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Despite the stigma surrounding them, Pit Bulls can be amazing family members pets. If she thinking around adding one to her family, you’re most likely wondering: exactly how long carry out Pit Bulls live?

Sadly, no dog breed resides as lengthy as we wish they would, however it’s nice come know about how plenty of years you have the right to expect to gain with your furry household member. It’s likewise nice to understand what sorts of things you have the right to do to extend their lifespan, therefore we’ve contained that information, too.

What is a Pit Bull, Anyway?

While over there is one American Pit Bull Terrier, people often usage the term “Pit Bull” come refer loose to several various dog breeds, consisting of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and American Bulldog.

We will be talk specifically around the American Pit Bull Terrier in this article, however all breeds referred to as Pit Bulls have similar lifespans and health problems.


Pit Bull Lifespan

The mean Pit Bull expectation is 12 come 14 years. Your dog might live as long as two decades or dice tragically early, but without any kind of serious health problems or destructive accidents, you can expect to have actually at least a dozen years v your Pit Bull.

Factors Affecting how Long Pit Bulls Live

Apart indigenous tragic accidents, there are a wide range of determinants that can affect a Pit Bull’s lifespan. Some points that deserve to shorten a Pit Bull’s life expectations include:

Obesity causes plenty of of the same health troubles in dogs together peoplePoor diet can influence the health of your Pit BullHip dysplasia affects her dog’s mobility and also quality that lifeHeart disease can substantially decrease a Pit Bull’s lifespanLack the training have the right to lead to an wild Pit Bull that requirements to be put down after attacking a human being or an additional dogNot sufficient exercise can cause destructive actions that may cause owners to take your Pit Bull come a shelter, wherein they are likely to it is in euthanized


How can You assist Your Pit Bull Live Longer?

While girlfriend can’t readjust something prefer congenital heart disease, there are some things you deserve to do to assist give your Pit Bull the best chance of a long, healthy and balanced life. Right here are a couple of tips to assist your Pit Bull live longer.

#1–Keep your Pit Bull a healthy and balanced Weight

More than half of every pet dogs are overweight or obese. As with humans, obesity in your Pit Bull can cause things like:

High blood pressureSome types of cancerKidney diseaseArthritisReduced quality of lifeShorter lifespan

How have the right to you tell if your Pit Bull is overweight? as soon as your dog is stand up, they should have actually a visible waistline when viewed indigenous the side and above. You should likewise be may be to feel (but no see) their ribs.

Just prefer with humans, the secrets to maintaining your Pit Bull a healthy weight space to feed them a healthy diet and also give lock plenty the exercise. If you favor to offer your dog treats, make sure togive them much less kibble to comprise for the calories, and also don’t walk overboard top top the treats.

You can additionally substitute healthy and balanced fruits and vegetables the aresafe for dogs, prefer carrots, as healthy treats that won’t affect your Pit Bull’s waistline.

If your Pit Bull is overweight, talk to your vet around how to assist them safely lose weight. Sometimes, simply feeding your dog less isn’t enough–you might need a reduced-calorie diet.

#2 – pick a Pit Bull Breeder Carefully

Pit Bulls space genetically predisposed to several wellness conditions, including hip dysplasia, heart disease, thyroid problems, and allergies. Dependable breeders work hard to mitigate how numerous genetic conditions are passed v their bloodlines and do specific tests come ensure the health of your dogs prior to breeding them.

Backyard breeders, puppy mills, and also pet stores, top top the various other hand, are more interested in making money 보다 they room in creating healthy puppies. Dog from disreputable breeders like these are much more likely to endure from genetic problems, and also they’re also more likely to endure from deadly infections like parvo.

Here room some means to make sure the breeder you looking at is reputable:

1. They must do health and wellness tests ~ above the parental dogs

2. You must be allowed to check out the puppies top top site

3. They should answer all her questions and ask several of their own

4. You must be permitted to satisfy at least the mother dog

5. They must offer to take the puppy ago if girlfriend can’t keep it for every little thing reason

6. They may offer wellness guarantees

#3–Get continual Vet Care

Many health conditions are less complicated to treat the sooner they are spotted. Taking your Pit Bull come the vet at least once a year as soon as young and twice a year when ending up being a senior can assist spot potential health problems before being severe sufficient to shorten your Pit Bull’s life.


#4–Give castle Plenty that Exercise and also Training

Pit Bulls are really active and also require at least an hour of practice every day. Without enough exercise, Pit Bulls are most likely to become bored and also destructive. A boring Pit Bull deserve to start chewing up and also swallowing points they shouldn’t, which have the right to lead to minister obstructions that deserve to be deadly there is no expensive emergency surgery.

While Pit Bulls space not have to any an ext likely to attack people or other dogs than any type of other breed, they execute tend to cause massive quantities of damages when they perform bite.

The best method to prevent your Pit Bull native aggressive behavior is to give them many of socialization and also training, starting as young together possible. You need to discover to be firm and also assertive without overcoming your Pit Bull.

Positive reinforcement is a much an ext appropriate layout of training a Pit Bull than dominance or punishment layouts of training.

#5–Feed High-Quality Food

In general, world who eat a many junk food tend tohave shorter lifespans than civilization who eat healthily. The exact same holds true because that dogs. Execute you recognize what’s in her Pit Bull’s food?

Most cheap dog foods are made through filler ingredients that don’t have any kind of nutritional value, like corn or meat by-product (the parts of an pet that civilization won’t eat choose beaks or hooves). Look because that food that has actually real meat together the an initial ingredient, no by-products, and no corn.

For proposal on dog food for Pit Bulls, inspect out our post on the 5 best Dog foods items for Pit Bulls.

#6–Brush their Teeth

Most civilization never think around brushing their dog’s teeth, however a dog’s dental health and wellness can influence the remainder of their health. Friend see, if you nothing brush her Pit Bull’s teeth, bacteria can flourish out of manage under the gumline, then enter the bloodstream and affect your dog’s internal organs, including their heart.


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If girlfriend can, girlfriend shouldbrush her Pit Bull’s this every day v a soft toothbrush and toothpaste made specifically for dogs. If your dog doesn’t let you execute that, examine out the 5 ideal Bones because that Pit Bulls.

Chewing on bones helps remove plaque and also tartar from the teeth and helps stimulate the gums–it’s the next best thing come brushing.


Final Words: Summing up The Pit Bull Life Expectancy

While over there is no method to guarantee the your Pit Bull will certainly live a long, happy life, following these advice should assist improve the chances that her dog deserve to live for numerous healthy, high-quality years as a treasured member of her family.

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With a tiny luck and also a lot of love, her Pittie may beat the odds and also live much longer than the median Pit Bull expectancy of 12 come 14 years.