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This short article gives tables of hold, set & cure time that should be respected once cementing PVC or CPVC piping systems. Here are interpretations of plastic pipe gluing "hold time" (how lengthy to organize the joint when gluing), set time (how long prior to you have the right to move the piping around) and cure time (how long before the piping deserve to be exposed come pressure.

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The write-up explains that movement or exposure to push in the piping system prior to the glued pipe joints & fittings have adequatgly collection or cured risks damaged connections, leaks, pipeline failures.This article collection describes the properties of polubutylene PVC & CPVC plastic piping and tubing used in buildings. We include information about failures and problems with some generations that CPVC or PVC plastic pipes and also we describe an excellent building exercise installation details where plastic piping is gift installed.We also administer an article INDEX for this topic, or friend can shot the page top or bottom find BOX together a quick method to find information girlfriend need. PVC & CPVC pipe Gluing Specifications, Joint collection & cure TimesReader Question: exactly how long for a pvc pipeline glue share to dried before turning on the water(Feb 20, 2015) Champ said:PVC water pipe in basement froze and also broke. Water shut turn off at road. Water turned off, PVC pipe cut and glued. Temp. Currently -20. I need to turn ~ above water. Just how long to rotate on water. Glue jar states 2 hrs. To dry. Need to we put electric heater in room to assist drying? when we turn on water, must we turn 1/4 turn until open all method or just open?This inquiry was initially posted at WATER it is provided TURN-ON in ours article collection on just how to DE-WINTERIZE a BUILDINGReply: PVC piping glue collection vs. Cure time: once is it for sure to revolve on the water & in ~ what pressure? duty of temperature in PVC joint cure time.Champ: precise answer relies on learning the diameter that the pipeline you room gluding and other details as well as knowing the care taken in preparing and also assembling the joints. If us assume you room gluing a residence water supply pipe that is no larger in diameter 보다 1 1/4" and at 20F you should wait a fifty percent hour before turning on her water supply. The specification is an excellent for usual conditions because that pressures as much as 160 psi.Adding warm will indeed assist in curing if the glued joint. The threat of transforming water ~ above too shortly is likely to cause a failed glue joint.Let"s check out what the adhesive manufacturers say about glue curing time. Portions of this message were adjusted from information provided by Oatey®, Georg Fischer Piping Systems, and other manufacturers quote in this article and further in ~ REFERENCESFactors affecting CPVC & PVC pipeline Joint set & cure TimesWatch out: high and also low temperatures, humidity, joint fit, pipe problem (new vs. Old being repaired), and also pipe dimension in diameter all have actually important results on glued PVC pipeline joints.Cold temperatures average that an ext time is necessary to for collection and cure times.And high temperatures can increase the softening effects of the solvents provided in primers and glues provided in PVC piping, perhaps softening or damaging the piping if too much solvent is used.Watch out: in wet or humid weather you require to boost the collection and cure times by 50%!Watch out: for an exact figure top top PVC glue drying time because that your details case, be certain to inspect the label of your specific CPVC or PVC pipeline cement product.Definition of Glued PVC pipe Joint organize Time:The "hold time" is the duration during i m sorry you need to physically hold the newly-glued pipeline joint materials in position instantly after assembling them. This is generally 30 seconds however in cold weather girlfriend will require to extend that time to perhaps a minute.Definition the Glued PVC pipeline Joint collection Time:The "set time" because that a glued PVC piping share is the time that you have to wait before handling the newly-assembled and also glued joints. This is just how long you must wait before moving the components around. If you move the glued parts prior to the set time duration the danger is that you move them and the glued joint will certainly either failure or it will certainly "set" into a position various other than the one girlfriend intended.PVC / CPVC pipe joint collection times selection from 2 minutes (1/2" to 1 1/4" pipe at 60-100°F) come 48 hrs (16"-24" pipe at 0-40°F).At temperatures over 60°F, a usually "safe" collection time for common residential smaller-sized plastic pipe (under 3") installations is 15 minutes prior to pressure experimentation to 180 psi, with boosts needed for humid or cold conditions.Watch out: Oatey alerts "Do not test v air."The "set time" the you need to wait before moving the assembled plastic piping that has just been glued is in enhancement to the "hold time".
typical PVC or CPVC Pipe joint Cement taking care of / set Time Wait periods Temperature at Time the Assembly 60-100°F 40-60°F 20-40°F 0-20°F pipe Diameter 1/2" - 1 1/4" 2 minutes 5 minute 8 minutes 10 minute 1 1/2" - 3" 5 minutes 10 minute 12 minute 15 minutes 4" - 5" 15 minute 30 minutes 1 hour 2 hours 6" - 8" 30 minutes 1 1/2 hours 3 hours 6 hrs 10" - 16" 2 hours 8 hours 12 hrs 24 hrs 18" & above 4 hrs 16 hrs 24 hours 48 hours

