What is Triple C (Robotripping)?

Triple C is otherwise recognized as dextromethorphan (DXM). Dextromethorphan is an over-the-counter (OTC) sneeze suppressant, found in cold medicine. The medication helps to lull coughing because of a cold, flu, or another illness.

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Dextromethorphan belongs come the medication class called antitussives. The is easily accessible alone or combined in assets with other medications, consisting of antihistamines and decongestants.

Some commodities containing just dextromethorphan include:

DelsymRobitussin12-Hour sneeze ReliefVicks DayQuil Cough

Several brands have various assets that save on computer dextromethorphan blended with other medications. This brands include:


Dextromethorphan abuse is periodically referred to together robotripping or skittling. This terms come native the most abused products, Robitussin, and also Coricidin.

Street Names

Other street names because that Triple C include:

DXMCCCSkittlesRoboPoor man’s PCP

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How Is Triple C Used?

The usual dose of dextromethorphan is 15 or 30 mg 3 to 4 times daily. The anti-coughing results of the drug proceed for 5 to six hrs after oral use. When taken as directed by a physician or clinical professional, side results are seldom reported.

Triple C is regularly abused in large doses by adolescents. A high sheep of Triple C can lead come euphoria and visual and also auditory hallucinations.

Dextromethorphan is normally taken orally as liquid cough medicine. An ext recently, abuse the Triple C tablets and gel capsules has increased.

DMX abusers likewise use Triple C powder sold over the internet. Likewise, Triple C is spread in illegally manufactured tablets. These tablets contain simply dextromethorphan or are combined with other illegal drugs prefer ecstasy or methamphetamine.

Side impacts of Triple C

Triple C can administer side effects and symptoms, particularly when bring away in high doses.

Side results of Triple C include:

HyperexcitabilityLethargyAtaxiaSlurred speechSweatingHypertensionNystagmusImpaired motor functionNumbness
Dissociative episodesAudio and visual hallucinationsNauseaVomitingIncreased love rateHigh blood pressureAgitationElevated human body temperatureA buildup of acid in body fluids

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Triple C Abuse & seeks Potential

People that all periods use Triple C, however abuse by teenagers and young adult is common. This abuse results from the easy access to Triple C and the comprehensive information available on how to abuse Triple C throughout various websites.

The powdered type of Triple C on the internet poses added risks that abuse, due to the apprehension of the dose and composition that the drug.

When ingested, Triple C abusers might experience a heightened sense of perceptual awareness. Users may likewise report changed time perception and also visual hallucinations. In high doses, the results of Triple C are comparable to drugs favor ketamine and phencyclidine (PCP).

Abuse of combination dextromethorphan products can additionally lead to health complications native the other energetic ingredients in the solution. These wellness complications deserve to include:

Increased blood push from pseudoephedrineDelayed liver damage from acetaminophenCentral nervous system toxicity, cardiovascular toxicity, and also anticholinergic toxicity native antihistamines

When combined with alcohol or various other drugs, high sheep of Triple C are specifically dangerous. Deaths have actually been reported from such combinations.

Dextromethorphan is an over-the-counter medicine. However, it shows the potential because that addiction and a high potential for abuse.

74.5% of dextromethorphan abusers reported to the California Poison regulate System (CPCS) were aged nine to seventeen year old. The average period was 16 year old.

Dextromethorphan Abuse in Adolescence, Archives the pediatrics & adolescent medicine, 2006

Addiction avoidance & treatment Options

Most users carry out not come to be addicted come Triple C. However, robotripping is unsafe. Regular use of Triple C can lead individuals to build a severe substance usage disorder.

Anyone struggling v a Triple C substance use disorder must visit their doctor or a healthcare skilled for treatment advice. Substance seeks is a chronic disease. If left untreated, it can lead to impairment or death.

Other building materials are regularly misused along with Triple C, which have the right to make diagnosis and also treatment much more complicated. However, traditional methods of treatment of substance use disorders can assist individuals find out to manage their addiction and also to protect against relapse.


The many effective way to address substance seeks is to attend rehab. Cognitive-behavioral therapy at a rehab medical facility can help people readjust their views and also behaviors in the direction of Triple C.

Contingency administration is a reward-based plan that deserve to also help Triple C abusers overcome their addiction.

Mental health and wellness Treatment

Substance abuse disorders and also mental disease often coincide. World abusing Triple C may have actually co-occurring psychological illnesses. This mental health and wellness disorders may incorporate depression, tension disorders, or various other mental wellness problems.

All individuals receiving therapy for Triple C addiction need to undergo a thorough assessment to advice for any type of co-occurring mental health disorders.

People enduring both a mental illness and also a substance use disorder frequently experience much more severe and also persistent symptoms. This symptoms can be much more resistant to therapy than in human being who have actually just one disease or the other.

Antipsychotic or antidepressant medications might be prescribed come alleviate any kind of mental health disorders.

FAQs — common Questions & Concerns

Here room some usual questions and concerns relating to Triple C:

When 1500 mg is take away or more, a human being is most likely to overdose on dextromethorphan. This quantity is 5 to ten times the recommended dosage of any over-the-counter medication containing methamphetamine.

Large doses choose this can lead users to experience dissociative sedation.

The intoxication of triple C native a not legal dose begins between 15 and 30 minutes after use. The results usually critical for roughly three to six hours.

However, dextromethorphan continues to be in the body because that much longer than six hours.Dextromethorphan metabolizes with the liver. Around 85 percent that the population in the unified States easily metabolizes dextromethorphan into dextrorphan.

People who metabolize dextromethorphan quickly are more prone to drug abuse due to the fact that it stop working much more rapidly than might be desirable. As a result, large doses may be taken.

For those that metabolize dextromethorphan quickly, the drug deserve to stay in the bloodstream in some form for in between 11 and 22 hours. For those the metabolize dextromethorphan poorly, it deserve to linger for as much as 33 hours.

Most civilization who take Triple C perform not know that they could get addicted to it. When someone i do not care addicted come Triple C, stopping use deserve to lead to dangerous withdrawal symptom that deserve to be difficult to manage without professional help and intervention.

It have the right to take in between 24 and 72 hours for Triple C to leave the body. Withdrawal symptoms may persist because that as lengthy as several weeks. Throughout this time, the separation, personal, instance is at high hazard for relapsing as they might crave a relax from the tap the money symptoms.

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Many human being would favor detoxing at residence rather 보다 going come treatment. However, it might not be safe for world to avoid using Triple C at home. Together Triple C is easily accessible over the counter, many human being think it is safe to protect against taking that without significant consequences.

While there are ways to decoding from Triple C at home, many people try this method and relapse. You may also find information around drug detox kits marketed online and also in pharmacies. However, you have to avoid these assets as lock may cause you more harm than good.