Here's your overview to navigating the types of chorizo, learning just how to chef with it, and enjoying spicy and also delicious sausage.

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What is chorizo? It's sausage. And it's delicious. Just about everyone loves chorizo (right?), but navigating the different species of chorizo, and figuring the end how and when to usage which types of chorizo, is a entirety 'nother story. Here, ten points to know around chorizo.

1. It's make of Pork

Chorizo is a very seasoned chopped or ground pork sausage supplied in Spanish and Mexican cuisine. Mexican chorizo is made v fresh (raw, uncooked) pork, if the Spanish variation is normally smoked.

2. It's Spicy

Mexican chorizo is typically seasoned through vinegar and chile peppers, when Spanish chorizo is made through garlic and pimentón (Spanish exhilaration paprika, one of two people sweet or hot), which gives it that is deep brick-red color and smoky flavor. (Authentic Spanish, deeply smoky and also tangy chorizo is a revelation—but there's additionally nothing favor a spicy, beautiful greasy-in-the-best-way chorizo taco.)

3. Chorizo is easily accessible Both Fully-Cooked and Semicured

In the joined States, Spanish chorizo is obtainable in two different forms: fully cooked and also dry (to it is in sliced prefer salami/pepperoni), and totally cooked and soft (semicured). La Tienda selling both versions (in hot and mild varieties).

4. Mexican and Spanish Chorizo Aren't Interchangeable

Mexican chorizo and Spanish chorizo impart really different flavors—and act differently—so they aren't interchangeable interchangeable in recipes, people. According to culinary professional Anya von Bremzen's New Spanish Table, "While friend shouldn't substitute new chorizo because that semi-cured, dried chorizo deserve to be supplied in its ar if this every you deserve to locate."


Pair spicy chorizo with creamy yogurt and crispy chickpeas for a wow-worthy lunch.

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5. Think past Chorizo and Eggs

Chorizo has made a name for itself at the breakfast table through chorizo and also eggs—chorizo, however, have the right to be supplied in a range of dishes. It have the right to be served as an hors d'ouvres through Manchego and also olives. You can crisp chorizo and toss it right into salads, an especially spinach. Or, simply heat it and also mix the with any pasta "sauced" through kale, dried chile flakes and also olives because that a hearty dinner. Girlfriend can likewise think of it as a seasoning: Render the paprika-and-garlic-rich fat and also it have the right to flavor anything native braised green beans to seared cod come dull cannellini.

Check out few of our favorite ways to cook chorizo the showcase the sausage's versatility: