The best birthday present I ever received was once I was 12. My grandma’s gift come me that year was putting me ~ above the green Bay Packers’ season ticket waitlist. At 12, I believed I to be robbed. I wasn’t.

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That was almost 25 years back now, and also the waiting perform was only approximately 45,000 or so. The Packers have had actually a waiting list for season tickets because 1960. Mine grandma has had actually season tickets forever. Grandpa was smart and also got season tickets once the team wasn’t really good, and also the tickets were super cheap. Since then, mine parents and also the various other five kids my grandparents had split the home games.

It usually works out. 6 kids and six home games for season ticket holders. Two home games and one preseason game usually walk to the Milwaukee, or “Gold,” package holders. This is due to the fact that the team supplied to pat in Milwaukee in ~ County Stadium until 1994.

Current Waitlist Number

I wait every solitary year because that my postcard with my brand-new number. Sometimes it’s exciting; occasionally it’s disappointing. I was lucky the Grandma put my name in when I to be young. Also waiting a few more years would have actually placed me a many higher. A quarter-century ago was right about the Brett Favre era, and the team was finally doing well again.

According to a report in 2019, over there were about 137,000 names now on the waitlist. And with as few as only 750 tickets changing hands part years, you deserve to join the waitlist the job you room born and also still not have a possibility if girlfriend live to it is in 100.

2021 Season Ticket Prices

Ticket prices weren’t meant to go up this year till the 17th video game was added. Prices because that package holders went up around $50 per ticket this year. Season ticket holders should expect come pay roughly $750 come $1,000 per seat in 2021. Even though the prices will certainly be going up, it appears the gold package tickets holders will obtain the extra game.

Even with a hike in prices virtually every year, the waitlist continues to grow. Top top average, fewer 보다 1,000 seats change hands. That’s since Packers fans can transfer your season tickets.

Tickets deserve to be moved upon fatality to a surviving spouse, child, or blood relative, and business-related tickets can be moved to. So unless a season ticket holder fills out a kind to provide up your tickets, no pay, or the people they carry them come decline, lock don’t go earlier into the basic seating pool.

For example, in between 2018 and 2019, 99.4% that season ticket holders renewed.

Current Status

You could wonder exactly how close i am to acquiring season ticket after 25 year on the queue. I did say it’s about 1,000 per year. It assisted that Lambeau Field included 7,000 additional seats ago in 2013. That was a substantial leap forward.

I additionally held out some hope I would skip ahead once the outrage cycle on the news about the nationwide Anthem happened — twice. Ns was over there the night the Packers linked arms instead of putting their hands over your hearts. It was a toxicity environment: pan yelling in ~ players, using slurs, and other poor behavior. They weren’t also kneeling. It’s a minute in time I, as a Packers fan, hope to forget.

There were also people who have declared over the last four or for this reason years that they space boycotting the NFL because of the players gift “too political” or because the league has taken on the LGBTQ community and players who have actually come out.

That showed up to be every talk. The numbers space still moving at a snail’s pace.

So my existing waitlist number is:


Just approximately 11,500. The means, ~ above average, I have actually 11 to 15 years until I watch season tickets. Over there is a opportunity they might add seats again soon, or prices might rise too much for some civilization again. Yet that is extremely doubtful.

I will more than likely be 50 years old — or older — when I very first get a chance at season tickets. As lengthy as that wait is, i am among the happy ones. Some will certainly never have their surname called. My kids will most likely appreciate your great-grandma, too, when their dad gets season tickets together they reach adulthood.

Brown ar Lottery

One point that is also keeping the waitlist a tiny longer is the Brown county Lottery. If friend live in Brown County, every you have to do is go to Lambeau Field and sign up. Girlfriend fill the end a form, and every year, you have actually a possibility to get 4 tickets to a game.

But it truly is a lottery. Periodically you don’t get picked. Other times you gain a pre-season game. And then sometimes, you gain lucky choose me and also get a pre-season game in 2020 just prior to COVID hits. Then you space still guarantee a regular-season game, and when it’s randomly picked, it turns out to be the day of your birthday — crazy stuff.

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You can register for the Brown ar Lottery here. You can join the large waitlist here.