There are plenty of purported fixes for stale bagels involving water, microwaving, and toaster ovens, but they have the right to never truly be together fresh as they as soon as were. 

The just real solution is not to let them walk stale in the very first place. 

Keep analysis to find out how to keep bagels to keep them fresh and also a few tips top top what to do when you want to eat them.

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how Long carry out Bagels Last?

There’s no price to that question. Bagel shelf life relies on how and also when that put into storage. Left out, bagels will come to be stale in a day, so it’s essential to store them properly.

If you’re dealing with a freshly-baked bagel, cooled, and stored in a sealed plastic bag, you have the right to expect the to continue to be fresh for about five days. 

But girlfriend can considerably extend your lifespan by freeze them. Freezing bagels is no complicated, but a couple of best practices will help them stay good longer and make because that an less complicated time when you’re defrosting. 

Frozen bagels can last numerous months without shedding much in terms of flavor and texture.

How to keep Bagels Fresh 


If you’re just wondering about how to keep bagels fresh overnight, that’s an easy enough. Don’t placed your bagels in the refrigerator due to the fact that it will certainly make them walk stale faster. 

For an overnight stay on the counter, put bags in a document bag at room temperature is perfect fine. The record bag helps maintain the crust and flavor, but it offers little protection so they won’t critical much much longer than a day.

If you won’t eat them for at least a couple of days, your ideal bet is to use a plastic bag.

Place bagels in a plastic bag and expel as lot air as possible without crushing the bagels. Seal the bag with a rubber tape or twisted tie. Save them at room temperature if you plan to eat them within the next few days. Otherwise, frozen them. 

In the freezer, bagels deserve to stay new for several months, for this reason there’s no hurry. However, you have to note that they will certainly be together fresh or together stale once they come the end of the freezer together they were when they go in.

Tips for Defrosting Bagels

You could run into a tiny trouble once it’s time come defrost bagels if you just leave them out. 

If girlfriend let lock defrost at room temperature, they might turn a small stale while castle thaw. Instead, slice the bagels before you also freeze them. Then, popular music them directly into a toaster oven. 

They will certainly defrost and toast at the same time, offering you a perfect, crispy bite. 

Note, though, the there’s no going back once you defrost them. Bagels won’t remain fresh if girlfriend refreeze them, so just take the end as lot as friend will instantly eat.

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The Perfect Bagel Every Time

Now you’re ready to keep your bagels prefer a pro. The best bagel is one that’s freshly baked, however they deserve to stay quite close to that if you monitor the accuse in this post. 

Sometimes girlfriend might consider buying frozen bagels instead of new ones. Friend won’t miss out on any kind of flavors and you deserve to put them directly in the freezer without any type of hassle.

For more great tips on how to store your baked products fresh, check out our various other blogs. And also if you desire to share up ~ above frozen bagels the you have the right to enjoy whenever you want them, take it a look in ~ our all frozen bagel caterer page.