The lip piercing is a piercing that traditionally excellent on the side of the mouth top top the top or bottom item of the lip. End the years lip piercings have actually become more popular and also go by a number of different names including; Labret, Monroe, Medusa, upright Labret, snake Bites, Spider bites, angel bites, Dolphin Bites, and Shark Bites. The piercings introduce to “bites” are often two piercings inserted together or symmetrically apart. The Labret piercing is just one of the most traditional lip piercings and also this is performed right below the reduced lip and over the chin.

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Lip Piercing jewel Options


Lip piercings offer two distinct jewelry options; captive bead rings and labret or flat back studs. When obtaining your lip pierced your piercer will pick the correct size based on your anatomy and the in its entirety size of her lip. A captive bead ring will typically come in three sizes, 18 gauge16 gauge and 14 gauge. The gauge describes the all at once thickness the the ring and a 16 gauge is smaller sized than a 14 gauge. Once your piercer is help you chose jewelry, they will certainly take into account the feasible swelling that happens ~ the piercing. This means the jewel they use at first is a small longer or bigger to account because that the swelling.

The two most typical diameters because that the lip piercing space a 3/8" and 7/16". ~ the an initial three or four weeks you will be able to downsize the jewelry to smaller size that fits closer come the piercing. The swelling generally occurs in the very first two mainly after having actually the piercing done. When changing the jewelry, you will certainly have an ext options, such as a ring without a ball. A lip will practically always it is in pierced v a captive bead ring (or a flat ago labret) due to the fact that other rings have a seam that deserve to get captured in the healing tissue. As soon as you walk to have actually the jewelry downsized you have the right to switch the jewelry to a different form of ring or flatback.


Labret Piercing jewelry Options

The Labret has similar jewelry alternatives to the lip piercing. The labret is usually pierced v a flat ago barbell because a ring would have to be very big to accommodate for swelling, especially because it is in the center of the lip. The labret is commonly pierced through a 16 gauge or a 14 gauge, yet it can be excellent in one 18 gauge for part individuals. The 16 gauge and the 14 gauge tend to work better because they are thicker and there are an ext jewelry options in those sizes.

There room a couple of different lengths the the labret deserve to be pierced at; 7/16" or 3/8". The is not uncommon for ladies to be pierced v a 3/8" and also men to it is in pierced through a 7/16". This is dependent on your anatomy and that is something the your piercer will certainly determine prior to the piercing. Both of these lengths work well due to the fact that they are on the longer side and also give the piercing extra room to swell. ~ the early 1-2 mainly the swelling need to start to subside, and you can downsize the jewelry after 3-4 weeks.


Types the Lip Piercings


The labret piercing is a horizontal piercing centered under the bottom lip. That doesn’t actually pierce through the lip, but in the an are underneath, through the back of the piercing relaxing flush versus the inside of the lip. The most usual jewelry because that labret piercings is a flat earlier barbell or threadless labret write-up (pushpin post), normally in a 14 gauge or 16 gauge. Captive rings or circular barbells can be worn too, however be cautious of contact with your teeth. A labret piercing price starts around $50, and can vary relying on jewelry selection and shop location. We offer hundreds of styles: gold, stainless steel, and also silicone labret jewelry with various tops like gems and opals. We additionally have threadless jewel (pushpin) options.


The Monroe piercing is called after Marilyn Monroe because it is placed on the left side above the upper lip come resemble her iconic beauty beauty mark. The Monroe piercing is typically pierced at a 16 gauge through a flat earlier barbell. Girlfriend can likewise wear threadless or pushpin write-up jewelry. That costs about $50 to acquire a Monroe piercing, and it varies depending on which jewelry you select and also the shop you walk to. We have Monroe rings and studs in stainless steel, gold, titanium, and silicone with plain tops, gemmed tops, and even CZ tops set in prongs for an extra elegant look.

