It’s vital to it is in well-familiar with basketball’s intricacies, even if it is you space a player or a fan. And also one that the points you need to have actually a solid grasp on is basketball video game duration.

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How lengthy is a basketball game? there is no global answer because rules differ in between leagues and associations. To obtain the most relevant info, friend should examine out the rulebook that the combination you beat under.

Below, i’m going to look at video game durations as per FIBA, NBA, NCAA (college), and also NFHS (high school) rules. I’ll likewise slightly touch upon the shot clock and also timeouts since these are an extremely important in basketball.

How long Are NBA Games?

NBA games have four periods, each lasting 12 minutes. As well as that, NBA rules allow for 5-minute overtime.

On that is website, the worldwide Basketball Federation (FIBA) provides a succinct comparison the FIBA, NBA, and NCAA rules. I have taken whatever related to basketball video game duration and also periods native the comparison and also plugged them into the table below:

Playing time4 x 10 minutes, 5 minutes overtime4 x 12 minutes, 5 minute overtime2 x 20 minutes, 5 minute overtime
Shot clock24 seconds, or 14 seconds after offensive rebound24 seconds35 secs for men and 30 secs for women
Timeouts*2 in very first half;3 in second half (but just 2 timeouts in last 2 minutes the the fourth period);1 per overtime;Always large 60 seconds;No carryovers6 regular;2 per overtime period;60 or 100 seconds + brief timeout (20 seconds) per half;Second quick timeout have the right to be carried over come overtime4 regular;30 seconds + lengthy 60 seconds;Maximum 3 regular and also 1 long timeout in second half
Half time15 minutes15 minutes15 minutes

* NBA numbers are outdated

With that, the term of an NBA match is 48 minutes, to add the 15-minute halftime.

But once it concerns the yes, really duration of basketball matches, NBA gamings – and also basketball games of any other organization – deserve to last much longer because of frequent clock stoppage. The typical NBA game lasts because that two and also a half hours.

One thing to note with NBA timeouts – as of this post’s writing, FIBA’s to compare table was Outdated. As per 2019-2020 rules, each team is licensed has been granted to:

7 fee timeouts.Up to 4 timeouts in the 4th period.Up to 2 timeouts in overtime periods.

The rules have actually other details concerning timeouts, but I i will not ~ cover them in this post.

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Since the 2017-18 season, every NBA timeouts have been 75 seconds in length, instead of the old short and also long timeouts.