How long does unopened beer last? The an accurate answer to the concern depends come a large extent ~ above storage conditions - save unopened cans or party of beer in cool, dark area.To expand the shelf life that unopened beer, store unopened beer far from straight sources of heat or light; too lot exposure to irradiate can cause unopened beer to construct a foul taste. Should you keep beer in ~ room temperature or in the fridge? to maximize the shelf life the unopened beer, save the beer at a temperature between 45° F and 55° F (colder than the common room temperature, but warmer than a refrigerator) - if this is no possible, keep the unopened beer in the refrigerator. How long walk unopened beer last at room temperature? effectively stored, unopened beer will generally stay at finest quality for around 4 to 6 months as soon as stored at room temperature, return it will certainly usually stay safe to use after that. How long go unopened beer last in the fridge? appropriately stored, unopened beer will generally stay at ideal quality for about 6 come 8 months in the refrigerator, although it will certainly usually remain safe to use after that. Is unopened beer safe to drink after ~ the "expiration" day on the package? Yes, provided it is properly stored and the package is undamaged - commercially packaged unopened beer will certainly typically carry a " ideal By," "Best if provided By," "Best Before", or "Best When offered By" date but this is no a safety date, the is the manufacturer"s calculation of how long the unopened beer will stay at optimal quality.Storage times shown are for finest quality only - ~ that, the unopened beer"s color or flavor may change, yet in many cases, it will still be safe to consume if it has actually been save properly. How to call if unopened beer is bad? If unopened beer develops an turn off odor, odor or appearance, it must be discarded for high quality purposes. Unopened beer do by part micro-breweries may not retain optimal quality as long as unopened beer from significant breweries.

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