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Can you freeze shrimp? the course, yet the approaches for exactly how to frozen raw shrimp and how to frozen cooked shrimp room different.

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Whether it’s since they to be on sale at the supermarket, you bought much more than friend needed, or you typically turn to them for quick weeknight meals, frozen shrimp room a good item to have actually on-hand. Wondering exactly how to frozen shrimp in ~ home? listed below you’ll discover advice for how to frozen shrimp, both raw and cooked.

How to frozen Shrimp


Raw, rinsed shrimp ready to be packed and also frozen.

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How to frozen Cooked Shrimp

If you desire to freeze cooked shrimp, choose the meat from the shell, spread on a foil-covered cookie sheet, and also place in the coldest part of the freezer. As soon as the shrimp room firm, load them in freezer bags, carefully squeezing out all the air. Brand the bag through the date so you’ll know just how long they’re fresh.

How to frozen Raw Shrimp

Raw shrimp deserve to be frozen as picked-out meat. However flavor and texture are much better preserved if you freeze raw shrimp in the shell.

Remove heads, wash briefly, and also pack the shrimp in strictly containers such together yogurt tubs.Pack castle in closely so there’s as little space between them together possible. Leaving an inch of an are at the top. Pour in a strong brine (2 tablespoons salt every quart that water) to cover the shrimp, leaving at least ½ customs of head space.Freeze.

Frozen shrimp will keep for about three months at 0° F, a little bit longer at -10°. Thaw shrimp immediately before use. Shrimp frozen in brine should be drained and also rinsed unless they are to it is in boiled. If you’re plan to cook them, prepare the cooking water salt-free and throw castle in together is.

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How come Thaw Frozen Shrimp

Place frozen shrimp in a colander and set the colander on a bowl in the refrigerator. If friend absolutely should thaw shrimp quickly, place them in a colander and run under constant cold water, pausing to redistribute the shrimp as essential until thawed. Beat dry and proceed.

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