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This entirely depends ~ above what you space looking for. If you desire a healthy and balanced option, coffee creamer is no the ideal choice.

There is no doubt that coffee creamer is no as healthy as plain milk, in fact, it’s not also close to being healthy in any type of way. Coffee creamer is basically fat, sugar and preservatives. They room not ideal if you have diabetes or high blood pressure level.

Coffee creamer additionally is high in negative cholesterol therefore if you get weight easily, this is not something you want to consume every day.

But if you are simply looking for something that will make her coffee taste the best, creamers are the way to go!

Milk can water down the coffee. Periodically all we desire is a dollop of wealthy creaminess on our strong espresso. Milk go not carry out that. The best and quickest way to make your homemade coffee taste rich and also luxurious is to include creamers.

How long Does Coffee Creamer Last?

So, does coffee creamer walk bad? Of course they do. The shelf life of coffee creamers varies from brand to brands. 

Each different form of creamer has different storing methods too. But how lengthy does creamer last because that real?

Unopened dairy product creamers have the right to last you approximately 2 weeks previous the expiration day in the refrigerator. The expiration day is a mere suggestion and also not a fixed thing.

If you happen to open up the creamer, consume it in ~ a week. Once you open up a creamer bottle, it does not stay edible ~ 7-8 days. Constantly refrigerate her dairy creamers even if it is it’s unopened or opened.

How lengthy Does Non-Refrigerated Creamer Last?

Non-refrigerated creamer is usually non-dairy options. Castle are regularly made v fat and sugar. Therefore they don’t should be in a cool temperature to continue to be fresh. Non-refrigerated choices tend to have a longer expiration time as well.

It’s not always that a non-refrigerated creamer is non-dairy. There space powdered dairy product creamers the don’t need refrigeration either. They additionally last supervisor long and also can it is in stored in the cupboard. Powdered creamers have the right to last for months without any type of issues.

If you like to use individual mini creamer cups, recognize that they have a longer shelf life too. These cups tend to have a month-long shelf life. As you use each cup completely once opened, there are no issues of contamination.

Creamer TypeStorage TypeShelf-life
Dairy Creamer (opened)Refrigerated1-2 weeks
Dairy Creamer (unopened)Refrigerated1-2 weeks
Non-dairy Creamer (opened)Pantry/Cupboard1-2 weeks
Non-dairy Creamer (unopened)Pantry/cupboard1 month
Powdered CreamersPantry/Cupboard2-6 months
Creamer CupsRefrigerated1 month

How to keep Coffee Creamer

How you store your coffee creamers influence greatly on just how well they will last. Different types of creamers require different storage methods. We are going come talk around three main types: liquid, powdered, and also mini cups creamers.

Liquid Creamer (Dairy and Non-Dairy):

Both dairy and also non-dairy liquid creamers must be save on computer in the frozen refrigerator at every times. These creamers space usually made using milk, oil for non-dairy ones, sugar, cream, synthetic flavoring, and preservatives.

All this ingredients have the right to go bad if the temperature is too hot or cold. So maintaining them in the refrigerator at a details temperature ensures a much longer shelf life.

Powdered Creamer:

Powdered creamers are the ones that can last the longest. You can store lock in her pantry next to other seasonings and also rice. That’s how easy they are. Powdered creamers room also an excellent for traveling together they are much more resistant to ecological changes.

Make certain to store powdered creamers in one airtight glass container. Humidity can reason powdered creamer come clump together. So save them ~ above a dry shelf much away from any kind of water sources.

Mini Creamer Cups:

Mini creamer cups room super convenient particularly if girlfriend don’t use creamers every day. These creamers come in single-serving dimension cup containers. They can be stored in ~ room temperature.

These mini cups space sealed and also then heated through to kill any bacteria inside. This process is referred to as ultra-high temperature processing. For this reason you deserve to store lock in both the frozen refrigerator or in the cupboard.

Whatever girlfriend do, don’t store them what with straight sunlight. You can also buy individual fifty percent and half creamers and also store castle in the exact same way.

How come Tell if Coffee Creamer is Bad


As lot as we all love the affluent creaminess the coffee creamers, they are not the healthiest point to drink every day. Once you build the habit of using creamers in your coffee, it’s really tough to go back. Instead of using consistent milk, you have the right to make your very own homemade version of it!

Here’s how you do homemade coffee creamers:


1 deserve to sweetened condensed milk1 tablespoon maple syrup1 tespoon arrowroot powder1 tablespoon vanilla extract


Take a saucepan and put the on medium-low heat.Add condensed milk and almond milk with each other onto the saucepan.Once the mixture is boil through, add the various other ingredients one by one.Wait because that it to balloon while continuous stirring.Take the pan off the heat and also pour it into an airtight container.Let the cool down totally then store in the fridge for up to 8 days.

And that’s it! her homemade coffee creamer is all set to enjoy.

