Great because that take-out and also cateringEconomical and practicalMedium weight, durable polypropylene constructionPerfect for quick-serve restaurants, stadiums, and fairsSaves time on cleanup

fist CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

fist CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

This product can expose you come chemicals including lead, i beg your pardon are known to the State the California to reason cancer, birth defects, or various other reproductive harm. For an ext information, walk to

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WARNING: This product deserve to expose you come chemicals consisting of lead, i beg your pardon are well-known to the State of California to reason cancer, bear defects, or various other reproductive harm. For much more information, go to

I ordered 1,000 medium white forks because that a low price and also these forks room cheap in expense by not cheap in quality. Girlfriend really obtain a true bang for your buck you have the right to NOT walk wrong purchase this product.

These forks are an extremely sturdy! The tines don"t break, even when eating harder foods. They come conveniently packaged, therefore grabbing them is a breeze. Price is wonderful

We love these tool forks because that samples at BBQ events. They work great with ours 2oz serving cups, will certainly order again because that sure! give thanks to you

Definitely a great buy. Will certainly serve your guest and you well. We stock up every few months. Affordable, durable, useful, and helps through classy hospitality.

These Forks have actually been a genuine lifesaver during the quarantine. I don"t have to worry about washing and spreading any germs. We simply throw away. Really convenient.

We use these forks at our bakery, you can"t win the price and they have a an excellent weight behind them. After two ago to back orders its for sure to say ns am a fan.

As advertised. Tool weight is good for all those irradiate items and the price can not be beat. Shipping was rapid as always and obtained them damage free.

These forks are an excellent for an cheap alternative. Lock aren"t really sturdy however if ur simply eating soft foods with it, they functions great! They space unwrapped, i m sorry is OK because that my business as well

Excellent price!! steady fork good for any party and also summer activities. I would recommend to buy these and when I operation out I will buy again.These tool weight forks are an excellent for snacks and appetizers. A small smaller because that the main course. Expense effective choice forks a great choice for parties..

These room your mean plastic forks. They don"t rest easy and also I think they room over well the price for the amount that you get. Ns will definitely be notified again.

These are an extremely flimsy. You can barley cut or fork anything with them. I would certainly recommend going come a much better quality if utilizing for a restaurant. The just gives a negative impression.

Thank you for her feedback! We’re i m really sorry you walk not like this product. Because that recommendations, please call our Customer solutions team. client Solutions

Great quality forks. I wasn’t paying attention the fact that They no come in different packages. But I’m glad i did order them. I’m conserving a many money now and also the top quality is spectacular

These fords work great for the money yet they space not really sturdy. Yet we use them because that customers for samples therefore they work just fine.

These forks occupational really well because that softer foods, however they are quite bendy when used in a more tough food. Friend couldn"t usage it because that meat every well, but perfect because that breakfast foods items (that is what we use them for). If you are searching for a low price utensil, this will certainly work! If you want hefty duty - save looking.

Good forks for eating not very sturdy. I would certainly buy them again if I essential these type for other specific. Yet not for a gathering.

Thank you for her feedback! We’re i m really sorry you go not like this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer remedies team. customer Solutions

Plasticware is constantly so expensive, yet they are an extremely well priced on below for the amount girlfriend get. They execute seem to be made of a little bit diluent plastic, therefore they space a small flimsy, certainly not heavyweight, but they get the job done.

These are an excellent forks to have on hand particularly when catering since there room times client forget utensils. The price because that these forks is awesome.

These space your conventional cheap forks. They space flimsy and not an excellent quality, however for the price they space great. In addition, the tips execute not break like some of the other an ext expensive forks.

Very economical and gets the project done because that casual and also everyday use. Nicer forks are frequently a little much more attractive and also study, however not worth the far-ranging mark up.

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We acquire a large quantity and also for the price you can’t beat that. It conserves us money and also time native ordering the every other week. They room pretty durable.