Pedialyte is a usual remedy provided to prevent and also treat dehydration caused by diarrhea. To think, 1 out of 9 deaths amongst children approximately the civilization is due to diarrhea, the is quite understandable why a most parents stock up on dental rehydrating services at home. If you’re a parental doing the same, then you’re top top the ideal track. But now the question that you might have in mental is, “Can Pedialyte go bad?” here’s what we’ve found.

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Does Pedialyte walk bad?

Pedialyte has actually the highest possible quality and also effectiveness until the “use by” day that is reflect on that is packaging. Typically, this is usually about two years due to the fact that the product was manufactured. Both Pedialyte bottles and also powdered forms won’t go negative within their “use by” days as lengthy as they remain unopened and also are save properly.

Once you open a Pedialyte bottle, it have to be stored in the refrigerator and consumed in ~ 48 hours. Any remaining amount of Pedialyte can go bad and should it is in discarded after two days.

If you’re using the powdered type of Pedialyte, you’ll have to mix it with 16 oz. Of water to form a solution. When mixed, the unused solution can be stored in the fridge and also consumed in ~ 24 hours. Any remaining Pedialyte solution have the right to go bad after a day and must it is in thrown away.

The accuse on storing and discarding Pedialyte are plainly stated on your packaging and there is a valid factor why you should always follow these instructions.

You might have heard that some world still using their expired or partially consumed Pedialyte, even after the designated time frame. Lock may also tell you the it quiet tastes okay.

But is it for sure to offer your kid a partially consumed Pedialyte even after the recommended variety of hours? Why is that so essential to stick through the recommendations when your solution seems to be fine?

The answer to these questions, along with tips on exactly how to ensure that you are providing the freshest and highest high quality of Pedialtye to your sick tiny one will be mutual below.

What is Pedialyte?

Pedialyte is a form of oral rehydrating solution (ORS) that can be used to prevent and treat dehydration in a human who is having diarrhea. A child who has diarrhea cannot efficiently absorb the fluids, electrolytes and also other nutrients in their gut, therefore they end up dehydrated. This is when an ORS such together Pedialyte deserve to come in handy.

According come its manufacturer, Pedialyte has the proper balance the sugar, sodium, and other electrolytes to help replenish fluid and electrolyte lose in a human being with dehydration. When provided properly and also within its finest quality, ORS have the right to reduce 93 percent that deaths caused by diarrhea amongst children under 5 year of age.

Why walk Pedialyte go poor in 48 hours?

Pedialyte can go negative after 48 hours once that is opened, due to the fact that the sterility of its packaging will certainly have already been compromised. There are many bacteria in the air, in the surfaces of your home, in your own hands and especially in your mouth that space unseen by the nude eye. This bacteria can uncover their means into the party of your Pedialyte one of two people by air, or by straight getting in call with any part of her body.

Another factor to save in psychic is that Pedialyte does not contain any kind of preservatives. So, when bacteria it s okay in, lock can easily multiply within the bottle. If save on computer properly, this won’t be a major cause of concern during the very first 48 hours, but overtime, the bacterial count will raise to far-ranging levels. At this point, the bacteria is qualified of causing disease in your child.

On height of that, diarrhea is a usual symptom that gastroenteritis, or the inflammation of the stomach and also intestines, which can substantially lower a child’s immune defenses. In this case, providing a perhaps spoiled Pedialyte can additional irritate the gut, and also worse, add up an additional batch the pathogenic bacteria in their digestive tract the will more aggravate the problem.

Does Pedialyte go negative if not refrigerated?

Yes, Pedialyte can go bad much more quickly if not refrigerated.

Unopened Pedialyte bottles deserve to be save on computer in a cool ar within that is “use by” day on the packaging. However, once you open up the bottle, Pedialyte have to be refrigerated.

The opened bottle can currently introduce part bacteria in the contents. Refrigerating your opened and partially consumed Pedialyte can slow under the growth of the microorganisms inside and thus, would help prolong the fresh of the remaining solution.

How lengthy does Pedialyte last unopened?

Pedialyte deserve to last up to the “use by” date that is published on the packaging. Pedialyte shelf life is usually within 2 years ~ the product is manufactured.

Though part unopened bottles may be kept sterile beyond this time, the manufacturer to adjust this “use by” date to ensure that the product is tho fresh and its components are consumed in your most reliable state.

Quality and effectiveness is extremely essential with oral rehydrating solutions like Pedialyte, since ORS is provided as a very first line therapy to combat the dehydration brought around by diarrhea. Offering a less reliable home remedy at this suggest may put your children life at stake due to the fact that dehydration will not it is in promptly addressed.

Does Pedialyte expire?

Just choose other medications or food items, Pedialyte can eventually expire beyond date the its manufacturer indicated. Pedialyte includes a combination of fluids, sugar and also electrolytes that might expire or lose their efficiency over time. Alongside, the manufacturer states that Pedialyte has no additional preservatives that have the right to further extend its shelf life.

Proper storage will certainly come in handy to protect against your Pedialyte indigenous expiring sooner than as soon as it supposed to. Both unopened bottles and also powdered creates must be maintained in a cool place and away from excessive temperature. Excessive heat may influence the expiration of Pedialyte’s quality and freshness.

Additional tips to keep Pedialyte’s quality and effectiveness

Aside from complying with the manufacturer’s recommendations, right here are some added ways the may aid you and your child benefit the most out of her Pedialyte:

Store the opened bottle in ~ the inner ago of the refrigerator.

The ago of her refrigerator is whereby the temperature is most most likely to stay even and consistent. Save on computer your partially consumed Pedialyte at the door the the refrigerator may impact its freshness, particularly if the door is opened and also closed frequently.

Use a separate glass or cup when serving Pedialyte to your child.

Using a glass or cup fairly than drinking or sipping top top the bottle will certainly minimize the bacteria the you’ll introduce right into the solution, and thus prevents it from spoiling a lot of faster.

Always replace the lid of the bottle immediately after putting or drinking Pedialyte.

As mentioned, bacteria are also present in the air, even inside her refrigerator. It would certainly be best to replace the cap to seal the bottle and also prevent pollution regardless if the is within or outside the refrigerator.

Take benefit of smaller packaging.

Pedialyte is now available in 500 ml bottles that you have the right to take benefit of as soon as it concerns storage and also consumption. Due to the fact that it will be much faster to consume a bottle half the size, the lesser will be the opportunity of ending up throwing any remaining solution away.

Stock increase on Pedialyte powdered creates instead.

If it’s just for her emergency use at home, you can save money by stocking increase on powdered creates of Pedialyte rather of the ready-to-drink Pedialyte bottles. Powdered creates of oral rehydrating solutions regularly have much longer shelf life, so you’ll need to problem less around throwing them out sooner.

Additionally, Pedialyte powdered creates come in comfortable packets that you can simply mix once needed. This will provide you an immediate oral rehydrating solution that have the right to be easily prepared and also consumed, be it in her home, at the park, or throughout travel.


So to ring it up, Pedialyte go go negative after their “use by” date if unopened, in ~ 24 hrs once the powdered kind is blended with water, and within 48 hrs after opened the bottle. So if you plan to consume or offer it to your child past these recommendations, think twice.

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If used properly, Pedialyte deserve to be of huge help to avoid dehydration indigenous diarrhea – and may even save her child’s life. However, without proper preparation, storage and also consumption, it will fail to serve its objective – and may also pose a hazard to your tiny one’s health.