Notes come the table aboveWatch out: in wet or humid weather you need to boost the set and cure time by 50%! usual PVC or CPVC Pipe share Cement cure Time durations Temperature in ~ Time of Assembly 60-100°F 40-60°F 20-40°F 0-20°F pipe Diameter Times room all in hours except as detailed 1/2" - 1 1/4" 1 2 6 8 1 1/2" - 3" 2 4 12 16 4" - 5" 6 12 36 2 days 6" - 8" 8 16 3 work 4 work 10" - 16" 24 2 job 8 job 10 days 18" & over 36 3 days 12 work 14 job

Notes come the table aboveWatch out: this data is because that pressure testing up come 180 psi. Manufacturers warn "do no test with air" . If pressure trial and error is to be carried out at pressures above 180 psi the cure times before pressure trial and error is allowed will be substantially longer. Check the specifications that your details PVC CPVC cement product.

Table design © 2015 lifwynnfoundation.orgFor high temperature PVC gluing applications manufacturers imply Keep the solvent cement in a cool shaded areaprior to use save the peak on the solvent / cementwhen you are not proactively using it; leave the container open as soon as you don"t need to will cause it come thicken, end up being stringy and complicated or difficult to use, and also risks a poor glue joint. Keep the PVC piping and also connectors in a cool, shaded area, and also if possible perform the gluing to work in the cooler time that the work (early morning in most cases) Cool hot piping prior to gluingby wiping it with a damp rag, however be sure the surfaces are dry before using the PVC cement Chec cement wetness before assembling:when assembling joints to be glued, be sure that the solvent cement coated surface of both political parties of the joint space still wet through solvent cement prior to assembling them. Georg Fischer points the end that puddling that solvent or cement in the pipe share can cause excessive softening. Wipe off extreme solvent or gluefrom the share exterior because that cold temperature PVC gluing applications manufacturers indicate Work indoors?Prefabricate (glue-up) as much of the piping system as you can working within a heated work-related area using materials that have actually been save in the area If you have to work outside, save glue (and pipe contents if possible) in a warm area prior to performing the actual gluing eliminate snow, ice, water: Be an extremely careful that the glue share surfaces room dry and cost-free of snow or ice. I have actually noticed that a slim coating of ice on a section of PVC piping left outdoors deserve to be straightforward to miss, despite it may present up as a reservation (ice shavings or difficult to push components together) as soon as you try to rally the joint. Extra applications of PVC cement: If vital use much more than one applications of primer and solvent adhesive to be certain that the share surfaces are adequately softened before assembly boost the collection and curing timeas stated by the manufacturer the the solvent / cement you room using when the temperature is beleow 60°F.Where to Buy CPVC & PVC pipe Solvent-type Primers & Cements

vinidex.com.au, offices in Queensland, Victoria, west Australia, new South Wales, Tel: (02) 8839-9006 Quoting:Vinidex has been Australia"s top manufacturer of PVC and polyethylene piping systems for over 50 years. Weld-On® Adhesives, Inc., 455 W. Victoria Street Compton, CA 90220 U.S.A. Main telephone: (310) 898-3300 customer Service: telephone (800) 888-8312 and also Fax (901) 853-5008 technical Support: (877) 477-8327 and also (310) 898-3304 EDI Support: edi

