DayQuil is an over-the-counter medication that treats multi-symptom cold medicine, including nasal congestion, cough, fever, headache, and minor aches and also pains. Just how long walk the result of DayQuil last, and how long does it stay in your system?

DayQuil lasts for approximately 4 hours. The recommended sheep is 30 mL (2 TBSP) every 4 hours.

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DayQuil Cough provides cough relief for approximately 8 hours. DayQuil stays in your device for 24 come 36 hours prior to it is removed from your body.

Read on to uncover out much more about just how long DayQuil lasts, ideal dosage, storage, and also more.

How lengthy Does DayQuil Last?


DayQuil has become a popular selection as an over-the-counter drug due to the fact that it relieves many symptoms associated with the common cold and also influenza there is no compromising alertness and cognitive function.

DayQuil big for roughly four hours. DayQuil consists of a sneeze medication called Dextromethorphan, i beg your pardon lasts around 4 hours, approximately a preferably of 6 hours. You can expect this drug to stay in your device for approximately 24-36 hours.

DayQuil is took in quickly from her stomach and works in as fast as 30 minutes. DayQuil can be take away every four hours. You have the right to take DayQuil cough every 6 come 8 hours. Some DayQuil products contain an ext Dextromethorphan, a sneeze medication that lasts 6 to 8 hours in your system. Constantly read the product label on your DayQuil product to understand the specific dosage.

You may still endure some side impacts of DayQuil also after you have stopped taking medicine and are over your sickness. This is since DayQuil is quiet in her system. Removed of this medicine from your device depends top top the DayQuil product you took. However, the moment it takes come be got rid of from your system will depend on what DayQuil product friend took.

Available DayQuil Formulations

DayQuil Cold and Flu – has Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan, and also PhenylephrineDayQuil sneeze – contains DextromethorphanDayQuil severe Cold and also Flu – includes Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan, Guaifenesin, Phenylephrine.DayQuil Mucus manage – has Guaifenesin and Dextromethorphan.

Next, we’ll take it a look at at exactly how much time it would take for each ingredient come be eliminated from her system. To remove acetaminophen in your mechanism will take around 22 hours. Of every the active ingredients uncovered in NyQuil, Guaifenesin has actually the shortest removed time, 6 hours. Phenylephrine takes about 17 hours to remove from her system.

Dextromethorphan is the ingredient that takes the longest to remove from her body in ~ 33 hrs from ingestion. So, that is safe to conclude that DayQuil elimination from your device will occur within 24 to 36 hours.

How go DayQuil Work?

DayQuil is a multi-symptom cold and flu product by Proctor and Gamble, under the brand Vicks. That is accessible as one over-the-counter drug. It treats the flu and also the typical cold symptoms, including fever, cough, sleep congestion, fever, and also minor aches and pains.

Taking DayQuil during the day will not make you drowsy. DayQuil big for about 4 come 6 hours. It stays in your system for 24 come 36 hours. View our article on taking DayQuil in ~ night to learn much more about the effects of Dayquil.


NyQuil, a product native the same makers, was formulated to be taken at night together it has an added active ingredient, doxylamine. Doxylamine is an antihistamine that relieves your allergy symptoms. However, this ingredient have the right to make friend drowsy. Come learn an ext about NyQuil, check out our write-up on taking NyQuil throughout the day.

Acetaminophen works to reduce fever and also is likewise a ache reliever. It transforms the regulation of your body’s temperature and also how her body reacts to pain. Top top the other hand, Phenylephrine is a nasal decongestant that lessens the ede of blood vessels in her sinuses, allowing you to breathe easily.

Dextromethorphan is a cough suppressant that sends signals to your brain that lessens your urge to cough. Guaifenesin thins rubber so that you have the right to cough it increase easier.

DayQuil Dosage

LiquiCaps describe DayQuil capsule preparations that contain fluid inside. It additionally comes in liquid form, both for adults and also for children. Moreover, that is ideal to above your doctor if your child is below 6 year old.

Let’s look at the recommended dosage according to age group. Also, you have to not provide DayQuil to children listed below 4 year old.

Adults and also Children 12 Years and also Above

For LiquiCaps – two capsules every 4 hours. Carry out not exceed much more than 4 sheep in 24 hours.For liquid – 30ml every 4 hours. Execute not exceed 4 sheep in 24 hours.

Children 6 – 11 year Old

For LiquiCaps – no recommendedFor liquid – 15ml every 4 hours. Perform not exceed 4 sheep in 24 hours.

Consult your medical professional if symptoms do not improve after acquisition DayQuil for two days.

What If You miss a Dayquil Dose?

DayQuil is in reality a medicine you can use as needed, and also it’s ok for you no to be on booked doses. However, if your doctor has put you on a dosing schedule and also you miss a dose, take it as shortly as friend remember.

If that is practically time for your following dose, skip the let go dose and also take the medication on your following scheduled dose. Lastly, carry out not add much more medicine to your next dose to comprise for the missed one.

DayQuil next Effects


As with most medications, DayQuil can cause some next effects. Many of these side impacts do not warrant medical attention, yet you still should be aware of them. The side impacts will usually go away due to the fact that your body will readjust to the medicine.

Common next Effects

LightheadednessDrowsinessDizzinessStomach PainNauseaVomitingNervousnessDifficulty sleeping

If you’re acquisition DayQuil, prevent eating grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice. It has actually been studied that eating grapefruit and also taking dextromethorphan (an energetic ingredient in DayQuil) can increase the levels of dextromethorphan in your system. Thus, raising the side results of DayQuil, favor dizziness and also nervousness.

