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Condensed (sweetened) milk is a long-lasting product made of milk and sugar with reduced water content you have the right to keep because that years prior to opening a can.

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Since it consists of sugar together a preservative, you deserve to use that for second week or 2 after opening if you store it appropriately. Now, let’s see does condensed milk walk bad and how lengthy does condensed milk last.

Does Condensed Milk walk Bad?

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Unfortunately, the answer come this concern is YES. Your condensed milk have the right to go bad after a while. However, sweetened condensed milk’s shelf life will be much longer than an unsweetened product due to the fact that sugar is a preservative. Plus, such milk overcome the heating procedure during the productions that eliminates bacteria from it.

The good news is the unopened condensed milk is edible because that years and also at least a year past the expiration day printed top top the label. Top top the other hand, you haven’t too much time to use the opened up product.

It is important to store when opened condensed milk in the fridge, but avoid putting it right into a freezer come prevent liquid separation. The finest option is to store it in a closeup of the door container and use the within about two weeks.

How lengthy Does Condensed Milk Last?

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Unopened condensed milk

This product has a long shelf life. You can keep the without are afraid of spoilage because that a few years, even one come two, sometimes 5 years after the expiration date. A top quality product will certainly last longer, however you have to be mindful that its quality will decrease end time also though it stays safe to use.

Condensed milk shelf life

Condensed milk type

Unopened sweetened condensed milk1 to 2 years/


Opened sweetened condensed milk

/10 to 14 days3 months
Homemade condensed milk/7 days


Opened condensed milk

You shouldn’t save an opened deserve to with condensed milk for an ext than a main or two. However, sweetened condensed milk will last number of days longer than one unsweetened product.

To stop spoilage, the is essential to store this food in a strict sealed or airtight container. Otherwise, that will turn sour and also start odor after 3 to four days, specifically when left in a can.

Homemade condensed milk

There is no definite answer about the homemade condensed milk shelf life. You have to keep it in the fridge, but how long it will last considerably depend on the recipe provided for preparation.

Therefore, that is recommended to inspect this information prior to making the product to setup your spending correctly.

When you pack it in a clean airtight jar and also store it as necessary in the fridge, it can last because that a week. On the various other hand, it have the right to stay edible for three months as soon as you store it in the freezer.

6 tips to call if Condensed Milk has actually Gone Bad

Before determining if condensed milk has gone bad, you should recognize the difference in between evaporated and also condensed milk. Both are focused milk forms with 60% of the water removed. The main difference between the 2 is in sugar content.

While evaporated (unsweetened) milk doesn’t save sugar, condensed (sweetened) milk has actually 40 come 45% sugar. The street levels will determine the product expiration date.


You will know that your condensed milk is new if the is pale creamy, or yellowish. Any discoloration or dark color is a sign of spoilage, for this reason you need to throw the contents out.

Some manufacturers claim that color change doesn’t necessarily mean the product went bad, however you should consider this adjust as a warning and be careful before deciding to consume it.


Condensed milk has an adorable creamy and also sweet smell, if a spoiled product smells sour and also unpleasantly.


Fresh condensed milk has a viscous, cacao syrup-like texture. As soon as it becomes thick and also you can’t to water it from the can, that is more than likely spoiled and also unsafe because that consumption. The lumps incident is an additional sign that something is wrong, so it is better to discard together a product.


If whatever seems fine as soon as you open the can, girlfriend should try your condensed milk to recognize its flavor. The fact is that each brand has a slightly different flavor, however none the them need to taste stale, unpleasantly, or sour.


Mold growth is always the sure authorize that condensed milk is inedible. It normally occurs as soon as the product is not adequately save on computer after opened the can.


This package kind provides a sterile environment for condensed milk, therefore contaminants can’t go into until you open up it. Together a result, your product will stay unspoiled for long.

On the various other hand, rusted, leaky, or puffed cans are not sealed appropriately, so girlfriend shouldn’t usage the inside of such packaging.

3 advice to keep Condensed Milk

You won’t have any kind of problem storing her unopened condensed milk because that years. It will certainly be edible even after its ideal date due to the fact that cans are wonderful packaging for maintaining it fresh and also unspoiled.

On the various other hand, storing opened up or homemade commodities is an entirely different story. You should take treatment to choose out the suitable container and also keep together condensed milk in the fridge at an sufficient temperature.

That is the only method to use it because that at the very least 10 to 14 job after opening the deserve to or making your own food.


It will certainly be enough to store an unopened deserve to with condensed milk in ~ room temperature, preferably in her pantry. However, any type of cool and dry space, including a kitchen cabinet, is an suitable place for storing this product.

Always ar your cans far from warmth sources, moisture, far-ranging temperature fluctuation, and also direct sunlight to prevent packaging damage.


Basically, over there is no must put one unopened deserve to with condensed milk in a fridge since an undamaged steel container provides adequate security to the product inside.

On the other hand, you need to keep one opened can in the fridge since a high temperature will speed up the condensed milk spoilage.

Never save this product in the original packaging after opening it due to the fact that that will be the sure means to shorten that expiration date. Plus, it will quickly pick up other food odors, which will make it uncomfortable to use.

Pour condensed milk into an airtight container, a glass jar, or a plastic bowl sealed with plastic pave fastened through a rubber band. The way, you can use your product because that up to 2 weeks without fear of spoilage or mold growth.

If you favor using homemade condensed milk, you must keep the in the fridge without exceptions. It will certainly spoil easily when left at room temperature.


You deserve to keep opened or homemade condensed milk in the freezer because that a few months. However, be ready that this procedure will certainly disturb that is quality and consistency. Also, friend can challenge layer separation, for this reason it will be important to whisk the product after thawing it.

The risk of spend an Expired Condensed Milk

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In most cases, you have the right to use well-stored, unopened condensed milk because that years after ~ the labeled sell-by date. It will be enough to check the can. If the is not damaged, rusted, or there is no leakage, the content is safe for use.

However, if your product goes bad, usually because of improper storage, that is not recommended come consume it. Eating together condensed milk can lead come an uncomfortable stomach or even poisoning v symptoms that include:

Low-grade feverStomachacheNauseaDiarrhea

In many cases, symptom are fairly mild and usually pass without treatment. If they are more severe, consisting of diarrhea the lasts an ext than 2 days and the body temperature going above 98.5 F (37 C), you must consult her doctor.

Can You freeze Condensed Milk?

Since the opened condensed milk shelf life is never longer than two weeks, you require to place leftovers in the freezer when necessary to store them for longer.

Never placed an unopened can into the freezer come prevent feasible damage. The ideal option is to pour the condensed milk right into an airtight container prior to freezing it.

You have the right to keep her condensed milk in the freezer for about three months. The is one optimum period when her product won’t adjust its usual flavor and texture.

Keep in mind the this product can’t actually freeze solid because it has a high street level. Plus, as well low temperatures will destabilize the structure. If you notice any content separation, you should whisk it before use.

Once you decide to thaw frozen condensed milk, let that sit top top the countertop overnight or warmth it in a water bath. Never ever re-freeze as soon as thawed condensed milk.


Even though unopened condensed milk lasts for a long and also you can use a homemade or opened commercial product because that days, the will come to be inedible end time.

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In part cases, it will lose the major characteristics and also quality. In various other cases, it will certainly spoil and also become unsafe because that consumption. Therefore, it is in careful. Store your condensed milk properly and also check it completely after opened an expired can.