Medusa (Philtrum)

The Medusa piercing or philtrum piercing is a horizontal piercing centered above the upper lip. That pierces with the indented groove in the top lip, which is dubbed the philtrum. Medusa piercings space usually pierced at a 16 gauge utilizing a flat earlier barbell or threadless (or pushpin) labret post. The price starts approximately $50 and also varies depending on your choices of jewelry and shop location. Ours labret jewelry is a perfect fit for Medusa piercings and we have actually hundreds of different styles. Our threadless jewelry choices are likewise a good fit.

Vertical Labret

The vertical labret is a “vertical” variation of the timeless labret piercing, which allows for both ends of the jewelry to show. The look at is accomplished by making use of a curved barbell, so the one end of the piercing is under the bottom lip favor the horizontal labret and also the other end rests in the facility on height of the bottom lip. 16 gauge is usual for vertical labret piercings. The cost of this piercings starts roughly $50 and can vary relying on jewelry options and shop choice. Our bent barbells come in stainless steel, gold, titanium, and also you have the right to make this piercing even an ext eye recording with various colors and also tops.

Snake Bites

Snake bites space two piercings, one top top each much side that the reduced lip. The placement is claimed to mimic wherein snake fangs would be, or what a line bite would look like. Our captive rings or also our circular barbells are wearable for line bites piercings. Girlfriend can additionally check out our labret studs. Line bites deserve to be pierced in either 16 gauge or 14 gauge, so be sure to check your size. Due to the fact that it’s two different piercings, the expense starts in ~ $100 and ranges based on which jewel you choose and the shop you gain pierced at.


The Ashley piercing is one of the couple of lip piercings that truly pierces the lip, going through the center of the bottom lip and also exiting out through the earlier of the lip. The official name is an inverted upright labret, however presumably either the an initial piercer to offer this piercing or the an initial person to receive this piercing was named Ashley. This piercing calls for a flatback labret stud to aid minimize call with the teeth, most frequently in a 16 gauge. Pushpin labrets studs room another an excellent choice. The price of an Ashley piercing is approximately $50, however it can variety depending top top the shop’s pricing and also the jewelry selection.


The jestrum piercing is a upright philtrum or medusa piercing, v the piercing exiting indigenous the center of the peak lip versus behind it, so the both political parties of the barbell space visible. 16 gauge curved barbells are used in jestrum piercings to achieve the best look. The jestrum piercings starts around $50 and the final expense depends ~ above the shop girlfriend visit and also the jewelry you choose. Our choice of bent barbells has multiple colors, materials, and also top/ends for you to choose from.

Spider Bites

Spider bites piercings are two piercings top top the exact same side the the far side of the reduced lip, one of two people left or right, sitting very closely side through side prefer a spider bite would certainly be. If they are most frequently pierced ~ above the reduced lip, occasionally some people choose to carry out them ~ above the top lip instead. As two separate piercings, the full price goes native $100 and also up in terms of cost. Relying on the look you want, you deserve to either wear two captive rings or two labret studs in spider bites piercings. Or you deserve to even try out some of our circular barbells.

Angel Bites

Angel bites piercings integrate both the Monroe and the Madonna piercings as a combo set on the upper lip, one ~ above each far side. Like twin beauty marks! We have actually labret studs and also pushpin write-ups that work great for point of view bites piercings. A 16 gauge is the most typical size because that these, yet we also offer various other sizes. The price of point of view bites piercings starts roughly 100 since it is 2 piercings, and the complete cost deserve to vary depending upon jewelry and also shop selections.


Named ~ the 1980s musical icon, the Madonna piercing goes v the upper appropriate side of the lip, to match her renowned beauty mark. The Madonna piercing is most frequently done through a 16 gauge labret stud or pushpin (threadless) post. Madonna piercings start around $50 and also can vary depending upon jewelry an option and shop location. We have actually over 200 layouts of lip studs that work perfectly because that Madonna piercings.