Other side Effects

The following are less common side effects however are much more severe:

RashItchingHivesBreathing difficultiesDifficulty in swallowingFace swelling consisting of lips, tongue, and throatSwelling the hands and also feet

Although these side effects are no common, if girlfriend experience any kind of of lock while acquisition DayQuil, gain emergency medical attention immediately.

Again, how long go DayQuil last? We discussed that DayQuil big for around four hours. And if the formulation of DayQuil you room taking contains a cough medication called Dextromethorphan, the sneeze medication lasts around 6 hours. DayQuil stays in your device for 24 come 36 hours prior to it is removed from your body.

If you still experience any kind of side effects 24 come 36 hours after taking your last dose that DayQuil, consult a doctor, together the medicine is the end of your device by this time.

How to appropriately Take DayQuil

1. Always usage as Directed

DayQuil comes with dosing accuse on their product label. Follow exactly what is on the label or as prescribed by her doctor. Do not take it in smaller sized or bigger doses 보다 what has been recommended. Avoid taking DayQuil as soon as your symptoms have actually cleared up.

Do no take for more than 7 days. Above your physician if you still have actually a fever after 3 days, still have actually pain ~ 7 days, if you build a rash, or if your symptoms acquire worse.

2. Use the measuring Spoon or Cup the Comes v It

DayQuil liquid will certainly come with either a measure spoon or a medicine cup. Use this come measure your liquid DayQuil, and also do not use an ordinary spoon. Lastly, if you shed your medication cup, ask her pharmacist for one.

3. Inform Your physician If You’re having Surgery or Other clinical Procedures

Let your doctor know that you’re taking DayQuil or have actually taken it in the critical 2 days. DayQuil may interact with other drugs you’ll must take post-surgery.

4. Store Properly

Store DayQuil properly. Store away from moisture and heat. Also, carry out not save it in the freezer.

DayQuil FAQs


What room the medicine You must Avoid while acquisition DayQuil?

You need to avoid some medicines while acquisition DayQuil because the active ingredients (like Acetaminophen) in DayQuil can connect with them. This interactions may change how the medicine works and also its effectiveness. They could additionally increase your possibilities of experiencing much more severe next effects.

Acetaminophen connect with these Drugs:CarbamazepineIsoniazidPhenobarbitalPhenytoinPhenothiazineWarfarin

DayQuil additionally contains phenylephrine and dextromethorphan, which connect with monoamine oxidase inhibitors or MAOIs. MAOIs stay in your device for around two weeks, and so, if you’ve taken castle in the last 2 weeks, there could still be medicine interactions.


Is DayQuil Safe?

DayQuil is a safe medicine to use for most people. However, you need to avoid the if you have actually the following medical conditions since they could harm you. Questioning your medical professional if you have the right to take DayQuil if you have any of the complying with medical conditions:

Blockage in her stomach or intestinesHeart diseaseHigh blood pressureDiabetesLiver DiseaseThyroid DiseaseEnlarged prostate that makes urinating difficult

Is DayQuil Misuse Possible?

Like all drugs, misuse of DayQuil is possible. It isn’t for all varieties of cough. Protect against using DayQuil come treat a productive cough or a cough where you can cough up your mucus. Also, protect against using dayQuil for the complying with conditions:

Cough connected with asthma, Smoker’s cough, Chronic bronchitis, or emphysema.

Your medical professional knows exactly how to law said conditions by prescribing a various drug.

DayQuil includes dextromethorphan, an often misused drug. Keep in mind that too much dextromethorphan can reason hallucinations, and in very high doses, that can cause death. Also, mental to take DayQuil only in for sure dosages. Friend can inspect the product brand for the ideal dosing.

What Will take place If You take it Too lot DayQuil?

If you take too lot DayQuil as well often, the can cause damage to your liver from the acetaminophen. You must make certain that you space not acquisition acetaminophen or any other medication that includes acetaminophen when you room taking DayQuil.

This can cause an overdose the acetaminophen. Also, remember no to exceed 4 doses of DayQuil in a duration of 24 hours and also not to take it for more than 7 days.

If girlfriend accidentally take too much DayQuil, speak to your local poison manage center. If you know anyone who has actually taken too much DayQuil, contact 911 and also seek medical attention because that the person immediately.

How to appropriately Store DayQuil?

Store DayQuil away from light and moisture. As with all medicine, keep DayQuil far from children and pets. Read and follow the product label for storage instructions.

When DayQuil expires, consult her pharmacist or neighborhood waste handle company around how to discard her product safely. Execute not flush any kind of medication down the restroom or to water them under the drain.

Conclusion: how Long go DayQuil Last? exactly how Long walk DayQuil stay in your System?

DayQuil’s effects last for approximately 4 to 6 hours. DayQuil sneeze lasts for approximately 8 hours. If the DayQuil you room taking consists of a sneeze medication dubbed Dextromethorphan, the maximum result lasts approximately 6 hours.

This is why the dosage top top the product labels is in between 4 come 6 hours. DayQuil remains in your system for 24 come 36 hours prior to it is got rid of from your body.

DayQuil is an reliable medication provided to act multi-symptom colds and flu. The active ingredients in DayQuil help relieve her symptoms to do you feeling better.

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Follow the information we provided to aid you safely take DayQuil. If you’re still in doubt, consult your doctor before you use DayQuil.