If you have been living v your parrot for quite some time now, or girlfriend just acquired one recently however you have currently realized how crucial it is in her life and can’t live without it. You room most likely thinking exactly how long am i going to reap the agency of mine beloved pet?

Well, bar terminal disease, accidents, predators, and other factors, her parrot have the right to live for numerous generations. The course, the expectation will depend on plenty of factors, which we space going to discuss in this article today.

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In this article, we are going come look in ~ the different types of parrots and their lifespan, both when they are maintained as pets and when they are out in the wild.

There are around 400 varieties of parrots yet not all of them have the right to be captivated. In this guide, us will only cover the expectancy of the most common types of parrots. Additionally, us will additionally talk about factors that impact the expectation of the parrots and how friend can help them have actually a long and healthy life.


2 determinants that influence the lifespan of parrots7 What have the right to I carry out to boost the expectation of a parrot? 8 one-of-a-kind Considerations

In the wild

While many of you only think that parrots as pets, all types originate native tropical and also subtropical regions of the world and the bulk of them live in the wilderness. Life in the wild is difficult compared to life in cages, and so parrot lifespan in the wilderness is not as lengthy as caged parrots.

In fact, plenty of wild parrots don’t even make come reproduction stage and some of castle live for just up come fifteen years. The factor for this apparent – life is tougher in the wild contrasted to homes.

While parrots are fed in cages once they are retained as pets, in the wild they have to look for food, i m sorry is not easy. Also while searching for food; they have to do for this reason without illustration the fist of the predators.

Humans are likewise the best threats come parrots. The bird girlfriend are at this time keeping was probably pursued from the wild.

Factors that impact the expectancy of parrots

Several things influence the expectation of a parrot. Below are some of them.


One that the things that make it harder because that parrots to live a lengthy life in the wild is the availability of adequate food.

Parrots need a wide range of foodstuffs to it is in healthy, and so a diet making up seeds alone is not sufficient to rise its lifespan.

A well-balanced diet because that parrots must incorporate seeds and also fruits and also vegetables. The an ext the range the an ext healthily your parrot will certainly get, which will interpret to lengthy life.



You might think the the smaller sized the size of the parrot the much longer it lives, yet you will be wrong.

Unfortunately, parrots room not like dogs. The bigger size parrots have tendency to live much longer than little sized ones. Because that instance, a parakeet might live for only up come fifteen years while one Amazon parrot deserve to live to almost a hundred years!


When buying a parrot, make certain you ask around its origin, whereby it lived before, and so on. This is necessary as girlfriend will obtain to understand if the bird to be bred in a an excellent environment.



Parrots are social birds and also like living in huge groups in the wild. Because that this reason, lock can likewise get bored quickly if left alone for long. This can an outcome in them obtaining ill and even die. This is why castle must-have playthings in their cages to save them entertained and think.


Yes, the cage of her parrot can additionally contribute to its health. Tiny cages often tend to make birds feel sad and get sick. Therefore make certain you buy a huge cage for your parrot if you want it to live a lengthy life. A huge cage permits the parrot to climb and hang in the bars upside down, i beg your pardon is a natural posture they execute in the woods. A dirty cage also can accumulate bacteria and also thus can impact the high quality of life of her parrot.


This is inevitable. Thankfully, most parrot illnesses space not the serious and also everything will get earlier to normal as soon as you have actually taken her bird come the vet. That being said, you have to regularly take her parrot because that checkups. Also, parrots can capture human illnesses like flu and also cold, so that is vital to continue to be away from once you room feeling under the weather.

Proper care of your parrot, which consists of the exactly diet, clean cage, regular checkups, and plenty the attention, can assist your parrot live a long healthy life. The bottom heat is ensuring her parrot is happy every the time, and also this covers nice much every little thing from great food, entertainment, and health.

So exactly how long do parrots live in captivity and also in the wild?

There is no specific answer to how long parrots have the right to live, but with ideal care, your bird deserve to live an average age presented in the table below.