Reader comment & Q&A

Helpful question, VInce. The cure time for PVC pipeline cement joints will vary a little by pipeline size, with larger sizes needing much more time come set. Temperature, pipe joint size, and cement formula room all factors; that is, the PVC cement cure time likewise depends on i beg your pardon cement was supplied as there space some slow-set cements deliberately formulated to give more working time to rally the joint and also for use on huge pipe connections. You will watch those in the table above on this page and also in more detail in the Oatey and also other PDF records we provide. Typically, together you"ll watch above, those are in minutes, not hours for smaller diameter PVC pipes such as on a residential building, however can be as lengthy as 14 work for large diameter pipeline joints in freeze weather. As soon as the share is cured together per the manufactuer"s accuse you deserve to turn ~ above water or put the drain into use.

After connecting the shut off valve utilizing the primer and also cement, is the cure time needed before transforming the main home water it is provided or is it essential before transforming the valve on?

Yes, Donnie, thanks for asking. Over there are number of PVC cements space specifically designed for slow collection times - these assets are discussed, named, described in the article above on this page close to the end where you view Reader comments & Q&A please take a look and also let me kno wif any kind of of the is unsure or incomplete.

Sewer pipes

Is there a glue that offers you much longer time putting pcp pipeline together

Apologies Harry but searching because that CPBC pipe cement i only find CPVC (Chlorinated PolyVinyl Chloride) pipe cement such as the Oatey product displayed below. I am not mindful of a plastic pipe alled CPBCYou will view that at least some "PVC" glue is labelled for use on BOTH PVC and CPVC

as girlfriend will check out on the product brand example shown here and listed by Oatey. Bottom line:

for best results usage both a primer and a glue and also check the product label.

Can you use pvc glue on CPBC pipe and also fittings

(June 23, 2019) danjoefriedman (mod) said:Sure if friend measure your coupling depth you will frequently see that is 1/2 come 3/4 of one inchAdding photo from harrisonplastic.com you deserve to see the a usual 2, 3, or 4-inch PVC coupling is 2-inches in dimension "A" PVC-C

Will 3/4 that cpvc pipeline sticking out ,be able come safely it is in glued come a coupling?

We have actually a in ground cleaning device for ours pool. The clean module is a Caretaker 5 port using 1 1/2 PVC pipe. Among the pipes is leaking for this reason I need to reduced all 5 white PVC pipes and replace them, this will call for me to likewise replace the bottom bowl of the clean module i beg your pardon is do of black color CPVC. I am planing on using Weld-On #724 cement come bond the two together. I"m involved that I might not have sufficient time to appropriately put every 5 pipes completely up in to the bottom plate. #724 is intend to it is in moderate drying.

Question is when bonding white PVC to black color CPVC will certainly that allow me more working time come insure I have actually the pipes effectively seated?

We live in the desert SW for this reason morning temps right now are around 75F with highs roughly lower 90"s. TIA

OPINION: I"m nervous about re-using pipeline fittings. In my opinion and experience, the price of a leak afterwards can be so very costly in water and also mold damage that it"s no worth the hazard of re-using components that are, in comparison really inexpensive and faster to assemble than re-using old materials.

Only in one odd case where there to be such an obstacle of accessibility might re-use it seems ~ tempting to me.

and I"d still be worried. And I think the warmth questions girlfriend raise might be important. In certain if heating raises temperatures above the rated temperature allowed for the pipe in regular use you"ve already violated the manufacturer"s specifications and also advice. In one era of alternate "facts" my opinion is that we"re finest served by detect the most thoughtful, experienced data we deserve to from the most-reliable sources. In the instance of many building and construction products and materials, the manufacturer has a lot to lose if your product is not successful in application. And the manufacturer has often a large base of field experience from its very own tests and from the customers.

