The regulation time the a pro football games is 60 minutes. However many things deserve to stop the game clock: dead balls, television commercials and timeouts, because that example. And also then there"s the halftime break. All things considered, a game will in reality usally last between three and three and also a fifty percent hours.

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The official size of a video game is 60 minutes. This time is split into 4 15-minute quarters.

Game Breaks/Halftime


There is a rest of two minutes in between the an initial and second quarters and the third and 4th quarters. A longer, halftime rest occurs between the second and 3rd quarters. Halftime usually lasts 12 minutes, however it deserve to be expanded in the playoffs.


Even though one quarter"s time border is 15 minutes, the clock doesn"t count under continuously. The clock stops any time one incomplete happen is thrown, a player runs the end of bounds, during changes of possession of the ball, and also after a team scores.

Team/Official Timeouts


Teams can contact a timeout to stop play 3 times in every half. Officials deserve to stop play because that circumstances choose player injuries and the must review particular plays ~ above replay. Over there is additionally the two-minute warning: an official timeout through two minutes remaining in every half.

TV Breaks


TV networks will usage a stoppage that play to air commercials. Two usual times because that this are adhering to a score or a absent to the other team. This frequently doubles the moment such a rest would usually last, which would certainly be about 30 seconds.


If the video game is tied after regulation, the game proceeds in "sudden-death" overtime (the video game will finish the next time a team scores). In the constant season, a game ends in a tie after a maximum of 15 overtime minutes. In the playoffs, the game continues until who scores, therefore winning the game.

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