Parrot varieties Lifespan in bondage Lifespan in the Wild
1. LovebirdsThese species usually live approximately around 20 years as a petIn the wild, they can live as much as 10 year or also 15
2. White CockatooWhite cockatoo, though small in size, can live up to 40 come 60 years together a pet.These species can live up to 30 year in the wild
3. LorikeetsBright in color, lorikeets can live for as much as 30 years in a cageIn the woods, they deserve to live for about 15 years due to the tiny stature that renders them simple preys.
4. ParakeetsThese small birds have the right to live increase to two decades in bondage if taken treatment of properly.Parakeets deserve to only live an median of 7 to 14 year in the wild
5. ParrotletsParrotlets deserve to stay through you for two decades or even an ext if you take treatment of that properly.Due come its small size, parrotlets can only make it through 15 year in the wild as, pair with their vibrant appearance, they are susceptible to predators
6. Senegal ParrotWith suitable care, Senegal Parrot can live approximately 50 yearsIn the wild, these species can only live approximately 30 years, i beg your pardon is still rather impressive.
7. CaiqueColorful in appearance, these birds can live between 20 come 30 years as petsBut your brightly colored appearance doesn’t help in the wild as they can only live because that 15 years.
8. Green-Cheek ConureUnfortunately, parrots belonging come this species are prone to specific illnesses such together Conure bleeding syndrome resulting from lack of vitamin K. However, they can still manage to squeeze 25 years out of life in captivity.In the wild, things space harder and can just live up to 10 years.
9. Sunlight ConureSun Conure is usually bright v yellow and also orange in that feathers. They can live for 30 years as pets.In the wild, sunlight Conure can live for approximately 15 to 20 years.
10. CockatielThese parrot types can live for 20 years in captivityThey have the right to only control 10 come 14 year in the wild.
11. Meyer’s ParrotOne of the rarest parrot breeds, Meyer’s Parrot have the right to live approximately 35 years as petsIn the woods, they deserve to live in between 10 and 15 years.
12. QuakerSometimes this parrot is additionally called Monk. It deserve to live more than 30 years when taken treatment of properly in captivityOut in the wild, this varieties can only live for 15 years.
13. CockatoosCockatoos are one of the many common varieties of parrots. They deserve to live approximately 60 years together a petThey can live approximately 30 years in the woods, i beg your pardon is quiet a long life.
14. Eclectus ParrotThese parrots deserve to live an median of 30 years and also even much more as pets if you take an excellent care of themEclectus Parrots have the right to only live up to 15 year in the wilderness
15. Green-Winged MacawGreen Winged Macaw is additionally one the the most common varieties of pets parrots. It have the right to live fine over 70 years at home.In the woods, environment-friendly Winged Macaw can live for as much as 30 years
16. African GreysAnother common kind of parrot is afri Greys. They are well-known for living a long, solve life, which can be approximately 80 years. They room also very rareThey deserve to live up to 50 year in the wild, which is still long contrasted to various other parrot species.
17. Hyacinth MacawThese types are usually smart and an extremely social and also can live as much as 60 year or even much more as petsIn the woods, Hyacinth Macaw have the right to live as much as 50 years. There is not much difference between lifespan in the woods and also the captivity.
18. White-Crested MacawWhite-Crested Macaw is incredibility large, and also the oldest ever before a bird was 112 years old. The parrot deserve to live an typical of 50 year in captivityIt appears White-Crested Macaw lives longer in the wild 보다 in captivity, as they have actually been found to live as much as 60 years in the woods.
19. Blue and also Yellow MacawsThis is likewise a large bird and also the most usual pet parrot. Together per, Blue and also Yellow Macaws can live approximately 60 yearsBecause the predators and loss the their herbal habitats in the woods, these parrots have the right to live only up to 30 years.
20. Kakapo ParrotUp come now, Kakapo Parrot is the long-living parrot, living more than 100 years as pets.In the wild, this parrot have the right to still outlive all various other parrot species as they deserve to live up to 90 years

Why execute parrots live this long?

As you can see indigenous the table above, parrots are more than likely the pet that can outlive you. However what is the secret? one of the reasons is flying. As soon as they fly, they stretch and exercise your bodies, leading to them living lengthy lives.

Another reason is the parrots have relatively fewer predators compared to other pets in the wild due to the fact that they can fly. And they have almost no predator once they room in captivity.

