Ground beef is a flexible meat that may be a staple item in numerous people’s diets. However it is most likely to go poor faster than various other cuts of meat, which can destroy the taste and also make world sick. World should pay close fist to the color, texture, smell, and expiration day of ground beef.

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Ground beef is a famous food in the united States. Research estimates that around 62% of every beef offered in the U.S. Is ground. But the procedure of grinding meat exposes a larger surface area of floor beef to possibly harmful bacteria. This means it is likely to go poor faster than various other cuts that beef.

Two instances of bacteria the may affect ground beef space spoilage bacteria and also pathogenic bacteria. Spoilage bacteria space not normally harmful, but will reason food to lose quality. This may reason unpleasant odors or taste. Pathogenic bacteria are an ext dangerous. They might contaminate food and also cause a foodborne illness, which can an outcome in food poisoning.

In this article, we will talk about signs to look out for come tell if soil beef is poor and carry out tips on how to safe handle and also store soil beef.

How come tell if ground beef is bad

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Consuming spoiled or undercooked beef deserve to make human being feel sick, so people should try to store, handle, and prepare beef safely to protect against them from gaining ill. There room signs human being can be mindful of that may warn them the ground beef is now bad.


One quick method to determine if soil beef has actually spoiled or is great to eat is by looking at the color of the meat. An excellent quality, unspoiled ground beef bought indigenous the supermarket have to be shining red ~ above the outside.

This is because of oxygen from the wait reacting through meat pigments referred to as oxymyoglobin to form a bright red shade on the surface ar of the meat. Oxymyoglobin is frequently the red liquid the leaks out of meat that many people may mistake for blood.

The inside of the meat will most likely not have actually reacted v oxygen, so may be grayish brown in color, however is still perfectly fine come eat.

But if the soil beef is gray or brown top top the exterior surface the the meat, civilization should discard it. This discoloration suggests that it has started to go bad.

If a person notices mold on the surface of your ground beef, they need to throw it away immediately, even if it is it be raw or cooked.


People can also check the structure to view if meat is bad. Floor beef the is fine come consume should have a reasonably firm consistency that division apart as soon as a person squeezes it.

But a difficult or slimy structure may indicate the visibility of spoilage bacteria. This might be the an outcome of ropy slime-forming bacteria. This bacteria can release volatile compounds the may cause slime to kind on the surface ar of the meat.

To avoid potentially spreading bacteria, the is recipient for world to extensively wash your hands after handling raw meat.


Another method to phone call if floor beef has actually gone bad is by just smelling it. Normal, safe, new ground beef should not have actually a remarkable or unpleasant smell. Multiplying spoilage bacteria can reason a solid odor come occur.

But that is crucial to remember that pathogenic bacteria may not cause a bad smell. For this reason if there is no a poor scent but the ground beef is displaying other indications that it has actually gone bad, that is still recipient to discard the meat.

Expiration date

The Food and Drug management (FDA) perform not need there it is in an expiration date label on any kind of food assets except infant formula. But because there room localized rules bordering these dates, most food assets do have tendency to have a date on them.

While many products may feature a “best before” label, the FDA want to dispel confusion and also instead use the ax “best if supplied by.” labels such together “best before” merely refer to how long the product is likely to store its quality and also flavor, not safety.

As lengthy as a person correctly and safely stores their meat, they perform not necessarily need to discard any type of products previous their “best before” date. That is for sure for people to consume refrigerated ground beef as much as 2 days previous this date. If freezing, it is recipient to eat soil beef within 4 months.

Click below to learn more about freezing and also storing meat.

But if a person has actually not appropriately or safely save on computer meat, that is not advisable to eat it past the “best before” date. If a person has stored the meat at as well high a temperature, or the packaging is take it or leaking, the is feasible that bacteria has actually contaminated the soil beef.

People should be cautious if they suspect that floor beef may be bad. By consuming possibly spoiled meat, human being run the hazard of occurring food poisoning.

Symptoms the food poisoning may include:

abdominal crampsnauseaupset stomachvomiting

Outbreaks of food poisoning connected to soil beef are reasonably common in the U.S.

Bacteria that may reason these outbreaks encompass Salmonella, Escherichia coli (E. Coli), or Campylobacter. While many infections resulting from these bacteria can be mild, in some cases they can be life threatening.

In bespeak to protect against foodborne illnesses, people should follow the four guidelines laid out by the U.S. Room of Agriculture’s Food Safety and also Inspection Service:

Clean: wash hands thoroughly and surfaces frequently.Separate: store raw meat apart from other foods items when cooking and also storing.Cook: ensure that world cook all foodstuffs thoroughly at the exactly temperature, because that the exactly amount that time.Chill: Refrigerate or frozen food promptly and also at the appropriate temperature.

People have to ensure the their refrigerator and also freezer room the correct temperature to save their food safe. The refrigerator should be at or below 40°F (4°C) and the freezer in ~ or below 0°F (-17°C).

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It is safe to keep ground beef in the refrigerator for 1–2 days, and also eat leftovers within 4 days. A person have the right to store floor beef in the freezer for up to 4 months.

When cooking ground beef, the minimum inner temperature as measured with a food thermometer is 160°F (71°C). That is vital that a human being never leaves ground beef out at room temperature for an ext than 2 hours, together this can cause harmful bacteria to grow.