The vacation food deserve to be made at home or bought native the store to give as a gift because that Christmas and other holidays.

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This short article will answer how long HoneyBaked ham lasts, store HoneyBaked ham properly, and also reheat it.

What is HoneyBaked Ham?


HoneyBaked Ham is the number one name in premium, oven-baked ham.

As a family firm founded by take care of J. Hoenselaar and also his sons (in 1957), we have actually been committed to giving you v hams the incomparable quality for over 60 years.

HoneyBaked Ham is the most wanted ham in America, famed for that signature golden crust and tangy taste.

But it’s no just around the flavor.

The hams are crafted with care using just quality ingredients to for sure a cooking process that locks in every one of those irresistible flavors, prefer sweet honey and apple cinnamon, and leaves the ham moist, flavorful, and juicy.

The hams space made in your plant from closely selected pork cut of new meat reduced by hand.

They climate slow-bake hams for hours to seal in all that an excellent natural flavor.

No man-made flavors or preservatives are needed.

There are four lovely ranges of HoneyBaked Ham to select from Classic, love husband Basted, Applewood Smoked, and Hickory Brown Sugar.

All room Slow-Cooked because that Maximum Flavor.

How to store HoneyBaked Ham?


If you have actually a HoneyBaked Ham and also want to save it, you have to do therefore properly.

HoneyBaked Ham is a form of ham cooked in honey and then baked, offering it that distinctive flavor.

You deserve to store your cooled-down HoneyBaked Ham in the fridge until you are ready to eat it.

If girlfriend have many HoneyBaked Hams that need storing, however, then her refrigerator might quickly come to be crowded.

Put the Hams in a strictly sealed container, making sure to cover castle with an additional food item.

Avoid save on computer HoneyBaked Ham in the fridge for more than one week; if you space going on vacation or otherwise will certainly not have the ability to eat her ham in ~ this time frame, climate freeze it instead.

Your freezer is a great storage place since honey-baked hams store their flavor and texture better than other species of ham do when frozen.

It’s ideal to save the ham ~ above a tray or baking paper in the freezer so that it doesn’t shatter.

The freezing procedure can take it up to 2 hours, however you desire your HoneyBaked Ham come be as frozen as possible before storing it.

How long Does HoneyBaked Ham Last?


HoneyBaked Ham is the perfect vacation dish for any type of party or get-together.

However, that is crucial to know just how long the ham will certainly last to prepare accordingly and ensure that your guests space not served an expired dish.

The shelf-life of HoneyBaked Ham is identified by 2 factors: temperature and moisture content.

Temperature affects exactly how long the meat’s herbal enzymes can breakdown the muscle fibers, when moisture content affects exactly how much bacterial expansion is feasible on the surface.

Generally speaking, HoneyBaked Ham will last for approximately ten days once stored at typical refrigerator temperature of 40°F or below.

For best results, keep your ham in a plastic bag and wrap it securely v a class of tinfoil before placing it into the fridge.

HoneyBaked likewise offers a range of techniques for save ham, consisting of freezing the meat.

Freezing will keep your ham fresh and also delicious for up to 6 weeks, according to USDA guidelines.

The added benefit of this storage technique is the you deserve to thaw out a section of frozen ham as needed for any type of occasion or vacation feast without having actually to worry around spoilage.

The shelf-life that HoneyBaked Turkey chest is 5 to 7 days when stored in the fridge.

You should store her turkey breast as cold together possible; also, be sure to place it in a sealed plastic bag and also wrap that securely in aluminum foil.

You can additionally freeze her turkey chest for increase to six months, yet be certain you thaw out the meat before cooking.

How come Tell if HoneyBaked Ham is Bad?


HoneyBaked Ham is a famous brand the ham, and when it pertains to quality and also freshness, they are well-known for their an excellent work.

It additionally tastes impressive with one English muffin smothered in butter add to cheese (it’s favor heaven).

For lunchtime, you can’t walk wrong by notified HoneyBaked Ham.

Telling if the ham is negative can be tricky because it looks and smells fine most of the time, but some telltale signs might indicate an issue.

Below we’ve outlined a couple of ways to see if her HoneyBaked ham has actually gone bad or not.

Check the day of packaging and expiration.

The ham demands to be consumed within a particular time structure after opening, for this reason if you an alert that it is expired, then opportunities are there might be miscellaneous wrong with your honey baked ham.

The food will additionally have an turn off flavor or odor in some cases, which way it’s previous its best before date.

You’ll understand when it’s poor because that won’t look or taste like fresh meat should.

Check the texture of the ham.

If it is slimy (or has a sliminess to it), this can indicate spoilage.

Also, look for discolorations top top the surface and also any mold growing, i beg your pardon could also mean other wrong through the ham.

It’s finest to discard a meat product that has been overly salted no to eat spoiled food.

Other much less harmful ingredients prefer sugar can also cause some minor browning which typically isn’t an issue however either means worth check out.

How to Reheat HoneyBaked Ham?


It’s basic to reheat HoneyBaked Ham, whether you have a entirety or fifty percent ham.

Follow the instructions listed below for one oven-to-oven option, or use your microwave if the is much more convenient.

Preheat the oven and also place in in ~ 325°F.Remove native packaging and also place on a foil-lined baking sheet.Cover v aluminum foil and also bake because that 45 minute (check at 30 minute to certain the ham is not overcooked).Remove indigenous oven, climate cover with paper towels, loosely tenting the so that steam can escape.Let was standing for 15 minutes before serving.For leftovers: enable up come 24 hours of refrigeration time + reheating per instructions above.

To reheat making use of the microwave:

remove from packaging and also place on a microwave-safe dish or plate.Cover loosely with file towels, and also then location in the microwave for 15-30 seconds depending on the desired level that crispiness.Check again ~ a couple of more minute to certain ham is not overcooked.For leftovers: enable up to 24 hrs of refrigeration time + reheating every instructions above.

For an extra crispy exterior, brush the top surface layer through melted honey prior to baking or microwaving her dish.

Avoid re-thawing her ham in the oven.

This can an outcome in a dry, overcooked product the is no as tasty.


In conclusion, HoneyBaked Ham is a delicious food that have the right to be delighted in for miscellaneous occasions.

The spices are always perfect, and also the political parties are repetitively good.

The length of time a HoneyBaked Ham will certainly last vary based on how the is stored, but typically these dishes have actually an expiration date ranging native 5 to 10 days if maintained in a refrigerator or various other cool place.

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You can freeze the ham for up to 6 weeks, and also there space instructions on the package on how to thaw it.