Exact Answer: 1,178 minutes

The civilization of take care of Potter is a miracle place complete of wonders and also mysteries. One thing that’s constantly been debated among fans is how long the movie would have been if lock were every released once rather of over a decade. The answer to this question has never officially been revealed through Warner Bros, but on doing some calculations based on the length of each movie so far, one can come up through an estimate: 1178 minutes. That’s 19 hrs without any type of breaks in between. It can be too much for one sitting, however it would certainly be valuable to experience every little thing in together an epos way.

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How long Would all The take care of Potter movie Be?

MovieTimeSorcerer’s Stone152 MinutesOrder of the Phoenix139 MinutesHalf-Blood Prince153 MinutesDeathly Hallows component 1146 MinutesDeathly Hallows part 2 130 Minutes
There are so numerous variables, but one can take a stab in ~ it. Take care of Potter and also the Deathly Hallows component one is 146 minutes according come Wikipedia. For this reason on one average length film will certainly play because that two and also a fifty percent hours. Then one must add on each time because that the opening and also closing credits, i m sorry if multiplied, comes the end to around 50-70 minutes in total. This adds up to about 4 hours 27 minutes. Depending on how countless trailers to be attached to every movie, that can extend it an additional hour, yet not every trailer was the same in the length of time either. Also, begin with the length of all seven Harry Potter books and then divide them through the variety of movies in the series. The an initial book (Harry Potter and also The wizard Stone) is 230 pages long, so each movie will be approximately 51 pages long. If someone to be to clock the totality marathon, it would certainly take a run time the 1178 minutes. That being said, the is worth taking two days to fully tackle all the seasons due to the fact that everyone does need to autumn asleep. Because that instance, if a person begins watching the marathon in ~ 9:30 pm on 1st January, lock will finish watching in ~ 6:25 afternoon on second January.

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Why would certainly All The harry Potter movie Be therefore Long?

It deserve to take a while come watch every the harry Potter movies due to the fact that this series gets more difficult as one keeps going. The first movie in the collection is a usual adventure movie that, for some amazing reason, children and also adults both love. The second movie involves Lord Voldemort’s return and his search for dominance over the wizarding world. By definition, that darker than the very first one. So, everyone always felt favor there was at least an implicit feeling of risk throughout the – even though there to be no gruesome murder.It take away a long time to finish the take care of Potter movies since they are very thick. Producers made bother Potter movie so the there is story and action in every scene, therefore it might take as much as 15 minutes for the plot come advance. This slows down the movie-watching process. If less necessary moments had been left the end of every movie, the would have actually taken less time to watch them all. If a human being keeps watching there is no sleep, they could fall asleep approximately The Half-Blood Prince. The harry Potter collection is 19 hrs of content. One can likewise finish that in 1178 minutes if watched consistently without breaks.
Moreover, it every comes under to how countless hours of content an individual deserve to actually watch. 


One thousand one hundred seventy-eight minutes is the term an individual needs to finish watching every the take care of Potter movies in one go. Also, it would be ideal if one considers the moment taken to provide credits in the movies. It generally takes 10-15 minutes. Each movie averages 130 come 152 minutes, making it simpler for a person to split and watch every 2 and fifty percent hours. The longest movie is “Harry Potter and the chamber of Secrets.” Overall, anyone deserve to watch the movie in one day, but it requirements to be spread out end the mainly to do the viewing an ext pleasant.