Cyber Bites

Cyber bites piercings combines two piercings, the Medusa, i m sorry is centered over the top lip, and also the traditional labret piercing, i beg your pardon is focused under the bottom lip. There is only one end showing because that each piercing, giving the look that the piercing actually spans in between both lips. The optimal piercing for cyber bites demands to be a flatback labret stud or a pushpin post, i m sorry minimizes damage to the teeth. The bottom piercing can also be a labret stud or a captive ring, simply be mindful of contact with her teeth. The expense of cyber bites piercings arrays from $100 ($50 because that each one) and up, relying on the jewel you select and the shop location.

Dolphin Bites

Dolphin bites piercings are double labret piercings, sitting next by next under the center of the bottom lip. The price of dolphin bites piercings starts around $100 ($50 because that each one), and also varies depending on which jewel you select and also the shop you walk to. The usual layout is to wear two labret studs, however two lip rings will additionally work for dolphin bites piercings. We have captive rings and also flatback studs for dolphin bites piercings and also we have hundreds of options to pick from.

Dahlia Bites

The Dahlia Bites piercing was influenced by a an extremely dark story, yet the watch is really unique. To express Elizabeth brief from the well known Black Dahlia Murder, the Dahlia bites room two piercings, one on every side the the edge of the mouth, expanding the smile. (It is also sometimes referred to as a Joker piercing!) Dahlia bites use two labret studs in 16 gauge or 14 gauge. The look at is an extremely eye-catching and striking with the standard stainless stole ends, however we sell a ton of different labret stud formats to customize your look.

Canine Bites

Canine bites piercings are four piercings total! two on the external edges the the upper lip and two top top the outer edges that the bottom lip, lining as much as where the canine teeth would certainly show versus the mouth. Flatback labret studs in one of two people 14 gauge or 16 gauge are the best choice for canine bites piercings. We have actually a huge an option of labret studs and threadless and pushpin posts with hundreds of various styles the ends and tops. The cost for canine bites piercings can range a lot because the piercing expense is multiply by 4 and also will be impacted by jewelry choice, but will most likely start between $100 and $150.

Shark Bites

Shark bites piercings are four piercings total, all follow me the bottom lip, but with 2 clustered top top the left and two clustered on the right. The 16 gauge dimension is recommended, however 14 gauge deserve to work as well. A range of jewelry species can it is in worn in shark bites piercings, depending upon the look you want. 4 labret studs is a usual choice, and also we havea wide range of styles and also decorative ends for labret studs that can still give the traditional jewelry selection a much more updated look. Or you can mix and also match just how you like, and wear a labret stud in one piercing on every side, and also either a captive ring or circular barbell in the other. Shark bites piercings have the right to start roughly $200 ($50 because that each piercing), but the complete cost can vary depending on jewelry choice and shop location.


Lip Piercing Aftercare

The appropriate cleaning schedule would be when in the morning and once in ~ night. After acquiring your piercing go to your local pharmacy or grocery store store and also pick increase a gallon that distilled water and also non-iodized sea salt. Make certain the water is distilled and you space not substituting it for any type of other kind of water (I.E. Tap water). Non-iodized sea salt is pure or organic salt and the only ingredient top top the bottle should be sea salt. When you acquire home, mix 4 teaspoons of the non-iodized sea salt into the gallon of distilled water and also shake well.

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How lengthy Do Lip Piercings take to Heal?

The lip piercing takes approximately 2-3 months come heal and during this time that is important to clean the inside and the exterior of the piercing 1-2 time daily.

When you are ready to clean your piercing pour few of this solution right into a shooting glass or a coffee mug. Make sure you are just using glass or porcelain cup because paper and plastic will certainly contaminate the solution. Placed the solution right into the microwave for a few seconds, you desire the equipment to it is in luke heat or body temperature. Since everyone has a various microwave it could take a few tries to obtain the exactly temperature. As soon as you have actually the appropriate temperature put the glass as much as your piercing and also submerge it for 7 come 15 minutes. After ~ you space done soaking the exterior take few of the solution (in a new cup) and swish it around in her mouth for 30 seconds. The within of the mouth must be cleaned after ~ eating, drinking, or smoking. You have the right to take the gallon that solution and pour it into a smaller sized empty water party for as soon as you need to clean on the go!