If you feel prefer you want something an ext than water come hydrate ~ an extreme physical activity, look NO more from Pedialyte! It works just as well as sports drinks do.

It’s additionally ideal to carry the Pedialyte flour packs approximately with friend after functioning out, too! simply store Pedialyte powder content in her jug, climate mix, and you’re good to walk! It’s prefer making DIY sports drinks that room perfect for travel.

Our an individual favorite after ~ a good workout is Blue Raspberry. Nothing like a refreshing taste after sweating out! You can store Pedialyte in a bottle so it’s all set to drink.

Check this video out!

#2 Is This great to cure a Hangover?

We need to admit, drink is funny as a society activity! back sometimes, we have tendency to drink a TAD little over our limit, and it can reason some nasty hangovers.

Good news because that you, Pedialyte works choose LIQUID AMBROSIA for you to use throughout your morning headache! You have the right to say goodbye to sugary sports drinks.

#3 So… Is Pedialyte good For mine Family?

Pedialyte is a an excellent way come rehydrate you and also your children!

If they’re experiencing any type of discomfort from an illness like diarrhea, you surely know you can’t go wrong v this.

After opening the packaging though, save in mind the the bottled Pedialyte can expire within 48 hours! however you have a an option to select from its various other variations.

#4 just how Much Pedialyte can a 6-Month Old infant Have?

For those wonder how lot Pedialyte their 6-month old baby deserve to have, the actually relies on your weight, no their age.

Here’s a quick failure to assist you out:

10 lbs.:At least2 ounces that liquidper hour15 lbs.:At least2 ½ ounces the liquidper hour20 lbs.:At least3 ½ ounces of liquidper hour40 lbs.:At least6 ½ ounces of liquidper hour60 lbs.:At least10 ounces the liquidper hour

This is simply a quick summary, therefore it would be ideal if you check out up more about it in our other Pedialyte article.

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Final Thoughts

As grown-ups, us are naturally protective of our children. We just want to keep the illness AWAY!

Dehydration is a common thing the happens through our children and we just want what’s finest for them. However we need to admit that periodically water doesn’t work-related the same means to treat it.

That’s why you must use Pedialyte due to the fact that it works favor a genuine CHARM, plus, your baby will certainly love it! It’s no wonder this product is physician RECOMMENDED. It just works therefore well!

We hope you discover the information here useful, and that you have actually something to select from the options the brand offers. Choose the one you can use consistently to conserve your money, stop waste, and also pick the right one come suit her needs!

At the end of the day, you and your youngsters will it is in feeling far better AND HYDRATED!