So I often tend to bet on your side: check out what the manufacturer recommends for use of their product. ASTM and also other standards space equally important. The complying with is an excerpt from a JM Eagle HDPE Water and also Sewer pipeline Installation overview


5.1 damage Assessment because that Polyethylene pipe Damaged pipeline or fittings have to be inspected and also evaluated.

Pipe, fittings, fabrications or frameworks with excessive damage should no be installed. Damages that wake up after installation may require that the damaged pipeline or component be removed and also replaced. WARNING: Slovees or gouges in push pipe can not be repaired by pour it until it is full in v extrusion or hot air welding. The damaged section have to be removed and replaced. WARNING: Improperly made fusion joints can not be repaired. Improper target fusions must be reduced out and re-done indigenous the beginning. Poorly join socket or electrofusion fittings should be removed and replaced. Poorly joined saddle fittings need to be eliminated by cutting the end the main pipe section, or, if the main is undamaged, made unusable by cut the branch outlet or chimney off the saddle fitting, and installing a new saddle fitting on a new section that main. WARNING: broken or damaged fittings can not be repaired and, together such, need to be removed and replaced. WARNING: Kinked pipe should not be installed and also cannot it is in repaired. It should be removed and replaced. WARNING: pipe damaged during an emergency squeeze-off can not be repaired. Squeeze-off damaged pipe have to be removed and also replaced. - source: HDPE_WATER_AND_SEWER_Installation_Guide_03-2011 JM Eagle 5200 West Century Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90045800-621-4404

Hi. Give thanks to you for the PVC gluing article. I have a question about several methods I"ve checked out on friend tube regarding separating formerly solvent welded pipes. If friend are acquainted with the PVC pipe reamer make by Reed manufacturing, by which you affix reamer to usual drill, and also then making use of the reamer which acts like a rotating wood plane, and reams the end the fitting;

I"m do the efforts to number out if friend can efficiently re glue, or if the original design specifications because that the PVC pipeline don"t allow even millimeter type changes because that a effective resolvent.By the method this is for drainage and also not supply. The follow up concern is the making use of of a warm gun to warmth the fitting and also then pry out old pipe.

Again this is a you pipe item, and also if girlfriend did this technique, while you have properly removed the fitting, walk the heat cause a weakness in the other finish of the fitting the you had no on purpose of separating. Anyway, that"s a lot come read but I"d appreciate anyone"s suffer with either of these methods.

Question: Is over there a cleaner/cement product that has actually a sluggish setup time


ns may have to replace whole FIMCO sprinkler distributor indexing valve if merely replacing the peak cover will certainly not job-related properly. I have actually 4 ea. 1" ar pipes that will have to be cut, and also then re-assembled.

Is there a cleaner/cement product that has a slow setup time that will certainly be enough to clean the pipes, apply cement to the 4 joints, with adequate time to use the cement, align the 4 region pipes, and seat the new FIMCO body before the cement sets-up?

Thank friend for her comments.

Illustration: Hercules gray heavy-body slow-set PVC cement quote below.

Moderator reply: Yes, right here are number of PVC cements are specifically designed for slow set times


Thank you for an exciting question: in search of a long-set time or functioning time PVC pipeline adesive.

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In general, when picking a PVC cement for an application whereby you need a longer initial set time, pick a "heavy bodied" PVC cement. You"ll check out that characteristic together I list the types of PVC cement from number of manufacturers below.

Hercules makes a hefty duty long-working-time PVC cement, presented above, No. 60210, 8 oz. Hefty Body, Slow set PVC Cement (Gray), defined as PVC Cement, Gray Label, short VOC - Gray, hefty Body, Slow collection For PVC types I & II, drinkable water, DWV, and also SW pipe and fittings up to 15" diameter. Schedule 40 and 80. Meets ASTM D2564.

See details of the nature of all of Hercules" PVC primers and cements in