You dig up your expired pancake mix you placed in the cupboard a lengthy time ago and wonder: does pancake mix go bad?

Or you’re finishing her pancake mix box, yet you newly noticed the the pancakes turn out flat and dense. Go that median that the blend is spoiled?

The an excellent news is, your pancake mix is likely okay to use.

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Even if it’s “expired” because that a pair of month already.

And those level pancakes? You can probably solve that too.

Read on to learn whatever you should know about storage, shelf life, food safety, and also going negative of pancake mixes.


How long Does Pancake Mix Last

Pancake mix comes v a shelf life that 6 to 12 months but usually help you make great-tasting pancakes for at least 2 come 3 extra months.

Once you open the package, the shelf life of a pancake mix doesn’t yes, really change. Assuming that you save it correctly, of course.

Pancake mixes come with a best-by date. That day informs you exactly how long the product must retain the best quality, and also isn’t an “expiration” date by any kind of means.

While most dry ingredients from a regular pancake mix can easily last for years past that date, baking flour can’t since it loses potency. The very same thing happens to baking soda if that’s provided as a leavening agent.

Plus even though the mix is dry, ~ storing it because that a lengthy time, the pancakes girlfriend make making use of it might not taste the good.

Pancake mix: best by day on the container
Of course, it’s not choose the mix will certainly go negative or pancakes bland ~ a few days previous the “expiration” date, however storing it for an extra year might not occupational out the method you would prefer it to. Nevertheless, the blend have to still be safe to use and also yield it s okay pancakes (more on that later).

How long is pancake mix an excellent for ~ the expiration date, friend ask? There’s no means to tell. A three to 6 months duration is a pretty for sure assumption, however chances room it need to be fine for at least twice as long.

Pancake mix dried (unopened or opened)Best by + 3 – 6 months
Please keep in mind that the duration above is for best quality only.

Thawed cottage cheese pancakes

Is It for sure to usage Expired Pancake Mix?

Have you ever read one of those horror stories about someone who provided expired pancake mix and also then ended up in the hospital?

I understand I did.

It’s only as soon as you read right into it, you learn the actual reason. And it’s not around the pancake mix gift “expired.”

In basically every one of these stories, the human being who end up sick has actually a severe allergic reaction to mold, dust mites, or miscellaneous similar. That’s no unlikely.

The point none of these stories talk about is just how the mold spores or dust mites got into the mix in the first place.

I’m reasonably sure the pancake mix was “clean” once it obtained out of the factory. And it’s not choose the spores or dust mites magically formed there after ~ the best-by date.

That way someone let them in, more than likely by accident. And also that seems an terrible lot like poor storage habits to me.

The bottom line: an expired pancake mix have to be for sure to usage if you save it properly. If you don’t, you can end increase sick after using an open up mix, no matter if it’s out-of-date or not.

Pancake mix bag sealed airtight

Using Expired Pancake Mix

Having the safety facet out that the way, let’s talk around using a mix that’s happen its date.

As you already know, the much longer you store the mix, the much less potency the increasing agent has. And also that means dense and also flat pancakes.

The fix?

Adding part extra baking powder or soda to consist of for the potential loss.

Here’s my approach.

Making pancake batter indigenous a mix
The an easy ratio because that pancakes is about 2 teaspoons the baking powder and also 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda per 1 cup the pancake mix. Skip the baking soda if you don’t have it on hand, or the lot is minuscule.

Now, add the complying with amount to her mix:

1/4 of that amount if her mix is 3 – 9 months after the date1/2 of the amount if it’s 9 – 18 month “expired”the totality amount if it’s also older

For example, let’s say her mix is fifty percent a year previous its date, and also you have two cups of it. ~ doing some an easy math making use of my suggestions, you include 1 teaspoon of baking powder and also 1/16 tespoon of baking soda (or just skip the soda).

I introduce a similar method when working v old cake mix and also brownie mix.


Every pancake mix is different, and I can not guarantee her pancakes will rise properly after adding that amount to the mix. Nor that they will certainly taste good. It’s finest to usage the mix when the stakes room low and you have some time come whip up another dish if things don’t go together planned.

Pancakes topped with apple slices

How to Tell Pancake Mix Is Bad?

Throw out your pancake mix if:

There’s mold or wet clumps in the package. That’s a sure sign moisture acquired it.It smells moldy or turn off in any kind of other way.The package has holes or there space some dead or alive pantry pests in the mix. Or anything else the shouldn’t it is in there, for the matter.You save an open mix unsealed because that months. If that’s the case, opportunities of something like mold spores gaining inside are reasonably high, and it’s far better to err on the side of caution.

If the mix looks perfectly fine, it’s nearly certainly safe to eat. That method you deserve to make some pancakes v it.

Two pancakes closeup
TipIf her pancake mix is currently past the date on the label, and also you have a bit more time on hand, start v making enough batter because that one or two pancakes and also preparing them. This way, you can test if they rotate out okay. And don’t forget to include extra baking powder and soda if the mix is really old.

Before serving the pancakes, grab one and eat a tiny bite. If that smells off or tastes “funny,” it’s probably much better to discard those pancakes. Yet if they simply are a little bit worse 보다 usual, congratulations, your pancakes room okay come eat.

Now the just thing to carry out is to evaluate the flavor. If it’s not good enough for your taste buds, it’s probably much better to chuck the pancakes – there’s no allude in eating unpalatable pancakes.

Pouring maple syrup over pancakes

How To store Pancake Mix

You have to store pancake mix the same means you store other dry ingredients used for cooking and also baking, choose flour, baking soda, or cake mix. That method the mix have to sit in a cool and also dry area.

The pantry is the perfect an option for one unopened package of the mix. As soon as you open up the container, it’s probably handier if you save it in a cupboard in the kitchen.

Remember the the mix should always be sealed tightly once not in use. If the package it come in cannot be conveniently sealed, you deserve to put that in a freezer bag or to water the mix right into an airtight container.

Pancake mix leftovers sealed through a document clip
Either way, a tight seal renders sure water cannot gain inside the package. And as you probably know, moisture acquiring into the mix is a sure-fire method for it to spoil.

You can additionally store the mix in the freezer, whereby it will (probably) maintain freshness for a bit longer. Anyway, that’s simply an option, and also most civilization go v storing the mix at room temperature.

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If you want to do pancakes in no time, rather of relying ~ above the mix, you have the right to make the pancake batter and also freeze it.