Frequently inquiry Questions

01. Deserve to Coffee Creamer walk Bad?

Whether you room using a dairy coffee creamer or a non-dairy alternative, that will eventually go bad at some point. Simply like any type of other food item, a coffee creamer demands to be maintained under a particular temperature for a certain amount of time.

Coffee creamer’s shelf life depends on exactly how you space storing it. It deserve to be influenced by temperature, moisture level, sunlight, packaging date, and also processing method. Some of them girlfriend have manage over and also some girlfriend don’t. But needless come say, coffee creamer have the right to go bad.

02. Just how Long is Coffee Creamer great for?

If you save your coffee whitener unopened and also intact, it deserve to survive approximately 2 weeks really easily. Non-dairy cream roasts even longer. A jar of unopened non-dairy creamer can be retained up to a month without any issue.

Dairy creamers are always sold refrigerated and need to be preserved at a specific temperature. Non-dairy creamer, on the other hand, can be stored in the cupboard.

03. Have the right to You frozen Coffee Creamer?

Dairy creamers can be frozen very easily. As it’s a milk-based item, you can treat the pretty lot like any type of other milk product. So, deserve to you freeze liquid coffee creamer?

You can freeze your dairy creamer without too lot fuss. Every you have to do is placed the bottle into the freezer and voila! It will be fresh for as much as 6 months!

04. Is Powdered Coffee Creamer bad for You?

Yes, they are. Powdered coffee creamers are poor for your health due to their high amount of sugar and processed chemicals. Also though these varieties of creamers add a certain convenience to our liven lives, castle are an extremely bad for our stomach and also heart.

If you have high blood press or diabetes, protect against powdered coffee creamers at all costs. They can reason a spike in your blood sugar level. Lock also include to your bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. So you could struggle to shed weight.

05. Can You use Non-dairy Creamer ~ the Expiration Date?

If the creamer to be intact and properly stored, then opportunities are you deserve to use a non-dairy creamer after ~ its expiration date.

Unlike popular beliefs, the expiration date is not a black and white measure up of even if it is the food has gone bad or not. It’s a mere pointer by the manufacturers.

All it indicates is the food will taste its best within that time period. It can go negative before the date additionally it deserve to stay fresh long after the expiration date. So the best way to call is to smell and also taste the creamer.

06. How Long Does global Delight Creamer Last?

Probably the most popular and also well-loved creamer is international Delight. If you store it in a cold and also dry place, it will certainly last you approximately 2 mainly without any issue. Yet once it’s opened, you have to complete it in ~ a week.

07. Exactly how Do You understand When a Coffee Creamer has actually Gone Bad?

There are countless different types of creamers out there and each has actually a various sign for as soon as it’s gone bad. For fluid creamers, a adjust in structure is the very first thing to look for. If her liquid creamer looks lumpy, chunky, or lumpy, the probably has actually gone past its usage time.

The odor is another prominent element to watch for. Examine if the is a funky odor or not. If you room not sure, it’s best to taste a teaspoon to do sure. Don’t worry, that tiny amount i will not ~ cause any kind of issues.

08. Deserve to You Drink Coffee Creamer Left the end Overnight?

Yes, girlfriend can. Coffee creamers contain preservatives that allow them to survive longer. If you happen to leave your dairy creamer on the countertop overnight, carry out not worry. You deserve to still drink it but lit might not critical as long as it says on the label.

As lengthy as the creamer was in a cool and also dry place, it’s safe to eat. If girlfriend live in a warmth climate, you might need to check whether it has actually gone bad or not.

09. Why Does my Creamer different in my Coffee?

This is other almost all of us have actually experienced at the very least once. Friend prepare your coffee and also cream and then to water the creamer on top of her espresso just to watch the cream separating. Once this happens, girlfriend don’t gain the smooth, creamy feeling we all look for.

But why go this happen? Mainly because coffee is a really acidic ingredient. What happens once you add lemon juice to milk? it separates, no it? The same thing happens when you add cream to her coffee.

How to stop it? The cheat is so straightforward that you will doubt that is effectiveness. Every you have to do is include cream to your coffee cup first. Then pour a little bit the coffee and combine castle together.

Then include the remainder of the coffee. Once you mix these two ingredients gradually, they don’t react and also the creamer doesn’t separate. Pretty nifty, right!

10. What happens if You frozen Coffee Creamer?

If you freeze unopened coffee creamers, they will certainly last longer than the expiration date. Fluid coffee creamers have the right to last as much as 4 month in the freezer if left unopened.

If you space using a non-dairy creamer, it deserve to last up to 6 months. Dairy products creamers tend to have a much shorter shelf life and change their texture really quickly. If the happens, we recommend not making use of that creamer.

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Coffee creamers room super useful when every you need is a an excellent latte however can’t it is in bothered to go exterior for it. It’s quick, easy, and absolutely delicious. The truth that this creamers come in so countless different flavors simply adds come the appeal.

If you take place to bulk buy too many coffee creamers, hopefully, our guide helped you come know exactly how to store them properly. So now you deserve to store those festive or Christmas limited flavors because that much much longer than 2 weeks!