Backcombing involves starting close to her scalp and also essentially combing her hair backwards with a dreadlock comb. V this method, it is feasible to gain dread-like locs appropriate off the bat, but there’s a solid possibility they’ll look messy and fuzzy because that a while. It also takes alot that elbow grease.

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Braids and also Two-Strand Twists


With this method, it deserve to take 6 months+, and depends ~ above the texture and also condition of her hair. Neglect is quite self-explanatory: friend simply disregard washing, and often combing your hair, and also let it do what it desires to do. Eventually it might loc and also mat itself up. The downside of this an approach (aside native the length of time) is the you room making the decision not to regulate how her dreads are divided, therefore you’ll many likely gain some wild-looking locs on your head. Personally, ns don’t recommend this method.

Now that we’ve covered the most usual methods, let’s talk about a far better way…

Say what? long-term dreads in ~ a day? enter the crochet hook method.

Crochet Hook Method


With the crochet hook method, you are using a crochet hook to form your dreads by hand. Yes, that takes effort, however with someone helping you, you deserve to have instant, permanent dreads in a day or two. And also as long as friend have sufficient original hair size to start with, this method should job-related for you. Over time, your new dreads will smooth out and mature when your brand-new growth at some point locs. This technique is also great for keeping your dreads, locking in brand-new growth through hand, and also reducing overall frizziness.

This is the method I wish ns would have actually started with…::sigh::…While i won’t obtain into all the nitty gritty of this an approach in this post, we perform discuss the crochet hook method more on this blog and also recommend it as the best method to begin your dreads.

Other tips Worth Mentioning

It’s worth mentioning that there are methods to rate up her hair development in general, which obviously affect the length of her dreads. Gaining — or giving yourself — a scalp massage is a basic yet effective means to stimulate hair growth. Massage works to wake up blood circulation to the scalp, supporting healthy hair growth by sending nutrient-rich blood come the scalp. Also, preserving a well-balanced diet based approximately fresh vegetables, fruit, and also lean meats may also assist to rate up hair growth. Simply remember to limit usage of hair products, as plenty of hair commodities on the sector do much more harm than good.

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The other problem I desire to address is hair thickness, and therefore dreadlock thickness. I tend to get the occasional email asking how someone can make your hair grow in thicker. This is a challenging one come answer, because hair thickness deserve to be influenced by age, general health, and also even thyroid conditions. I’m no doctor, however I do know that obtaining your hair to thrive in thicker in its entirety is not straightforward process. You deserve to eat far better (see above), but you’ll additionally have to look at your over way of life as well. They say that your hair and skin is a great indicator the the basic health that your overall body, for this reason if you have actually thinning hair, than a quick tip or magic serum is rarely going to assist you. You have to attend to your body together a whole.