Because lock live long, parrots often tend to reach sex-related maturity later in life, and breeding in ~ this stage allows them to protect against passing on any genetic deficiencies to your offspring that will curtail your life expectancy. Last but not least, birds have tendency to have actually lower level of oxidative damage, which combat corruption to their DNA. This also reduces the number of illnesses in their lifetime.

How carry out you tell the age of her parrot?

Knowing the period of the parrot you desire to buy is important. Girlfriend don’t want to buy a parrot the is currently at the end of its life. The best means to understand the age is come ask the previous owner or breeder, as they have tendency to have a record of the bird’s age. Alternatively, friend can inspect for the tape on the feet that the parrot to uncover out just how old the or she is.

Another trick to tell the period of a parrot is looking in its eyes. Fully black eyes typical the bird is still pretty young. On the other hand, adult parrots usually have eye pupils surrounded by a yellow line, i beg your pardon is your iris. Also, young parrots typically have a shorter tail and also a black beak.

However, it will be complicated to phone call the age if her parrot is albino making use of the eyes due to the fact that their iris shade doesn’t change with age.

Physical activity levels can also tell if the parrot is quite young or older. Younger parrots will certainly be much more active and also aggressive compared to enlarge parrots.

Older birds additionally tend to shed their feather vibrancy and also color compared to younger parrots.

What is the link in between the size and lifespan the a parrot?

There are various sizes that parrots relying on species. There are little and pretty large parrots the can flourish up come 3.3 feet.

There is no clear answer regarding why bigger parrots live longer contrasted to smaller sized ones.

You can likewise tell if the parrot is old from its wellness issues. Though they live longer, these birds usually construct a number of illnesses as they age. The most usual health problems in enlarge parrots include:

Cataracts: This can be checked by her avian vet. It generally reduces the visibility the birds slowly over the years. If you watch your parrot bumping into objects around your house of that cage, its vision is worsening.Tumors and lumps: girlfriend will must regularly inspect for any unusual lumps to determine the existence of any possible cancers.Arthritis: This problem is additionally common on older parrots and usually causes their feet to end up being weak come the extent that the is can not to fixed on that is perches strongly.

What have the right to I do to rise the expectation of a parrot?

Thankfully, there space a the majority of things you can do to rise the expectation of your parrot. Below are number of things you have the right to do to ensure you continue to be with her pet because that a lengthy time.

Diet and Nutrition

It all starts through a great diet and also nutrition. If girlfriend limit her parrot to just a seed-based diet, the will build deficiencies in vitamin A, D, as well as calcium. Friend should carry out your bird through a well-balanced diet including vegetables and also fruits.

Companionship and interaction

We all recognize that parrots are highly social birds and like to communicate with various other birds or people. Due to the fact that of this, castle can also get bored conveniently if they room alone without things to pat with. Luckily, this is easy to address. Just buy a variety of toys and place castle in the cage and make sure you occasionally stop by to play through your parrot. You should additionally consider maintaining two birds.

Proper cage

The dimension of a cage can affect the health both physical and psychological, of her parrot. For this reason make sure you get the appropriate cage size.


One the the factors why parrots live because that a long time is because they paris a lot, i beg your pardon is a kind of exercise. For this reason if you are keeping a parrot together a pet, make sure the cage has actually right bars and also perches inside so your bird have the right to jump and also climb about in the cage. Also, make certain you periodically take her parrot the end of the cage so it deserve to fly around.

Regular checkups

Make sure your parrot obtain checkups at least once a year to capture any disease early before getting serious.

Full-spectrum lighting

The quality of irradiate indoors is no the exact same as the natural light in the wild. There is no a full spectrum lighting, her parrot might be subject to a variety of health problems over time, to reduce its lifespan.

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Special Considerations

When you decide to obtain a parrot as a pet, it is choose you are adding another household member. It will likely live as lengthy as friend or even outlive you. Therefore make sure you make part contingency plans because that the future in instance of any kind of eventuality. That is wise to get your parrot insurance or also put a provision on your will certainly to ensure her bird is taken care of in the future. Psychic we room talking about a pet that can live up to 90 years.